The need to anchor our children in the fundamental tenets of harmonious living is a quintessential part of our lives. The uncertain world we live in today is an outcome of the moving away from ideals to extreme practicality.
While we understand and appreciate the dynamics of a changing world, it has become important to make our children learn that life has its own challenges to offer. And therefore, life skills are used to teach us values that determine how we cope with life.

When ‘make or break’ moments happen in life, children flounder as they are not skilled in processing the situation. This is the time when a systematic reinforcement would make them better equipped.

In other words, life skills education aims at facilitating the development of psychological skills that are required to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life. It includes the application of life skills in the context of situations where children need to be empowered to promote and protect their rights. Not only this, but life skills education also, lays the foundation for learning skills that are in great demand in today’s job market.

Keeping this in mind, K.R. Mangalam World School, Faridabad understands its importance and focuses adequately on this vital part of education and strives to achieve the following objectives.


- Strengthen and improve school health
– Promote the development of long term holistic life skills
– Promote democracy, gender equality and peace
– Prevent health and social problem
– Preparing children for changing social circumstances

Hence, we at K.R. Mangalam World School, Faridabad facilitate learning such qualities by practising life skills through activities such as group work, discussions, role play, drama, art, circle time, debates and peer supported learning.