How to Tackle Violent Behaviour in Kids?

Children are like molten glass. What shape they take in the future largely depends on the environment they grow in and the way they are dealt with. Our surroundings have an impact on our upbringing, and it decides who we become ultimately. One such thoughtful issue which is indeed rapidly emerging among the young generation as an outcome of the changing lifestyle is violent behavior and anger pangs. The issue’s roots lie deep into the psychological framework of the children. Many parents make the mistake of considering such troubling behavior simply as an age-related phase that they think would turn fine with time. Nevertheless, the reality is nowhere similar to their expectations. In fact, situations can turn too serious with age, and if not controlled, the violent behavior of children can lead them to commit several activities that can negatively impact them for life.

If you find your child being abusive towards others, stay cautious as this might be a sign of the violent behavior of your child. Showing signs of cruelty towards other humans and animals, or destructing household items with the intention of having fun are also common signs of violent behavior. The entire issue is certainly something to be concerned about; however, there are certain ways with which the situation can be very well controlled. Here are a few tactics to tackle violent behavior in kids:

Keep your child away from domestic or societal abuse

It has been seen that most cases of violent expression among children are originated due to the fact that they have experienced some sort of societal or family conflicts constantly since their childhood. A family issue like a regular argument or domestic violence has a deep impact on a child’s mental health. As responsible parents, you should stay away from such destructing habits. Remember, if you want to prevent anger in your child, you have to control yours first. Besides, certain community issues may also leave an impact on children’s mental health to a massive extent. Hence, if required, always accompany your child and ensure that he/she isn’t meeting people with hurtful behaviors.

Indulge in creative acts to control violent behavior

Creativity is the enemy of all sins. Through creative practices, your child will learn to utilize his/her anger in productive ways. To that end, arts, music, or dance classes can turn out to be really helpful where your child not only get to indulge in a creative environment but also get a platform to vent out all his/her feelings in a creative, productive manner. At K.R.MangalamWorld School, we believe that activities like arts and craft, music, dance, drama, and other forms of performing arts provide a solid base for the development of a child’s personality. Our regular hobby classes at KRMS aim towards building a creative environment for children to enable them to experiment with their intellectual prowess and give wings to their dreams.

Seek the assistance of a health expert

In case you observe that the anger issues in your child are taking up a dangerous form, do not hesitate to get his/her psychological health evaluated. A meeting with a professional rational health expert can help you solve the riddle. The main motto of such rational evaluation program is to show the kid, and more importantly, teach him/her the right way to control anger and other stress-related emotions like frustration.

We, at K.R. Mangalam School, one among the list of schools in north Delhi, believe that if you want your child to improve upon his/her violent behavior, it is crucial that you yourself refrain from showing up anger in any form. Create a positive environment that comforts your child. Totally avoid hitting or shouting. If you constantly hit or spank your kid and seek disciplined behavior from him/her, your kid would believe that beating up is an acceptable way to correct other’s behaviors. No wonder your child would end up beating others. At KRMS, we have a no-hitting policy at our school, and children are taught in a warm, nurturing environment. Our focus is on instilling a positive attitude in our pupils, which is indeed crucial to enable them to cope up with the mounting pressure that they would come across in their professional life ahead. We truly believe that the foundation stone for growth is laid in the childhood years only. If this foundation is laid properly, no one can stop these budding geniuses from growing into the frontrunners of tomorrow.

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