The Golden Bird Who Lived

See the world’s largest democracy celebrating its seventy years of excellence, happiness, success, prosperity , growth ,development and achievements . Tracing the past I explored the evidences pointing to the exploitation we faced. But look , today we have reached the peak of success.

Grit perseverance, strong determination and a sense of devotion channelizes the energy of Indians to contribute in our nation’s development. We reached the sky when ARYABHATTA was launched , we touched it once gain when MARS MISSION set its land mark in the world , we are the world’s fastest growing economy, we are suppliers of information technology , We grew up to be a nation, who elected woman as Speaker, Prime Minister and President, unlike the greatest power in the World, we eradicated all the epidemics and made Indian polio free, we are only one in the world where each adult has the right vote from its first day of independence .

Twenty nine states , 179 languages, 544 dialects, still we share a common roof over our heads . Despite such a vast diversity we are a single nation and this feeling of unity is increasing with each passing day. Time to admire the beauty of our motherland where GANGA flows , where HIMALAYAS talk to sky , where TAJ sets up wonders and leaves all of us awestruck .

Yashika Chaudhary

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