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Sports play an integral part of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II where students are given every opportunity to maintain a healthy life. In pursuit of the same, the students are being given online sports sessions in Yoga, Chess, games etc in order to help them stay active during lockdown period.

International School Awards (ISA) is a prestigious award conferred by the British Council, aiming at adding a global dimension to students’ learning experience. In pursuit of the same, an introductory session was conducted to explain the ISA Project–‘Think Blue, Bust Life Blues’ assigned for classes IV & V of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II. The project involves the three major rivers –riverYamuna in India, river Yangtze in China and river Olifants in South Africa.

Interesting class discussions were held for all the students to reiterate the importance of water in our daily lives and to reinforce that we should take ownership for the conservation of this indispensable resource. In Social Studies, the students of class IV were shown a PPT that touched upon the various causes and effects of water pollution. Further, the students were informed about the rivers flowing through the northern plains thereby making the soil fertile and fit for cultivation. The students of class V were not only introduced to the concept of importance of clean water but they were also shown the distribution of freshwater across the world through a world map depicting the regions deprived of the same.

In Science, the students of class IV were informed about the various pollutants present in water followed by discussion on the different ways of conserving water.The students of class V were made aware of the factors causing water pollution like sewage, industrial waste, oil spills etc. The teacher through videos demonstratedthe various steps involved in the purification of water.They also enjoyed making a simple water filter at home. Students also learnt how to do rainwater harvesting to conserve water. All this was covered under the Sciencechapter, ‘Keeping Water Clean’.
Research work provides the perfect opportunity to keep students engaged and stimulated. Therefore, their holiday homework has been planned in such a way that it will help them to explore more about the project.

“It’s not enough to prepare our children for the future; we must prepare the future for our children.”
K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II believes it is a universal responsibility to pass a healthy earth to future generations that ensures environmental quality and good public health. Leading the young learners towards global education, the teachers conducted an onlinesession and introduced the ISA Project, ‘Plastic-An Unnecessary Evil’ to the students of Class VII on May 27, 2020.

The project is an instructional methodology that aims at encouraging students to learn about the harms caused by plastics to the biosphere and apply the knowledge to make countries ‘Plastic Free Zones’. The countries of study chosen for this project are Germany and Bangladesh, apart from India. The objective of the introductory session was to explain the students the various types of plastics and how they affect environment. It also emphasized on the fact that although plastic may seem useful but with time it will harm the natural resources. The students also came to know about the income bracket and how it wasinfluencing the purchase of plastic. They also discussedabout how plastic was affecting animals and variouswater bodies.

The students were then informed about the survey ofeach income group – high, middle and low, regarding the use of plastic items. They were told to collect information by conducting surveys so that it would help them to arrive at a solution to substitute single-useplastics with an environment friendly material in daily lives. The students were apprised that after doing the survey, they would be able to comprehend the environmental hazards and damage caused by plasticsto the natural resources. This would further help themto generate awareness, thereby reducing plastic usage.

Loaded with all the information, they were all set to participate enthusiastically in the upcoming activities related to the project. It was an interactive and informative session for the students.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a skill based subject introduced in class IX at K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II . The objective of this module/curriculum – which combines both Inspire and Acquire modules is to develop a readiness for understanding and appreciation for Artificial Intelligence and its application in our lives.
The concept is taught using power point presentations. Various videos are shown to students to make them understand why we need to study AI, it’s real life applications and history.
Few games like Rock, Paper and Scissors, Mystery Animal and Emoji Scavenger Hunt have been played online for students to get their first experience of Artificial Intelligence, how AI devices can identify the real life objects and portray them through its features, gain the habit of solving problems by practicing critical thinking and self-directed learning and to discover more about themselves and the real world around.
Students also designed a real smart house with some unique AI features as part of their assessment activity.





Hands on Activities

At K.R. Mangalam World School, GK-II, teaching of Science to Students of classes VI to VIII always maintain a constant focus on developing skills and knowledge simultaneously. Hence, while teaching lessons online too, activities are demonstrated and encouraged to perform , so that students have a hands on experience on the topics to develop application skills on the same content. Whether a paper weaving activity in grade VI, observing a thermometer and its features in grade VII or learning about Pressure exerted by air, every topic has been touched upon.

Hand-on-activity (2)

Hand-on-activity (3)

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