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The tiny tots of Class I of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II showcased their creativity through various activities over the week. It was amazing to see them using origami techniques to create beautiful sunflowers with paper folding. They made some lovely and colourful roses with playdough. They showed their imagination and creativity through a beautiful scenery on paper. The assemblies of Class IA, IB and IC were conducted. The students performed the same with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students spoke with full confidence. An experiment was conducted where in the children showed the use of turmeric as an indicator. 

Indo- Nepal Virtual Meet- 14 December 2020

Indigenous games are a very important part of a people’s heritage and culture. They preserve age- old traditions and stories of the people group. Indigenous games have an origin, which is the story behind the invention of the particular activity or game.

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II, feel exasperated to join hands with MACCHAPUCHCHRE SCHOOL, NEPAL on a collaborative project: ‘EVERYONE IS A WINNER’. 

Traditional Indigenous games taught valuable skills but also combined mental and physical wellbeing. Virtual Exchange is the coming together of seemingly distant and faraway classrooms. These classrooms from different corners of the world connect with each other through video, chat, call, or any other form of technology. It’s made possible virtually! Virtual Exchange allows classrooms to not only communicate with diverse perspectives but learn with those perspectives as well. Exposure to diverse, intercultural perspectives is imperative to building the future global leaders of today. In regard to same, a virtual meet was scheduled on December 14, 2020, Monday wherein the association was made between the Principals of the two school, Dr. Sangeeta Arora (KRM) and Mr. Swampoorna Dewapatey (Macchapuchhre). The meet commenced with the introduction of the in-charges and concerned teachers of both the schools. The primary aim of this project is to study the indigenous sports of India and Nepal and understand how these games reflect their indigenous cultures and traditions along with its functional role in educational programs. Activities planned for the project were discussed in details step wise for a better outcome of the project.

This virtual exchange program is an opportunity for students to see these capabilities come to light. It’s done through collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, analytical skills, and more!

At K.R. Mangalam, G.K-II, it is believed that students discovered are not only the leaders of the future, but they are leaders now. 

Indo-Nepal-Virtual-Meet (3) Indo-Nepal-Virtual-Meet (1) Indo-Nepal-Virtual-Meet (2) Indo-Nepal-Virtual-Meet (4)

A virtual jungle theme party was organised for the tiny tots of KG of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II to reinforce the topic of animals. They were thrilled making different animal masks like of a tiger, rabbit, monkey, lion etc and danced wearing their colourful and bright animal masks and did different actions along with the fun filled animal dance video. They enjoyed eating their favourite snacks and had an exciting time.

IDS Culmination for Class IX and XI December 2020

“Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie all our problems today”, said Jacques Vyes, and rightly so. 

Urbanisation, has led to many new unbelievable feats that have been achieved by humans, but these successes have come a very high cost. Development and technical advancements at neck break speeds has led to unbalanced economic growth, has adversely affected people’s well-being, and resulted in environmental degradation. Sensing the immediate need of the hour, to create awareness and instil a sense of responsibility in the future generation, K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II organised an informative and eye opening presentation on the challenges of Sustainable Development, titled ‘Use Of Alternate Sources of Energy Across Countries’ on December 24, 2020. This virtual presentation was part of the school’s IDS ( International Dimension in Schools) Programme organised by The British Council. It aims at embedding international dimension in school curriculums. 

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II has been a proud recipient of the prestigious IDS accreditation for three consecutive years. This year, the school adopted seven different projects. The main project was a collaborative one with France on, ‘Clean and Green Resources’. In this particular stream of project, the students studied and researched about the methods and initiatives taken by India, France and Indonesia to switch over to cleaner and healthier sources of energy eg, solar, wind etc. 

The presentation began with the welcome of the Chief Guest Professor RB Singh, Guest of Honor Mr. Fredrick Rouselle and the lighting

IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (2) IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (3) IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (4) IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (5) IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (6) IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (7) IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (8) IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (1)IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (9) IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (10)IDS_Culmination_for_Class-IX_and_XI (11)

In an attempt to promote fitness among school children, K.R. Mangalam World School , GK-II observed ‘Fitness Week’ during the month of December 2020 as a part of Fit India Movement. The prime objective of the initiative was to bring about a behavioral change in school children from spending “Passive Screen Time” to “Active time”. Children and adults remain stick with gadgets and are spoiling their health due to lack of physical activity. To make everyone aware about physical and mental fitness, ‘Sports week’ was organized. The motto of organizing it was also to attract everyone towards Indian culture through various activities of games which were conducted throughout the week.

A six days ‘Fitness week’ was organized for the students. Dr. Sangeeta Arora, our principal ma’am gave motivational speech on fit India where she enlightened everyone on the importance of sports and how one can achieve a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic situation. The students of classes IV and V enthusiastically participated in the ‘Virtual Inter house ‘Poster making competition’ on the theme ‘ Hum fit to India fit’ and ‘ New India Fit India’, as a part of the ‘Fit India School Week’ where in they made and presented colourful and inspirational posters with thoughtful slogans. The activity helped them gain an insight into the advantages of keeping fit. 

Yoga session was commenced during the virtual assembly for classes IV to VIII to boast their immunity and stamina.  Lecture on good nutrition diet during pandemic was given by dietician Ms. Mohini. The young minds of Classes IV and V participated in the Sports Quiz organised as a part of the Fit India School Week, wherein they were asked some questions related to different sports such as kho-kho, Basketball, Cricket etc. The kids were delighted and answered all the questions with immense enthusiasm. The quiz helped them recall the basic rules and norms related to various games and sports.

Inter house competition of chess, virtual challenge squat, essay writing competition has been introduced to enhance the students’ competition spirit and confidence.

Fit_India_Movement (2)Fit_India_Movement (4) Fit_India_Movement (3) Fit_India_Movement (5)Fit_India_Movement (1)

Life Skill Session on’ Body Positivity’

Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. Feelings, thoughts, and behaviours related to body image can have a major impact on one’s mental health. Keeping this thought in mind, life skills sessions on ‘Body Positivity’ were conducted for the students of classes VI-VIII of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II . The aim of the session was to encourage an acceptance of self and others with regard to body size and appearance.

The session began with a video on different body shapes and sizes. The meaning of body image was explained to them. A worksheet was also shown to them with few statements that helped them to understand their attitudes, thoughts and feelings about their body. Students praised their body and they also spoke about the things they were grateful for. 

The video and worksheet made the students understand that worrying about body image is a natural part of growing up but no matter what the shape or size of the body is, everyone is unique and beautiful. 

Body_Positivity (1) Body_Positivity (2) Body_Positivity (3) Body_Positivity (4)

Kanwar Raj Singh Sodhi of Class X E from K.R. Managalam World School, Greater Kailash-II, is a young 15-year-old prodigious talent in the field of Chess. He has attained the title of AIM before his name (Arena International Master).
Besides several other achievements, his best onesare:
Leading the U17 CBSE Team
Leading the U10 Delhi State Team
Winning the title of AIM
Now during the times of the COVID pandemic, regular chess tournaments can no longer take place.
This has not stopped Kanwar as he has started playing online chess and has won several cash prizes as well. He has secured a place in the top 300 rank in the world in the Ultra bullet format which is the fastest chess format possible.
He plays for different teams and clubs online and has won a lot of prizes.
On November 28, 2020, Kanwar played his best online game against GM RR Laxman (Grand Master#20 of India), whom he beat in just 40 moves.
Kanwar has made the school proud with his achievements through a relentless pursuit of his passion.

Kanwar_Chess (1) Kanwar_Chess (2) Kanwar_Chess (3) Kanwar_Chess (4) Kanwar_Chess (5)