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Nurturing Multiple Intelligence among Young Learners

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Nurturing Multiple Intelligence among Young Learners

The domain of education has always remained a subject for research and has experienced continuous evolution through its process. Today, education comes wrapped in the cover of modern approaches and progressive learning methods, devised through multi-level research and developments. One such revolutionary change has been in the perception of intelligence. For ages, intelligence was attributed a single credit for all its abilities. However, with the theory of Howard Gardner in place, the education arena has now understood the multidimensional aspect of it. Intelligence defined under different sets of modalities is known as multiple-intelligence and is a progressive idea to judge the abilities and nurture them with a specific focus on each. For Instance, just like mere involvement in games cannot improve the mathematical logic of a student, similarly, focusing solely on academics isn’t going to provide the much-needed physical and mental agility to the child. The theory of multiple-intelligence proposes that each domain of ability must receive individual focus to enable it to grow to its full potential. The aggregate of all these abilities results in a higher intelligence level altogether.
We, at the K.R. Mangalam World School, being one of the leading schools to embrace the radical and latest changes in the educational arena, have implemented this method of intelligence augmentation for our pupils. We focus on overall nourishment of the young minds so that they not only perform well in academics and stay physically fit, but also their intelligence quotient is significantly developed. Here’s a brief overview of how we, at KRMS, foster multiple intelligence in our students.
Growing into a humble human being takes more than just acquiring information and knowledge. The more compassion and kindness one gains through the attainment of education, the more one moves closer towards becoming a philanthropic human being. Under multiple-intelligence, interpersonal abilities are regarded as one of the most significant pillars of intelligence. It relates to the ability to perceive the sentiments, feelings, moods, and temperaments of others. At K.R. Mangalam, we understand the real value of education and how it could be beneficial for children in future life. Development of such interpersonal skills helps the children to become competent individuals, capable of tackling a variety of people belonging to different mindsets at the same time. This surely aids their development into potential future leaders.
This area focuses on sharpening of the introspective analysis and self-reflective capacities in children. Through this process, children learn to judge their inner self and realize their strengths and weaknesses. It also encourages the method of spatial visualization, much like the sailors and the architects. Such practices help boost mental agility and analytical abilities. Working on the visual-spatial skills of children enable them to grow into more coherent individuals, capable of managing multiple tasks at the same time, which is, in fact, a pre-requisite in today’s world.
The mind has an inseparable connection with the body. Actions like dancing, playing music, singing, running, practicing athletics, etc. are known to have a direct impact on the mind. If children are involved in such activities right from an early age, it helps to sharpen their mental agility in many ways. We, at KRMS, hence put special focus on the kinesthetic aspects to keep our young pupils active and agile.
Musical-Rhythmic & Harmonic
Ability to sing or understand the rhythms and tones is regarded as a special and separate ability under multiple-intelligence theory. At K.R. Mangalam School, we lay equal emphasis on this dimension of intelligence as well as it not only helps the students to grow their musical sense but also enables them to find peace and harmony.
The K.R. Mangalam World School, recognized among the Best CBSE Schools in Delhi NCR, has always been the one to focus on the overall development of the young buds. As such, the concept of nurturing multiple intelligence among children falls completely in sync of our goal. We have hence incorporated the multiple intelligence theory in our curriculum is such a way that it provides the young minds with an avenue to showcase their innate talents in not only academics but in diverse creative spheres.

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