Laws That Every Kid Should Know

Laws That Every Kid Should Know

The foremost recognition of a thriving nation is its polished and upright legal system. Anything without the counsel of law is chaotic and today’s constantly convoluting society requires the participation and contribution of responsible citizens more than ever before. The first step towards a well-founded administration of ‘law and justice’ begins withthe impartation of the right knowledge of the law to the young ones. Children are the nation builders of tomorrow and upbringing them with a sensible and rational mindset is imperative for leading them towards the right direction.

With the rolling of time, the world around will begin to get even more challenging and complex to survive in. In this scenario, one significant aspect that children will have to deal with nearly at every step in the upcoming times is ‘legislation.’Do you know that India possesses the second longest active constitution after the Constitution of Alabama in the world?This makes it crucial for the little ones to be aware of the laws laid by the constitution, at least those laws that are related with them in one or the other way.  In this article, we will examine some of the fundamental laws thateach child must know about so as to experience a more secure and hassle-free future.

Driving: Section 3of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

The concept of spending leisure time today has changed compared to how it was earlier. Today’s young crowd finds amusement and luxury in hobbies like playing video games, going to movies, eating at restaurants, and most importantly going for long drives. Teenagers often pressurize parents and try to convince them to let them drive a vehicle or even go for a long drive with his/her friends. Every child has the right to enjoy his/her days to the fullest, but the key is to cherish the same with utmost safety and security. It often becomes challenging for parents to make children understand this simple concept. Hence, it is important that children be told about the law particulars and penal codes. Children must be informed that the minimum age to drive a four-wheeler is eighteen, and in the case of a two-wheeler, the minimum age is sixteen. Individuals driving under the given ages in the absence of a valid licensecan not only put himself or herself in danger but can invite plenty of legal hassles to their parents as well.

Cyber Laws: Sections 10 and 11 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872

In this overwhelmed age of digitization, educating and informing your child about cyber laws and regulations is imperative. As you know, social media isone of the most addictive for the present century millennial, and they spend a substantial amount of time fidgeting with the same. As parents, it is essential that you discuss the cyber laws and the age restrictions it has posed when it comes to social media.

According to the Sections 10 and 11 of the Indian Contract Act, the minimum age for creating an account on the socialmedia sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is ‘eighteen.’ The idea is not to deprive them of using technology but to keep them away from the unfavorable influences of the virtual world. The emergence of the internet has brought about several advantages to the present world but at the same time has also invited threats that can hamper the lives of individuals. So, if your child is using a gadget and has access to the internet, it is important to make the kid understand to utilize the same in the right way for their own security.

Ragging: Circular No. Acad.-17/2015

There is no Indian enactment regulating the bullying of children. But the Central Board of Education via Circular No. Acad.-17/2015 has directed academic institutions to set strict penalties to students of any age involved in bullying or relevant activities.Moreover, Section 18(3) of the Juvenile Justice Act, also states the same for children proven to be a part of bullying activities. By letting your children know about the law and penalties, you can take a fair step to contribute to the society by teaching your child the right thing to do.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, believe that as parents and educators, it is our combined responsibility to see to it that the young generation is not only informed but well-educated about the relevant sections of law and justice concerning with them.This surely requires a lot of effort but then when it comes to the safety of our children, the efforts are definitely the worth.

At KRMS, we aim to provide our students with an advanced and dynamic learning environment, the roots of which are firmly attached to the ground of discipline and heritage. Students at KRMS are not only trained and polished on academics but are also groomed on other vital aspects of life, andthe law is one of the most important facets that we try to teach them about. We believe that an educational institution can only be marked as successful if it is able to produce law-abiding, respectable individuals, and we feel really proud to stand as one of such successful institutions today.

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