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In order to inculcate scientific skills in students, a workshop on design thinking was attended by Niharika Gupta, Baljeet Kaur and Shruti Gupta on 9 April, 2019.It was conducted by Ms Deepti Sahni at K.R Mangalam Institute of Professional Development at G.K-I. The workshop started with an interesting activity in which the teachers were asked to make beautiful purses according to the choice of their pair partner which was accompanied by the power point presentation. All the teachers were divided into groups to present a lesson on design thinking.

Design_Thinking_Workshop (1) Design_Thinking_Workshop (2) Design_Thinking_Workshop (3)

Capacity Building Program For Mathematics – Class  X


Venue: Red Roses Public School, Saket
Date: 27& 28 JUNE, 2019

Resource Persons:  Ms. Praveen Ralhan and Ms. Ishita Mukherjee
Attended by :Ms. NeerjaSharma & Ms. VidishaTangri.

It is a good platform to address some academic issues/ challenges/ problems/ doubts etc. that support the stake holders to get a deeper understanding on subject and concepts. In connection with the same thought, a workshop was organized by C.B.S.E. on 27 and 28 June 2019.

The workshop was based on:

  • To put sturdy base for teachers on learning.
  • Planning and visualizing classes.
  • To equip the teachers with varieties of activities in teaching and learning.
  • To strengthen the teachers in planning and visualizing lessons.
  • Making students more involved and developing inquisitive behavior.

Reflections and Learnings:

The workshop was very helpful in following ways:

  • We should devote time to search content which help to improve our skills and knowledge.
  • How to develop students’ interest towards the topic.
  • To develop application bent of mind with logical and rational thinking. Taught me how to think outside of what the textbook offers.
  • Encourage students to question logic behind every concept.
  • Brought that Mathematics is a subject of understanding, not learning.

Capacity_Building_Program_For_Mathematics–Class -X (2) Capacity_Building_Program_For_Mathematics–Class -X (1)


Activities conducted by teachers                                                                                     Group Photograph

Winning Spree

It is a matter of great pride for K.R. Mangalam World School , G.K-II that Ashvath Mittal of Class V C has been on a winning spree in Chess by getting home awards , trophies and certificates from all across India.

Winning Spree (2) Winning Spree (3) Winning Spree (1)