Smart Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning During Vacations

Summer break is the time that though stretches out to quite a long enough but still seems to end too soon. Isn’t it kids? Yes, we know most of the kids do feel like that. There is nothing as comforting as long vacations but don’t you think it is best to plan your vacations nicely rather than letting them get over haphazardly?

School is entirely out of the list for a while now and it is the time for those fresh mornings for you to load the rest of the day with a perfect balance of fun, recreation, and learning. We know that all that the kids want to do during their holidays is fun but it needs to be noted that they can also undergo a massive brain-drain if they keep spending time on a monotonous, uninteresting routine. So, in that case, parents and guardians have to be one of the core guidance to show them the path to an enjoyable and productive break. We, at KRMS, are here to share with you some fun and interesting ways to keep your kids in the learning mode while letting them have the best of times.

The idea of learning during vacations is not at all intended to discourage freedom of vacations but to boost motivation to cover all aspects of the young minds. This will also help children to understand that the notion of learning and studying is not always fearful and boring. In fact, as the title of this piece suggests, if taken the approach a little smartly, learning can be a great fuel to fire knowledge attainment in children.

So, get all booted up to know some of the most feasible and delightful ways to make the vacation break for your kids a fun-filled venture of learning.

Introduce Your Kids to the Coolest Online Tools

Let’s face the fact that it is not possible to always opt for outdoor activities or spend on expensive learning resources for your kids. As such, using the biggest gift of technology to keep your kid’s learning skills in-track can be a great resolution. There are ample free web-services available on the internet that can be really helpful for children to explore different subjects. Online tools are a smart way to make up for the substantial amount of time kids spend on the internet nowadays. So how about positively using the same? There are these really cool sets of apps that encompass reading, language learning, and vocabulary practice, and all that in an absolutely fun and interesting manner. A few of such apps include Lingvist, Mindsnacks, etc.

Playing With Numbers

Mathematics might sound like the most awkward idea of having fun, but you need to know that it is one of the most efficient brain boosters. Practicing math does not require pen, paper, and textbooks all the times. One of the simplest and enjoyable ways in which the attention of kids can be caught right in is by using toys, chocolates, and colorful objects. Using real objects makes the idea of practicing math much more concrete which can get your kids much more fluent when it comes to numbers. A large percentage of the kids hold a fear when it comes to mathematics and vacation is the perfect time to wither it away. A firm idea of number-system rises from a strong fundamental base. Hence, introducing children to innovative number activities and games both digitally and physically can be beneficial for improving academic performance as well.

Brain-Boosting Memory Games – The Base of Progress

Memory games are one of the oldest and simplest forms of fun games that people have been enjoying for many generations. The best part about this game is that family members can spend some quality time with kids. But the catch is to let your kid choose the memory game that he/she finds most interesting. Children automatically tend to learn better and faster once they find interest in the game. Besides, elders have to make sure that the child is achieving success in the game. Kids love to get rewarded, and you have to ensure the same to keep their enthusiasm intact. For instance, if your child is capable of memorizing five names, start with including only five objects in the game, and then slowly go on increasing the same. This is also a great game when it comes to group playing sessions!

Making learning practical and fun is the best you can do to give your kid a dose of mind warm-up. The games mentioned above are not only feasible home activities but can also help children effortlessly slide into the flow of school reopening stress.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, one of the top international schools in Gurgaon, believe that though learning is necessary, vacations are intended to let children relax and have fun. If we can somehow bring both the elements i.e. learning and fun together, it turns out to be the best way of imparting knowledge. Also, since an active mind is the heart of supremacy in knowledge, we always encourage our students to make their leisure time an ultimate merger of recreation and learning. This particular article is an attempt from our end to help the parents and guardians keep the fire of constant learning alive in children by means of smart ways and activities where children do learn a lot, have loads of fun, and do not at all feel any sort of pressure on themselves.

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