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Report- Class III Competition

The future depends upon what you choose to do today. So live, explore and grow”

Keeping the above thought in mind, we at KRM provide ample opportunities to our young learners to grow and develop into the person they are meant to be. We believe in nurturing the overall development of our students. “Amalgamation of art, music and technology in Poetry recitation/Story telling” is one such platform where the students of Class 3 were encouraged to participate in activities which are carefully designed to enhance their knowledge and skills. Numerous competitions such as English/Hindi Poetry, Storytelling, Paint with paint brush, Skating, Tennis etc. were organized in which our students showcased their talent, creativity and hard work. The participants mesmerized the audience with their impressive performances in various activities.

The aim of such competition is to emphasize on the importance of “participation” of students in school activities and how these activities can further boost the confidence of our young students.

At KRM, we also empower our students to learn something new each day. We provide freedom to our students to choose and excel in their area of interest, encouraging them to participate. Participation is an important aspect of student learning. When students participate they learn to express themselves and their ideas. As rightly said,

“Don’t let your fear of failing triumph over the joy of participating”

The Class Competition of Class 3 was a huge and grand success where children enthusiastically participated in all activities.

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Class III Competition


Assembly Report for classes 6E and 6F

Morning assemblies play an important role in empowering a student. They facilitate them with the information in the most effective way. The students of classes 6E and 6F had their morning assembly on February 6, 2019.

The topic of the assembly for class 6E was “Disaster Management.” The students performed a mock drill related to the topic to make everyone aware of how the school building should be evacuated in case of a disaster like – earthquake, fire, etc. The students also gave information about H1N1 influenza (the precautions to be taken if you are affected).

For class 6F, the topic of the assembly was – “Time Management.” The students performed a skit on the importance of time. They also had a “Talk Show” on healthy and nutritious food. 

The assembly culminated with an interactive session with the principal of the school wherein she told the students about the growing HINI1 influenza and also shared mandatory dos and don’ts. 

Assembly Report for classes 6E and 6F (1) Assembly Report for classes 6E and 6F (1) Assembly Report for classes 6E and 6F (2) Assembly Report for classes 6E and 6F (2) Assembly Report for classes 6E and 6F (3) Assembly Report for classes 6E and 6F (4)

Road Safety Education

The students of K.R. Mangalam World School, Greater Kailash II have constantly been given guidance on skills essential to life. In pursuit of the same, a presentation on road safety was organised by K.R. Mangalam World School, Greater Kailash II on January 17 , 2019 to acquaint the future drivers with the need and importance of following the safety rules made by authorities. The presentation, made and presented by Ms Jasleen Kaur Arora, incorporated text from the NCERT chapters on road safety for students from classes VI to X, which added to the information of the students.

The school has also been providing training to bus drivers/van drivers as per CBSE and Hon’ble Supreme Court guidelines on School Bus Safety at regular intervals .

An effort ismade to create an awareness on road etiquette and traffic signs among the studentsalong with teaching them colours. Aggressiveness in everyday life is handled by the set of trained councillors that goes a long way in handling rage as a negative reaction.road_safety_1 Students of Classes VI to X attending the workshop on importance of Road Safety

road_safety_2Statistics on road fatalities

 road_safety_3The importance of the three colours for Road Safety


Mandatory Road Signs incorporated from the CBSE textroad_safety_5Traffic signs posted at different areas of the school

road_safety_6Students learn traffic signs from these displayed at various places in the school






Victory at the Clash of Pi

The students of KRM, GKII participated in the renowned competition, Clash of Pi where the country’s most prestigious schools send their top teams to compete in a monthly online mathematics aptitude test. School team members answer the test by logging into their secure online accounts (provided by piCirql). School team points are computed based on a proprietary algorithm that factors in individual team member scores, consistency of performance and difficulty level of questions solved.We feel immense pride in sharing that AarnaBhura of class 6 F- AIR#30, YashSatpathy of class 7 A- AIR#6 and Dishaamalhota of class 9 E- AIR#97 have made it to the hall of fame by receiving great all India ranks.


An interesting and creative salad making activity was conducted for the students of Class 6 at K. R. Mangalam World School, GKII in congruence  with FSSAI on January 30, 2019 . This activity aimed at encouraging  students to eat nutritious healthy  and hygienic food to maintain good  health. The students really enjoyed making healthy dishes and they were very confident and excited to share their recipes with the principal.

Green Food Activity (1) Green Food Activity (2)


Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.

The month of January unfurled the patriotic feeling in one and all. The school was a witness to the myriads of activities that was conducted for the juniors as well as the seniors. Various Inter-House Competitions were held to mark the occasion. The competitions were a fusion of talent, imagination, creativity and alertness. Whether it was the melodious solo song and dance instrumental, art, handwriting, creative writing or debate, the activities helped to bring out the uniqueness of each individual. The students of the Senior School set the stage on fire by their powerful performance for the winning title. The students of all the four houses were at their best.Spontaneity and confidence were the hallmark of the competition. The students left everyone awe-struck as they presented their talent so immaculately and effortlessly. They were applauded for their superb performance. Winners were awarded with certificates. The program culminated with vote of thanks and the rendition of the national anthem

Report_of_Inter_House_Competition_1 Report_of_Inter_House_Competition_2 Report_of_Inter_House_Competition_3 Report_of_Inter_House_Competition_4

Another enriching session of Pariksha pe charcha (an initiative by our prime minister,Sh. Narendra Modi).Students of K.R. MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL, G.K. II took important tips on how to prepare for exams from the session. As the principal was part of the session, she motivated and encouraged the students for the same.

Pariksha_pe_charcha_1 Pariksha_pe_charcha_2 Pariksha_pe_charcha_3


The 70th Republic Day of India was celebrated by the students of Classes VII on 25th January 2019. A special assembly was conducted  to commemorate the occasion. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity.

The_70th_Republic_Day_1 The_70th_Republic_Day_2The assembly commenced with the hoisting of flag by Principal Ma’am followed by National Anthem and release of tri colour balloons. Next students discussed about History of Republic day.

The_70th_Republic_Day_4The_70th_Republic_Day_3A skit on Fundamental Rights and Duties and freedom fighters was presented by the students. This was followed by melodious performance by class 3 student who played Sare Jahan de Acha on Casio. The rich culture and diversity of our country was showcased through a melodious patriotic song and Vande Mataram by class 7students which left the audience spellbound.

The Principal, Dr Sangeeta Arora, applauded the performance of the
students and urged them to do their best and always feel proud of being Indians.