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The Ministry of Ayush has started a campaign called ‘Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family’, to encourage the practice of Yoga with family members to counter the effects of the viral infection, while practicing all precautionary measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19. To observe the International day of Yoga on 21st June 2020, the Ministry will be organizing a trainer led Yoga session which will be broadcast on television at 7 AM on 21st June 2020 for people to follow and practice in solidarity. In pursuit of the same, the students of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II have also been attending online sessions being taken by Yoga teachers to commemorate the day.

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K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K. II has always been in the forefront to ensure the best for the students. The foremost priority in this hour of crisis is to provide a holistic approach to health and well-being of our students, by keeping a healthy balance of mind and body. Yoga, being a catalyst to mental well-being embodies the unity of mind and body. It helps to instill confidence and to bring learning to children on an experiential level and teaches them to persevere, be patient, and work towards their goals. Yoga also provides tools for practicing compassion, mindfulness, generosity, focus, strength, and flexibility.

To stay strong and be strong to face the tough times it is even more important to build up our immunity, within the four walls of our house. In the pursuit of the same, on International Yoga Day, the students of classes IV to IX participated in Yoga sessions on the digital platform from 19th June – 21 June 2020.These three days were celebrated by the students with great enthusiasm and vigour. The studentsdemonstrated various asanas followed by Omkar chanting. Warm up exercises were done and all the students performed sitting and standing asanas. The benefits of the postures were narrated by the Yoga teacher side by side as children performed with the instructions e.g. the importance of meditation and pranayama, in day to day life to keeps one mentally, physically, psychologically healthy was highlighted.

The celebration concluded with some breathing techniques and exercises like Pranayams, Anulomaand Viloma, Meditation and Relaxation with Laughter yoga. The students were encouraged to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration as they showcased a very energetic and spirited performance!

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day2

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Dance is believed to be a social manifestation that represents characteristic aspects of a society. It is aimed at enhancing the students’ knowledge in multicultural awareness and building strong values among them through various interesting activities.The students of classes KG and 1 participated in the ‘Show N Tell’ activity as part of ISA project, ‘Dancing Hues’. This project is aimed at makingthe students understand the dance forms of different countries like India, Spain and Germany, showcasing their culture, tradition and costumes and instilling passion for dance in young students.

The students of Classes KG-A, KG-B and KG-Clearnt about the folk dances of India and the children of classes KG-D, KG-E and KG-F learnt about the classical dance forms of India. Students were given information about the various dance forms of India through PPTs and videos. After giving relevant information, students were asked to show a picture of their chosen dance form and speak a few lines about the same. Students of sections A, B, C spoke about the folk dances of Indian states like Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan while sections D, E and F spoke about the classical dances of Indian states like Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Manipur and Odisha.
Classes 1A, 1B and 1C were allocated the dances of Spain and the sections 1D, 1E and 1F were allocated the dances of Germany. Students were given information about the relevant countries through PPTs, videos and colouring sheets. Thereafter, students were asked to show a picture of the given dance form and speak a few lines about the same. Students of sections A, B and C spoke about the dances of Spain like Flamenco, Fandango and Paso Doble etc while sections D, E and F spoke about the dances of Germany like Waltz, Schuhplattler and Zwiefacher etc. It was an exciting learning experience for them and it was a delight to see that all the students had taken keen interest in all the activities. The students were given an opportunity to exhibit their confidence and speaking skills. It was quite appreciable to see that even in the current scenario of lockdown, a few parents managed to dress up their wards according to the given theme.
All our budding artists and young explorers of classes KG and I enthusiastically participated in these joyful activities which enhanced their international awareness.

Chunauti 2020 was organized by Apeejay School, Saket, on May 11, 2020. Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the competition was held in virtual mode (on-line). As part of Chunauti, Doyel Dhawan of Class IX of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II participated in “We Rise”, a classical dance competition, in which the performer had to create a video depicting ways to overcome fear and sorrow through the joy of dance. The theme selected by K.R Mangalam School, GK-II, was the combating of COVID 19, by taking precautions and using the weapon of cleanliness to wipe out coronavirus. Choreographed in classical Indian dance style, Doyel displayed remarkable expressions and exemplary movements, in depicting joy, sorrow and hope. She secured the second position among all the participants in this Inter-School event.

Chunauti 2020 (1)

Chunauti 2020 (2)

Chunauti 2020 (3)

Chunauti 2020 (4)

Chunauti 2020 (5)

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Conducted By: Fortis Hospital, Department of mental health and behavioral sciences
Resource person: Dr. Samir Pareekh, Chairperson of mental health department
Time Duration: 6 days
Attended by: Psychology students of grade XI and XII


Internship is an excellent way to build all those important connections that are invaluable in developing and maintaining a strong professional network for the future. The internship was a trained and supervised experience in a professional setting in which the student is learning and gaining essential experience and expertise. The main aim of the psychology summer internship was to provide real world exposure to the students to explore and gain the relevant skill and knowledge required to enter a particular career field.
The summer internship program, conducted by Dr. Samir Pareekh, Chairperson at Fortis Hospital, Department of mental health and behavioral sciences, provided an insightful experience to the students where they are able to apply the learnings in the classroom to the real world set up. The internship provided students a chance to understand aspects of mental health and how it is integrated within a general hospital set up, orientation to new and applied fields of psychology, as well projects under the guidance of a mental health professional. The internships provided the students opportunity to see theoretical concepts in practice. They were provided extensive training in theory and practical knowledge of applying psychological principles within a clinical setting.

Life in the times of Corona virus means a halt on travel. However a virtual trip to a museum can spark intense student interest as well as nurture thinking skills . We all know trips and tours are important for interactive and new learning, social interaction and exposure .So , to eradicate boredom and enhance knowledge while comfortably sitting at home , K.R Mangalam World school, G.K- II provided link for virtual excursion to THE SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON, UK to allow the students to have 360- degree view of the famous museum of London by simply clicking and moving the cursor/mouse.
Google’s Street View feature let the students of Class III to VIII see the incredible works of art from the Contemporary eras.

More than Five Hundred artifacts on Arts and Culture collection enhanced their knowledge about Art, History and Science.They visited different galleries Energy Hall, Tomorrows world, Mathematics: The Winton Gallery, Imax theatre, Exploring space and many more. In Medicine gallery , students explored how our lives have been transformed by medical research.

Students from classes III to VIII also did PRE and POST Worksheet based on the museum visit that aimed to assess how students’ conceptions evolved with regard to the particular topic.

Virtual Excursion

Virtual Excursion2

Virtual Excursion3

Virtual Excursion4

In an attempt to ensure unhindered learning for the students, K.R. Mangalam world school, G.K-II has not left any stone unturned to help students learn and enhance their knowledge by sitting at home.
Science is all around us and students can pick up science concepts from their everyday activities.
In pursuit of the same, an activity was performed by a student demonstrating the solubility and insolubility of some certain substances with respect to water and further classifying then and sorting them on the basis of solubility.Such activities not only enhance the creativity of the students, but also enrich their knowledge.
We are hopeful that this educational experience not only serve as a unique opportunity for academic growth but also creatively stimulating their minds.

The educators at K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K. II have resolved to continue imparting education with an indomitable spirit in spite of the global emergency-COVID-19. This mission of providing education, despite all barriers, has become a huge and an incredible success. This has been possible with the help of virtual classroom, interesting PPTs, enriching activities etc which the teachers have customized according to the learning of the pupils. The school has also successfully conducted tests through Google forms to evaluate the understanding of the topic across all the subjects.
The school held its first online Inter-House Competition where students partook in a plethora of activities like Solo Song, Article Writing, Extempore, Finger Painting, Movie Making, Cold Cooking etc. The zeal and enthusiasm witnessed amongst the pupils was overwhelming. The poem ‘The Road not Taken’ was covered in English by the teachers. The students got to know about the poet and his famous works, apart from the studying of the poem, via a dazzling PPT. In Hindi, chapter-तुमकब जाओगे अतिथि and बहु स्तरीय मूल्यांकन were taught via stimulating PPTs. This made learning more enjoyable and stirring. Painting classes involved teaching students to illustrate ‘Still Life’ in their artwork. In Home Science, the principle of Cognitive development was explained.
Students performed an activity to learn the phenomenon of Suspension in Science. They also understood Classification of Matter, types of pure substances, difference between pure substances and mixtures, and the concept of Tyndall Effect and Acceleration was also taught via PPT and activities. In Biology, the topic- Osmosis was taught through an engaging activity. In Social Sciences, students also acquired erudition about the French Revolution, the physical features of Himalayas and the chapter Village Palampur, which is actually a hypothetic village constructed to elucidate the basic concepts related to production. Physical Fitness and Fine Art classes continued to be a part of their fun-time. Regular assessment of Homework and assignments are done to reiterate the concepts learnt.