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The International School Award (ISA) aims at embedding international work into the curriculum, thereby, making the students aware about the global issues. As part of the ISA action plan, a virtual meet was planned and executed for the students of class VI.

The times have changed and we no longer stay confined within the four walls of our thinking and reckoning. In an effort to give our students an international exposure and make them aware of the diverse cultures that are prevalent outside the border of their own country, we undertook this meeting. The students were apprised about the project given to class VI –‘Climate at Stake’ in which they will be studying about the Changing Climatic conditions of India, Greenland and Brazil. Various factors that have affected the climate in the past thirty years were discussed. They were briefed about how the factors like population growth, pollution and industrialization causing variation in temperature, precipitation and humidity is an indicator of climate change across the globe. Information about endangered species was discussed to create awareness among the students about how climate is not only affecting human beings but it is a threat to animals as well.

The students of class VI were also enlightened about the various activities they will be undertaking under ISA plan in different subjects like English, Math, Science, Social Science among others.
The meeting was aimed at adding a global dimension to students’ learning experience and foster skills of teambuilding, innovation and leadership.
It was an interactive session and all the queries of our dear students were attended to.