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With the rising of the sun, we welcome a new day, new day which has many things in store for us- NEW HOPES, NEW PROMISES and NEW ACHIEVEMENTS.

The wheel of time has yet again carried us to the last lap of our academic session. The old academic year is thus about to end to give way to a new, exciting and fun filled year.

The academic session 2015-2016 was an eventful and a fruitful year. For this we thank you parents! Your constant co-operation and support has only made this possible.

Assemblies are the cornerstone of our curriculum. Classes I and II regularly hold assemblies every Monday which are informative, interactive and fun loving.

Literary Week was organized from 1st February 2016 to 5th February 2016. This provided a platform to our students to showcase their literary talent, be it their oratory skills or written skills.

To begin with an Intra Class English Recitation Competition was held wherein the students participated with great enthusiasm. Through deeply inspiring poems students tried to inculcate values among their fellow friends – like honesty, courtesy, keeping our surroundings clean and pollution free and saving girl child.


On 2nd February,2016 Intra Class English handwriting competition was organized. The children were encouraged to write neatly in a good handwriting to the best of their ability.

 Results of Inter Class English Recitation Competition
Winners of Class I

Name                             Class           Position

ARUNIMA SATI           I-B              FIRST

AYAAN ZAIDI              I-F               FIRST

AARYAN ARORA        I-A              SECOND

SIYA KOCHHAR         I-D              SECOND

ARNAV MAHAJAN      I-C             THIRD

NAVYA ARORA           I-E              THIRD


Winners of Class II

Name                                      Class  Position

GURMEHAR KAUR              II-B             FIRST


GAURIKA SHARMA             II-A             SECOND

ALVINA SIDDIQUI                II-F             SECOND


 Intra Class English Handwriting Competition
Winners of Class I

Name                                                Class          

GEET                                                 I-A

ISHIKA CHANDHOK                       I-B


SAANVI TIWARI                               I-D

PRACHI HEENA                               I-E

TANUSHA VERMA                          I-F


Winners of Class II

Name                                            Class             


KHUSHI                                        II-B

AQDAS RAHI                               II-C

AKSHAT KUMAR ROY               II-D

 SHREYANSHI                              II-E




A special assembly on the topic “National Festivals of India” was presented by classes I E and II E on 29th January,2016. The students spoke about national festivals that bind us together in a thread of unity and brotherhood. There are three national festivals of India – Republic day – 26th January, Independence Day – 15th August and Gandhi Jayanti – 2nd October. They also spoke about the importance of each national festival and how they are celebrated.


On 1st Feb,2016 students of class I A presented an assembly on the topic. “Safety Rules for Children”.Participants spoke about the safety rules to be followed at home, on the road and in school to avoid accidents. They emphasised on the need of following safety rules in school like always walking on the left side while using staircase and not running or pushing each other. For road safety, children were made aware about significance of traffic lights, zebra crossing and the various traffic symbols.


An assembly on the topic “Strange Animal Facts” was presented by class I B on 8th Feb,2016. Children shared a few amazing & interesting facts about animals. The assembly was interactive, where the participants posed questions to the audience and made them repeat the facts with them.


On 15th Feb,2016 class I C presented an assembly on “Sharing &Caring”. A story was narrated and enacted through which the importance of sharing was highlighted. The children recited a poem on sharing and caring and showed through placards how we can share things with the less privileged ones.


 On 24th Feb,2016 class I E presented an assembly on “Useful Plants and Animals”. The students made the audience aware of the various useful things which we get from plants like jute, cotton, rubber, tea, coffee etc. They also recited a poem ‘How to make a garden’.


On 29th Feb,2016 class I D presented an assembly on “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness”. As the name suggests, the assembly conveyed that cleanliness is important to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Congratulations to all the participants and to the teachers who guided them through these assemblies.
On 29th Feb,2016 a fun filled trip to Nehru Park and Lodhi Garden was organised for the students of class I and II respectively. The children enjoyed a lot and also learnt about different types of plants as they were taken for a nature walk.


The teachers have worked throughout the year with the little ones to make them thorough with their curriculum.To further prepare the students for the next class, a regular recap of all the topics will be carried out throughout the month of March.

The last working day for the students of class I is 17th March,2016 and class II is 18th March,2016.
Result Declaration-

                    Class I – 18th March,2016 (Friday)

                   Class II – 19th March,2016 (Saturday)

New academic session will begin on 4thApril, 2016 and all the students are expected to come to school in their summer uniform.
Wishing you all the best for the next session.

Principal                                                                                                                                                                         Primary Incharge


Fancy DressThe children of Class-I participated in the Fancy Dress Competition held on February 19, 2016.   Theme: ‘Famous Personalities’.
The children came dressed in appropriate costumes. They spoke about the character/person they were enacting with confidence and enthusiasm.

Children looked beautiful dressed up as  Prime Minister Narendra  Modi, Kalpana Chawla, Swami Vivekananda, Mary Kom , Dr. Abdul Kalam, Hitler, Miss World & Miss Universe,Priyanka Chopra,Cleopatra, Albert Einstein,Princess Kate Middleton,James Bond,Queen Elizabeth, Mother Teresa, Neerja Bhanot, Krish, Sonia Gandhi ,Indira Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, etc.

The objective of the competition was met as students learnt about many important national and international figures and their achievements. It helped to build English conversational skills.

All our little ones were looking adorable. They won our hearts with their exuberance and enthusiasm!

Friday activity- 12 February 2016

Western dance
The students of western dance club started with their usual warming up session, followed by the continuation of their regular routine. Some students volunteered to help other students under the guidance of the teachers by showing warm up exercises. This made their dance session all the more interesting.

wastendanceAstronomy club
Phases of Moon
Students were asked to make different phases of moon with paper using cutting and pasting method. They took part with great enthusiasm and expressed it wonderfully.

astromanyArt club
Students of classes VI and VII did spiral painting. The students enjoyed the activity to the core of their interest in it.

art_1Western music
The students were taught vocal exercise. They also did listening exercise by singing a song “Concert of BB King Blues Club”. The students sang the song and played various instruments (guitar, keyboard, drums and Congo) on the song. They were explained about ‘minor scale’.

art_3Environment club
Students were asked to complete logo designing of the environment club. At the end of the class, the students were given instructions for the next activity. The students also took initiative to clean up the class.art_4Heritage club
The members of the Heritage Club were given an introduction on the preservation of natural heritage which is abundantly present in the form of landforms, plants and animals, water bodies etc., and is rapidly depleting from the surface of the Earth. They were then asked to write ten sentences in their diaries on how they can save these valuable natural heritages.

art_5English oratory
Knowing new words is always very interesting. It is like your mind at the same time, battling with your confidence, adrenaline rush and your thoughts for the particular topic, but spelling them right is a challenge sometimes. Keeping in mind the aim of the oratory development which targets at making kids a confident individual, a Spell Bee Competition was organised for the students. They were given interesting words for the dictation but were also asked to make corrections. They not just articulated wonderfully on the topic but also used gestures for better connection with the audience.

englishScience club
Two experiments were conducted in the science club. One was Electrolysis of water and the Effect of electric current when passed through a cut piece of potato. The students remained curious throughout the time and took keen interest in the activity.

Change is not merely necessary in life, it is life itself.

Environment degradation is one of the biggest challenges that the world faces today. What we are doing to environment today is but a reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to others. Biological Hazards also known as biohazards, refer to biological substances that pose a threat to the health of living organisms, primarily that of humans.

The students of the Interact Club met to discuss about the Biological Hazards that is causing so much harm to the environment and the living beings on Earth. The students were asked to explain what they understood from the topic. Then, they were divided into groups of two and asked to design posters on the same. The students used their imagination and creativity, and very well expressed their thoughts on paper.


FAREWELL 2015-16


The Blessing and Farewell Ceremony for Class XII students of KRM Greater Kailash was held on 30 January 2016, Saturday. Farewell, 2016 proved to be a grand event with the colours of the cultural feast unfolding and blending with the beauty of the graceful evening that was awaiting. Guests in beautiful dresses and impressive personalities joined the hall to grace the occasion.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp. The programme organised by class XI students had an array of dance and music performances dedicated to their seniors. The chief attraction was the ramp walk for the most coveted titles – Mr KRM and Ms KRM 2015-2016, which was awarded to Aarya Gupta and Vansheen Bhat. The programme concluded with a delectable round of refreshments.


Date Day Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
3/1/2016 Tue One Durum Wheat Pasta Box One Drink
3/2/2016 Wed One Box Flavoured Noodles Cream Biscuit
3/3/2016 Thu Two Stuffed Paranthas One Curd Box
3/4/2016 Fri One Cheesy Footlong One Drink Cream Biscuit
3/5/2016 Sat X x
3/6/2016 Sun X x
3/7/2016 Mon One Rajma Box One Rice Box Cream Biscuit
3/8/2016 Tue Chole Box Two Kulchas
3/9/2016 Wed 2 pc Jam/Cheese Jumbo Brown Bread Sandwich Two Smiles
3/10/2016 Thu One Wheat Burger One Drink
3/11/2016 Fri One Paneer Kulcha One Drink Cream Biscuit
3/12/2016 Sat X x
3/13/2016 Sun X x
3/14/2016 Mon One Jumbo Mayo Hot Dog Cream Biscuit
3/15/2016 Tue One Grilled CheeseSandwich One Drink
3/16/2016 Wed One Chole Box One Rice Box Cream Biscuit
3/17/2016 Thu Aloo Sabzi Box Two Pooris Cream Biscuit



Pre Primary students went on an excursion trip to India Gate and Children’s Park, where they were imparted information regarding the significance of the monument .Children were shown Amar Jawan Jyoti .They also went inside the children’s Park and enjoyed playing on the swings .Students walked around the garden to see the musical fountain and a fish aquarium .Overall it was an enjoyable trip .

feb-report_2Visit :DILLI HAAT

Students of Pre Primary  visited Dilli Haat located in INA market .It provided the ambience of Rural Haat .It takes you to the magical world of Indian Heritage Culture presented through a fascinating panorama of Craft ,Cuisine and Cultural Activities. Children were excited to see colourful accessories, clothes and other craft items .

feb-report_3 feb-report_4


culturati Report_1K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K.II celebrated its Annual Fiesta ‘Culturati-A Melange’… an artistic splendor, on 30 January 2016. The programme commenced with the sprightly and ebullient contingents of the Army, Navy, Air force and NCC cadres marching proudly with precision, at the beat of the drums, showcasing the true spirit of leadership. The occasion was graced by the benign presence of Shri S.S. Rawat, Regional Officer, CBSE, the Chief Guest of the day, Dr. Stella Kujur, DDE South-East and Management members of  KRM Group of Schools. The spirit of harmony and togetherness engulfed the atmosphere as the talented singers presented a soulful melody titled ‘Humse hai Umeede’.

Extending a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests, the Principal, Ms. Archana Sagar exhorted the role of students to become the responsible citizens of tomorrow by achieving the three P’s- Persistence, Patience and Practice. This was followed by an invigorating yoga performance, ‘Adwaita- The Art of Well Being’, by the students of class V. Various track events in senior as well as junior categories were held where the athletes of KRM proved their mettle and bedazzled everyone with their speed, stamina and confidence. The Fan Drill, ‘Fanning the Fervor’ was indeed a visual treat as the young learners of classes VI and VII perfectly synchronized the movement of the fans to the rhythm of  music, proving right that strength meets flexibility.

The much awaited prize distribution ceremony followed up where the worthy Chief Guest bestowed the prizes to the most deserving athletes and meritorious students and motivated all to keep striving hard with sincere endeavors. The overall trophy was bagged by Sapphire House. The function concluded with the students presenting the cultural ethos of Indian Art of Living through the fusion, ‘Montage-The Dances of India’. The riveting performance, a confluence of the various dances won an unceasing applause from the audience. It was indeed a spectacle to watch. The programme culminated with the Vote of Thanks by the senior school coordinator Ms Ritu Sachdeva.

culturati Report_2


walking-down_1To take a walk down the corridors of nostalgia, the fifth alumni Meet of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II was inaugurated by the Principal Ms Archana Sagar on 19 December, 2015. The meet started traditionally with the lighting of the lamp followed by her address. The occasion was graced by more than 150 Alumni and some with their family ranging across various batches from various parts of the country and outside the country as well. Speaking on the occasion, the Principal underlined and praised the achievements of Alumni of K R Mangalam in all spheres of life. The meet ended with a lunch.