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Nie- Student of The YearTo unlock the doors to personal excellence, every accomplishment begins with the desire to succeed and urge to reach to one’s full potential. K.R. Mangalam World School believes in developing the various facets of students’ personality to make them realize their innate talent. It was a proud moment for the school as Vivaan Madhok, a combination of talent, academic excellence and leadership abilities, scripted success by bagging the NIE Student of the Year award for the session 2016-17. He was nominated among the other top achievers. An avid reader, an excellent debater and a tech enthusiast, Vivaan has taken part in many presentations, debates and group discussions at the Intra and Inter-School level Competitions. The award was given on the overall performance of the students. The Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi congratulated the students for their commendable performance.


An educational trip to the National Zoological Park was organized for the students of class Pre-School. The children embarked on the journey to the zoo on a peppy and excited note. The students enthusiastically spotted the majestic animals and birds like Asiatic Lion, White Tiger, Royal Bengal tiger, ostrich, pelicans and elephants basking in the winter morning sun. They had a wonderful time watching giraffes, tigers, jaguars, elephants, migratory birds and much more. The ‘Joy Ride’ in the battery operated trolleys brought about squeals of laughter and joy.

The National Zoological Park has more than 2000 species of birds and animals living in an environment that in many ways resembles their natural habitat. Children learnt a lot about the animal kingdom and their importance.

Overall it was a day well spent which gave our tiny tots wonderful memories to cherish forever.

Pre School Visit to National Zoological Park


“Why try to explain miracle to your kid when you can just have them plant a garden”.

The students of Pre-School participated in the role play activity ‘Out in the Garden’. The children came dressed in beautiful costumes such as caterpillar, flowers, ladybug, butterfly, etc. It was a practical and fun filled learning endeavour  as it exposed the students to various aspects of nature and its importance in our life. They went on a nature walk to get a practical feel of the role play and understood various concepts like germination of seeds, parts of a plant etc.  

The activity was a big hit as it helped the children to understand the beauty and importance of nature and preserving it for our future.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Pre School Role Play



The students of Pre School went on an outing to Air Force Museum at Palam, Delhi. They were eager and enthusiastic to see the collection of airplanes and armoury depicting the history of the Indian Air Force. The children were intrigued by the entrance of the museum that displayed historic photographs, uniforms and personal weapons of the Indian Air Force and the outdoor gallery, which showcased radar equipment and captured enemy vehicles. They visited a hanger exhibiting aircrafts like Hawker, Hunter, MIG25, SU7 etc. and Air force inventory like bombs, anti aircraft guns. The students were thrilled to see the rifles, shields, guns and photographs of the soldiers who laid their lives for the country in the gallery.

It was a rich learning experience for the little ones as the Museum reflected the very best of what the Indian Air Force has stood for in War and Peace. It helped in instilling a feeling of patriotism in the young minds.

Pre School Visit to The Air Force Museum



S.No Parameter/Criteria   Points
1. Girl Child/First Child   10
2. Distance from School Up to 10 Kms 65
Up to 12 Kms 40
Beyond 12 Kms 30
3. Sibling of the School   25
  Total    100 


A Historic Winning Streak

K.R. Mangalam World School believes in developing the various facets of student’s personality to make them realize their innate talent. In the pursuit of the same, Inter School Championships are being organized to provide students an edge over others.  

It was a proud moment for the Football Champions of K.R. Mangalam World School, GK- II to win laurels for the school by securing the first position in the under 14 category. It was heartening to see such enthusiasm and high level of energy amongst students of different age groups.

The criterion for winning the tournament was not only the maximum number of matches won by the team but also the motivation driven by the Cheer leaders and the support provided by the display of School Flag and banners.

Players and cheerleaders were awarded the Winner’s Trophy in all pomp and show. The players were also awarded with Gold Medals and certificates and they walked off the field with great pride. With grit and determination, the young achievers left no stone unturned in proving their mettle. Kudos to the Football Team!

A Historic Winning Streak



Imagination Triggers CreativityWhen creativity is motivated by the desire to achieve success, it urges one to go for that extra mile. Odyssey of the Mind’, a creative problem-solving competition was held at K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II on 11February 2017 organized by Creative Thinkers Foundation. The competition which was an amalgamation of science, art and fiction, was truly a test of using one’s imagination to trigger the creative neurons to do something different.

Schools from Delhi and NCR competed in this ‘thinking out of the box’ competition and the innovative and the creative minds of  K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II came out with flying colours by bagging two Gold medals and one Silver medal in three different problems. It was a perfect synchronization of talent and teamwork which helped students to achieve yet another milestone .The school has qualified for the World Finals and EuroFest which will be held at Michigan State University, USA and Belarus respectively, in the month of April and May 2017 respectively.

The Principal Ms Alka Awasthi appreciated the undaunted spirit of KRMites to face challenges till the end and emerging victorious in all spheres.

Shimran Vohra Felicitated with Scholarship

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II has been scripting success stories time and again. With immense pride, we would like to congratulate Shimran Vohra of Class XII (2015-16) Batch for having conferred with Scholarship for getting 100% and also being in the top 0.1% in the Senior School Certificate Examination held in March 2016.

Shimran Vohra of Class XII


Career Counselling Workshop

It has rightly been said that the guidance of the parents as well as the teachers can perfectly support a child in the most crucial life changing years of school. It is then imperative that these two pillars meet and understand what’s best for their wards. In pursuit of the same, a Career Counselling Workshop was organized by K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II on 28 January 2017 for the students and parents of Class X to assist them in the choice of subjects to be taken in Class XI. The workshop was conducted by Ms Chhavi Mittal, a Research Scholar from the Department of Psychology, University of Delhi. She apprised the parents and the students about various courses available in streams like Science, Commerce and Humanities. The Principal, Ms Alka Awasthi, enumerated the role of parents in deciding a right career path for their children that is in tune with their skills and job experiences.  The workshop concluded with the question and answer session.