KRMS – Instilling Social Responsibility in the Young Minds

KRMS – Instilling Social Responsibility in the Young Minds

Education does not refer to the process of making the children aware of the developments or the world around them. Instead, the real objective of education lies in grooming the children into humble and socially connected human beings, reflecting the values and morals they have gained through the learning process. For holistic development and focused learning, it is necessary that children learn to become a part of society. Thus, engraving a sense of social values and responsibilities on the tender minds is an integral part of progressive learning techniques. At K.R. Mangalam World School, we make sure that we provide maximum exposure to the young minds and aid their multifaceted development so that they grow into well-informed, skilled, and responsible citizens of the nation.

Relevant projects

We, at KRMS, take special care that all of our pupils are provided with a nurturing environment where they not only grow in terms of their intellectual abilities but also morally and ethically. We undertake projects like “Project Citizen” where the students get an opportunity to visit the old-age homes. Through interaction with elderly people, they get to connect better with them and understand their perceptions. Understanding society means knowing and comprehending each part of it. Senior citizens are surely the most important part of the society, who had once paved the way for the future which we walk today. Therefore, such communications always help in developing a sense of empathy, responsibility, and respect towards the elders.

Awareness campaigns

Apart from becoming enlightened, spreading the light received is another important aspect of social responsibilities. When you learn something and spread knowledge among others, it propels the process of social growth. Hence, KRMS conducts several awareness campaigns to cast light on issues and concerns of modern society and to include more people to its aid.

“Say No To Crackers” was one such attempt by the students of KRMS to spread awareness about the ecological menace like pollution. Through several club activities and campaigns, KRMS has attempted to spread awareness regarding the environmental hazards that may arise due to irresponsible use of resources. Through these campaigns and activities, students get to establish a connection with the society they live in. This, in turn, also helps them improve their public communication skills. Such activities also foster the sense of mutual coexistence which is integral to social survival.

Sensitivity to society

Society is all about sharing and caring. The basic principle of any human civilization or society has always remained compassion for fellow citizens and community actions. This sense of togetherness and belonging has coined the famous adage, “united we stand, divided we fall.” Therefore, KRMS puts in every effort to instill the same sense in young minds to help them grow into philanthropic human beings.

Responsibility towards the nation

A nation is a bigger picture of the society. It can be best stated as a collection of several societies, people, cultures, and lifestyles. When a child becomes aware of the social responsibilities from a young age, it is obvious that he/she will also learn the true meaning of the word “nation”. A nation is not all about its states and boundaries. Instead, it is more about its people. We, at KRMS, always strive to make our students aware of this social dimension of the word nation.

Active Participation

Knowing a virtue and following the same are two different things altogether. At KRMS, top schools in noida, children do not get the learning of social responsibilities through clubs and activities alone. The school also organizes for workshops on organ donation, collection of necessary items for the underprivileged children, and understanding the difficulties of deaf and dumb children. These activities allow our students to visualize a wider horizon of life and its realities. This often helps the children to take active participation in aid of such social causes in their later lives.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, ranked among the Top CBSE Schools in Delhi, have never confined our education impartation to merely building academic excellence in our pupils. We have rather always focused more on their holistic development. We indeed feel proud that our approaches have helped our students to grow into responsible individuals determined to partake in establishing social harmony at the global level.

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