Road To Success

Success is a journey, not a destination. ” The doing is often more important than the outcome ” — Arthur Ashe I often ask myself what is success — getting good marks, being a obedient child. What is success for me? How can I achieve it? After days of thinking I realized that doing something fruitful which brings a smile on my face.

Road to Success:

Success has different meanings for different individuals. Depending upon whom you ask: It could be a building a good career for some students, it may be a perfect 10 CGPA for someone else. The first step in achieving success is deciding what it means to you. The road to success is not very difficult. It involves a few basic steps. The most important is being to recognize your interest, strengths and weakness. You should be passionate for what you want in life and the most important to never give up your attitude. No matter what the situation is, what the circumstances are , you should never give up.


It is rightly said “When the going gets tough only the tough keep going ”?

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