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My placements have been in a whole array of different types of schools as my husband, an army officer was posted to various states of India. It has been a long journey, more than a quarter of a century, teaching children in the primary stage of their lives. You would be amazed to know that the kids of a particular age group behave in somewhat similar manner, be it in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, U.P, Punjab or Delhi. For example classes I, II and III children getting confused with the concept of ‘tomorrow’ and ‘yesterday’. I would like to give a few suggestions to the young parents.

First of all we must encourage our children to socialize with the peer group. Changing of sections and seating is a very good step in this direction. This helps in developing their adaptability skill. You must encourage this. Every parent feels that his or her child is the best. I have heard endless comments of the parents saying that “mam my child knows everything but God knows what happens in the exams,” I would reiterate that, consistent hard work brings good results. Implement a consistent homework routine that focuses on recapitulating what was taught that day. Pay attention to the strengths and limitations of your ward. Reward and appreciate their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses.

Never speak against the institution or the teachers in front of your children as you are likely to end up in confusing their innocent minds and reducing their confidence. Keep your kids aware of current events and make it a point to watch the news together, so that students may correlate things learned in school to current events and contemporary issues. TV isn’t always a bad thing; it is still an incredible learning tool when utilized properly. Make sure your child comes to school on time. Don’t drop your child off habitually late. They will learn that this is a proper habit for the future. You can very well guess “Who show up late to their job in future”. Let the child be proud of the neat and clean uniform he or she wears to school every day. This would help in building his/her personality. Do your job as parents and we will do ours as teachers. Together, we will raise and teach our child to make this a better world.

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