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The computer labs for the primary and senior levels help foster technological skills keeping with the international requirements. The school is also equipped with a Robotics lab to get kids excited about science, technology and engineering. It supplies advanced set of building blocks which can be used as tools for building simulated real world situations. It gives them hands-on experience to learn practical skills as well as to develop team work and self-confidence. The well-equipped Home science lab provides a perfect ambience to learn the culinary skills and the art of home management. Music room offers the food of the soul. It is the source of solace and upliftment for the children with its acoustics and its own recording studio. Multiple activity halls are used for a plethora of activities ranging from dance classes, both Indian and Western, as well as the yoga classes to ensure a healthy mind and a healthy body, whereas the Art room hones the artistic flair of students. We have the sports field to facilitate physical fitness and modern amenities like state of the art football ground, basketball ground, tennis court to name a few.

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The medical room is always stationed with the nurse during the school hours in case of any exigencies.The Transport Department plays a pivotal role in coordinating the scores of buses essential for ferrying students and faculty members from different parts of city to the school and vice versa. For the convenience of parents and visitors, the Administrative Block of the school is situated at the main entrance of the school building. It consists of the reception area with the adjoining Principal’s office, the Chairman’s office and the Accounts section.

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The canteen provides a variety of healthy and sumptuous food which is stored and served in most hygienic conditions. For us, safety is priority. From medical emergencies to security and personal safety issues, we take preparedness seriously. We are constantly working to create the safest environment possible for our children. We have two main gates guarded by security personnel. A section of our teachers themselves ensure the safety of children while they reach school by staying at the main gate and supervising their entry. The school also ensures that a teacher travels along to supervise the students in each school bus till the last drop of the student.

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