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Nursery to II Report

The students of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K. II have always been imparted with the most creative way of learning concepts and combating the hurdles. The lesson plans in each classroom are designed matching the individual need of a learner. After, an enriching summer break of 2020, the students of classes I and II were warmly welcomed by their class teachers. The students danced on peppy music and played the game of Treasure Hunt. The initial week was set up comprising of music, dance and Physical Training exercises. Experiential approach was adopted in teaching Hindi, English, EVS and Mathematics. The variety of interactive activities helped in strengthening gross motor skills and developing confidence.

Nursery to II (1)

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Assembly by Class XII A

he students of class XII A of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II conducted their first successful online assembly on “Impact of Practicing Yoga to Reduce Stress”.
The class assembly was hosted by Chhavi Arora. The opening address included details about the online classes,and addressed the Pandemic of Covid 19. It also included best wishes from team KRM to all it’s members for staying safe and healthy.
The assembly began on an auspicious note with the morning prayer followed by News Updates, Weather Report, Word of the Week and Thought of the day . Madhavi and Ishita talked about the importance of Yoga and how it’s regular practice reduces stress .The assembly concluded with the address of the Principal who enumerated the benefits of regularity in online classes and how to keep one self positive and motivated.

online-class-12A (1)

online-class-12A (1)

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online-class-12A (2)

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online-class-12A (3)



DATE: 1st July 2020

E- learning has become the new norm for imparting education and gaining knowledge due to the current COVID – 19 situation.
So all the students have geared up even more after the summer vacations break and are ready to explore and enjoy this wonderful experience of learning online.
Today’s online assembly discussed the aspects of yoga as an exercise for mental discipline.
Starting from the news by Samridh Kucheria and Kunal Chhabra, word of the week and thought of the day by Shaira Seth and Kathit Mittal to a speech delivered by Sanya Juneja on the topic – Yoga – An exercise for mental discipline.
Students of Class XII B participated in the online assembly and gave a brief about how this topic is so relevant to the current situation and the importance of yoga and meditation in our daily routine.
Furthermore this topic was addressed by our respected Principal ma’am and made us start our day on a very fine note.