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Home Science Students of class 11 prepared lip smacking food for their practical , under the guidance of their teacher, Ms.Baljit Kaur on 18 September 2018. Our principal ma’am, Ms Sangeeta Arora loved and appreciated all the dishes made by them.

Home Science_2 Home Science_1

Our blooming bundle of joy has brought laurels home, truly an achievement to be recognized. The winning streak of our young, vibrant and enthusiastic performer Aadya Sharma, a student of class V has bagged the first position at the National Level in Hindi Olympiad 2018.

National Level in Hindi Olympiad 2018


A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart!

Morning assembly undoubtedly holds the numero uno position out of all the routine activities in a school. It aids community participation as well as hones the skills of children on account of healthy competitive spirit between different groups. Probably it’s the first platform which is provided to young minds, boosting their confidence towards public speaking and imbibing a feeling of team spirit in their nascent minds.

Keeping up with the same the students of class 10F conducted their class assembly on 04 September 2018.The topic of the assembly was ‘Teachers’ Day’.

The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer which is believed to provide peace and serenity to our minds and souls. The students had put up mesmerizing dance performances of different Bollywood numbers. The energy of the performance was contagious which left the audience in awe of them.

Report of Class Assembly-10F_1 Report of Class Assembly-10F_2The Principal, Dr. Sangeeta Arora addressed the gathering and motivated the students with her encouraging words of wisdom. The assembly culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem.

General Sports activities


YOGA and Fitness Classes :

General Sports activities_1 General Sports activities_2 General Sports activities_3

Cricket General Sports activities_4 General Sports activities_5 General Sports activities_6 General Sports activities_7

Football General Sports activities_8 General Sports activities_9

Basketball General Sports activities_10 General Sports activities_11 General Sports activities_12 General Sports activities_13

Fitness exercises and Yoga during P.T. Periods

General Sports activities_14 General Sports activities_15 General Sports activities_16 General Sports activities_17


Sandeep Chaprana

(For  Deptt of Phy. Edu.)


At KRMWS, every achievement is celebrated, every goal is cherished and every child is given the opportunity to express himself. This is why our school is amongst the leading in the world. 

Saksham Kapoor of class 10 B has been receiving laurels in plethora of Badminton events. The details is as follows:

1.      Member player with Badminton Association of India and Badminton World Federation.

2.      Gold winner in Badminton Fiesta By Pullela Gopichand Acadmy.

3.      Gold winner at Tyagraj stadium in 2017 by ISAC.

4.      Got 32 rank in All India junior ranking tournament at Nagpur in mixed doubles in July 2018.

5.      Gold in school zonal 2017.

Badminton Events_3Badminton Events_2Badminton Events_1

Science Week

(20 August 2018 to August 2018) was celebrated at K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II. This week was a wonderful time to enhance and explore the scientific aptitude of our students by participating in different hand-on activities. Every student got the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the field of science and technology.

science_week_2018_1 science_week_2018_2 science_week_2018_3

Day & Date: Saturday, 8 September, 2018.

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children”

A salute to our Roots’

Grandparents are the family’s greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers, and the keepers of tradition. Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation. Through their special love and care, grandparents keep a family close at heart. To honour them K.R. MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL, GK II celebrated Grandparents Day on Saturday, 8 September 2018.

The programme began with the auspicious ‘Lighting of the Lamp’ and was followed by the Prayer. Many power packed dance performances by students left the spectators spellbound and thoroughly mesmerized. The icing on the cake was the Fashion Show performed by students of Pre-school and their grandparents which showcased the special bond they shared. Principal Dr. Sangeeta Arora addressed the gathering and encouraged the students for putting up scintillating performances for their grandparents. Grandparents shared some mesmerizing moments and relived their childhood with the grandchildren. The students made Bracelets and Cards for their lovely grandparents and gifted a token of love in the form of Tulsi sapling. The success of the event was evident through the joyful smiles and teary eyes of the grandparents as they were overwhelmed to see their grandchildren performing for them.

grandparents day_4 grandparents day_3 grandparents day_2 grandparents day_1

Class: II
Subject: English
Activity: Educational / Creative Expression

Theme : If I were a SuperHero or If I were invisible for the day

Day & Date:  TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2018

The students of class II participated with utmost dedication and zest in an English Educational Activity.  Theme : If I were a SuperHero or If I were invisible for the day . The children spoke with appropriate actions, expressions and voice modulation on the above topics. The objective of the activity was to encourage the students to think out of the box and use their imagination creatively. The activity helped in building confidence and public speaking skills. The students participated in the activity enthusiastically and whole heartedly.

class_english_II_1 Subject: Maths

Activity: Fun with Shapes

Day & Date: Friday, 10 August, 2018

Shapes are fun for children of all ages. The children learnt the concept in an interesting way.  Different types of shapes( square, circle, triangle  etc.)  were  used to make creative  picture composition  or simple objects. The students used their imagination artistically  by rotating and flipping the shapes either horizontally or vertically to create a beautiful scene .The students made the activity a great success by actively participating in it.class_english_II_2




Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication. Grammar skills are useful in every aspect of life from education to social life.  The students of class II participated in an activity on Singular / Plural Nouns.  The students brought pictures of one and many objects / things which was discussed in the class and then pasted on A4 coloured sheets. It was a fun activity and the students enjoyed learning about the concept .


 Workshop   on National Safety Science  Campaign

Day and Date-  Saturday, 25 August 2018

Venue- Indian School of Business and Finance, Lajpat  Nagar

Teachers  attended the workshop-  Ms Rachna Dev

                                                             Ms  Anju  Sen

 Aim of the workshop- to set up and mentoring a safety club in the school.

The organisation “Xpress Mind” works with the students at three levels-

  • National safety science quiz (NSSQ)- for grade 9 to 12

This is an online quiz where in the students can register themselves without any payment.  From  every school two best entries are selected and they are eligible for the zonals which will be held in the month of October.

  • Poster/ Slogan making- for grade 5 to 8
  • Safety club- for grade 5 to 8

Here number of activities are organised like having a safety day, safety walk, drills, safety stories, videos followed by various activities and worksheets.

 The campaign was sponsored by  Underwriters Laboratories (UL) which certifies safety standards of –gadgets, textiles, mobiles, jewellery,etc

On the whole it was a very informative workshop and gave us an insight into how the  “Xpress Mind” works to create a safer environment for our children at home and in school.

Workshop on National Safety Science Campaign

PreSchool Orientation
Date:28th March, 2016
Venue: Multi Purpose Hall

PreSchool Orientation report_1

One of the most important challenges of the school is to orient and enlighten the new set of parents of Pre School who came to the school with aspirations and dreams for their child.

  • A well structured programme was conceived for the session 2016-17.
  • The orientation program for the parent’s encapsulated mesmerizing performances ranging from Show n Tell and Role Play by Pre Primary which encouraged a prolonged appreciation from the audiences.
  • The show reflected the enthusiasm and confidence of our tiny wonders.
  • A power point presentation enlightens parents about the objectives and philosophy of the school.
  • It emphasized that provision of an optimal atmosphere and giving individual attention to each child ensures that every child grows and progresses to the best of his/her potential.
  • The presentation elucidated the activities that are undertaken to develop the motor skills and eye hand coordination. The curriculum emphasized on Motor Skills, Reading Skills, Language Skills and Numbers, Shapes and Pattern Work.  PreSchool Orientation report_2

The Principal Mr. Anand Swaroop shared his vision with the new members of our KRM family. At K.R. Mangalam World School efforts are made by the teachers and opportunities are given to children to excel in every field. Mrs. Baljit Kaur, the academic coordinator, spoke eloquently about the school and faculty that assuaged the doubts of the new parents.


The programme ended with a rousing rendition of National Anthem.

PreSchool Orientation report_3 PreSchool Orientation report_4