Women When India Turns 70

‘Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing’- Arundhati Roy
As we move ahead with the slogans of “Save the Girl Child” and “Women Empowerment”, I strongly feel proud of the achievements of our ladies achieving at the Olympics, Paralympics, cricket and get inspired by their passion too. The obstacles, disappointment and hard-work that has gone for so many years is not to be undermined. Yes, we have indeed come a long way from the horrendous days of Sati, and from the era of uneducated girls in the society and stereotyped to do household work… to winning Olympic Medals, flying planes and running the corporate at senior level, banking sector and what not. Women of India at 70 has explored plethora of fields.
As India turns 70, I have deep gratitude for the valiant women of that era who were probably the torch bearers. They created the path for us to follow… Lakshmi Sahgal, Durgabai Deshmukh, Parbiti Giri, Sucheta Kriplani, Bhikaji Cama, Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay were all freedom fighters. Most of us have hardly heard of them but they were instrumental in our fight for freedom.

It has been a journey, life burdened with challenges and that has only made it worthwhile for us, the women of India. Thanks to the pioneers who through their slogans, thanks to our parents who changed their mindsets and today we have a society of well-educated, privileged women, leading lives and termed as Superwomen as we balance work, home and kids.
At the threshold of India turning 70, women are still scowled at for being that ‘mother’ who leaves her children and goes to work, wears ‘fancy clothes,’ and ‘returns late’. The battle is not yet won. A working mother and wife prepares her children for school and her husband for work before she herself goes to work. She dons an apron and is the loving wife and mother after she returns from work. The instinct We, “the Women” have when we top UPSC exams, gets a seat in medical or any top university is what is applauded now as WE are ‘ambitious’. These qualities do not fit with Indian tradition, but thanks to the India at 70, the society is encouraging the women now.

We are strong headed, educated, independent, up-to-date with the worlds happenings, we are challenging stereotypes and we feel proud to be contributing to the nation and we are even happier to be included in decision-making that will impact future generations. With India turning 70, let’s celebrate diversity and the stand for Women. My dream of India at 70 is for the empowerment of all — men and women, rich and poor – where everyone can dream and have the equal opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Ritu Jain
Academic Incharge
K.R. Mangalam World School Gurgaon

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