5 Reasons Why Children Must Learn Yoga

In the current times, yoga has grown not only in popularity but also has been accepted worldwide by all kinds of health professionals who attest to the effectiveness of such a discipline. The origin of yoga has its roots in India and is said to have mental, physical, and spiritual relaxation properties. Believed to have been developed during the Vedic age, the techniques of yoga are thousands of years old but are yet considered modern and useful even today, especially for the young generation, owing to the stiff competition and tiring lifestyle that this generation is exposed to.

The Utility of Yoga as a Discipline

Yoga has many advantages for the young and adolescent. Being involved in the primary stages of life with such an exercise can bear positive results that will undoubtedly manifest later on in the form of superior health, energy, and positive mentality. In today’s world, most of us ignore the benefits of fitness in favor of our daily duties. The habit of maintaining good health ingrained in childrendoes not only make them conscious but also help them perform better in both the professional and educational fields. This not only increases the overall IQ but also has a profound impacton the health that the current generation needs.

A few of the many positive impacts that yoga has on children are described below:

  • Helps Relieve Stress: The present century amply demonstrates the accompanying stress that comes as a packaged deal with our daily activities. In such spheres, yoga has been proven by many experts to hold various stress relieving properties that can help lighten the load and deal with the challenges of life. Having a mind free of pressure can not only help the children to concentrate correctly in studies but also portray much better performance in academics as well as otherwise, thereby facilitating an atmosphere of overall excellence.
  • Promotes Creativity and Positive Thinking:Yoga not only helpsan individual to remain free of stress but also aids to engage in creativity that boosts thinking patterns and overall intelligence in children. Due to a relaxed mind, children can better concentrate on the innovative aspects of their character, which eventually helps in their cognitive development. This will not only helpschildren to succeed in the future but also serves to ensure that the kids can do so without getting affected by the accompanying stress of such a performance.
  • Induces Discipline and Control:Besides helping to create a fit body and a balanced mind, Yoga also teaches the value of discipline and control. Yoga has been known to be effective for people with behavioral issues and has given them insights into the importance of being in control and not making rash decisions. Discipline and control can go a long way to create a bright future for the young ones and help in maintaining a positive attitude which is desired everywhere on both the personal and the professional fronts.
  • Keeps the Young Generation Connected with the Culture:Yoga has been described by many to be the aligning of the physical aspect of our body with the spiritual point of our mind. Believed to have deep religious roots of Hindu philosophy, such an art form holds immense cultural value for a youngster.Besides, it is a well-known fact that yoga inherently explores the boundaries of physical strength and flexibility of a person. A child can benefit from it both mentally and physically due to the various aspect of positivity that yoga tends to aim towards.
  • Helps Build HealthyNutrition Habits: The advantages of being in the prime of health also imparts responsibility on the child to maintain it properly and follow a healthy diet that is hard to shake off. Yoga in itself is very demanding in nature and also requires the habit of a nutritious and balanced diet. It encourages consumption of healthy foods like nuts, vegetables, and other such food items that have high nutritional value. Moreover, rather than enforcing new habits, it is far easier to manage the pre-existing patterns of healthy nutrition that a child acquires in their adolescence while training in the arts of yoga.

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, one of the ten best schools in Delhi, always strive to make our pupils, as well as their parents, understand the potential benefits that the discipline of yoga holds. To ensure that our students benefit from such an art, we have included yoga as a crucial part of our physical education. We believe that yoga is one of those activities that can help the young generation to achieve the pinnacle of success by providing them with the much-needed moral and physical boost. We strive to impart the positive aspects of yoga in every young mind with a solitary aim to prepare them for the future by maintaining the present wellbeing. With the benefits of such a superior form of health education, success becomes easy and satisfaction in life is sure to be all-time high.

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