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Filled with curiosity and zeal, the students of class XI gathered to bid farewell to the outgoing class XII, batch 2K19 on Dec 30, 2019. The afternoon was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers and to reminiscent joyous moments. The cultural programme showcased the multiple talents of class XI students. The program included song and dance performances.
The prime attraction of the evening was the Mr. and Ms. KRM title which was won by Shivom Kakkar of 12E and Krishaa Vij of 12A.

Farewell 2019 (1)

Farewell 2019 (1)

Farewell 2019 (2)

Farewell 2019 (2)

Farewell 2019 (3)

Farewell 2019 (3)

Farewell 2019 (4)

Farewell 2019 (4)

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Farewell 2019 (6)

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“A true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.”

The students of classes VI-E and VI-F conducted the morning assembly on the topic “Christmas” on Tuesday, 24 December 2019. The assembly started on a pious note with the prayer ‘Humko Mann ki Shakti Dena’ followed by the All Faiths Prayer. Students commenced the assembly by updating the audience with the current news, the weather report and the thought for the day. They also enhanced the knowledge of vocabulary both in Hindi and English. Then, a skit was presented emphasising on the fact that the joy and beauty of Christmas is in giving along with enculcating the spirit of Communal Harmony amongst the audience. The children then presented a beautiful dance on the theme. Students also presented beautiful Christmas carols which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

The Assembly culminated with the Principal, Dr Sangeeta Arora, motivating the students with her pearls of wisdom.





K.R. Mangalam World School, GK II aims at enhancing the knowledge of each child through play and to reinforce learning by doing exciting activities are planned for our little students.

Students of class Nursery participated in Full and Empty activity wherein they enjoyed doing different activities such as feeding the hippo, make your own flower basket,etc. It was a fun day for children and they participated with enthusiasm.



Students of class Nursery enjoyed an interesting craft activity with letter J where in the children J for joker using colorful shape cut out of glitter sheets. It was a fun filled activity which helped the students to understand letter ‘J’ clearly.


Students of class Nursery participated in ‘Roll the dice’ activity in which children learnt letters and their sounds in an exciting way. Students were encouraged to roll the dice and tell the letter and its sound. This activity caught their attention and students participated with great enthusiasm. It was a new way of learning letters which involved the whole class.


Festivals are the best way to bring you closer to your family and friends.

Students of class Nursery participated in Roleplay activity on Festivals on December 6, 2019. The children brought pictures and plaque cards depicting various festivals and their importance. They spoke about their favorite festival and learnt many new facts about them.

Roleplay-on-Festivals (1)

Roleplay-on-Festivals (2)

Roleplay-on-Festivals (3)

Roleplay-on-Festivals (4)

Roleplay-on-Festivals (5)

Roleplay-on-Festivals (6)

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K. II staged an Annual Presentation and Exhibition showcasing a vibrant display of the theme ‘Oceans Divide Sports Unites’ by the students of Class IV and V portraying the importance of sports and unity in our lives. The day was celebrated with alacrity on Friday, November 29, 2019.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the eminent chief guest Mr. Ruchin Gupta, Additional Commissioner cum Director to the Government of India accompanied by the principal and the parents.

Doing something novel makes you unique. One step heading in uniqueness the students of Class V displayed an exhibition on the Project Based Learning topic ‘Sports’ in the school campus. The idea behind organizing such activity was to inculcate hands on experience among students, judge their ability in doing something new and improving their life skills through the values taught by the Sports . The exhibition focussed on ingraining a scientific and creative attitude in our young students. The exhibition provided a platform for students to display their knowledge, creativity, investigative skills and talent The exhibits were displayed on each stall where students displayed the models , charts, games, puzzles and enactments along with live game counters.

A special presentation was also conducted by the students of Class IV on the topic ‘Seven Continents’. The presentation began on an auspicious note by invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati with the lighting of the lamp. The audience was given a rousing welcome with a melodious song followed by the welcome address of the Principal, Dr. Sangeeta Arora. In her speech, the Principal emphasized on the vivid cultures, customs and traditions of the seven continents of the world. The young enthusiasts and vivacious students of KRM rejuvenated everyone with their energizing presentation and scintillating dance performances.

The exhibition was a fun and enriching experience which motivated the children to give their best and the presentation was a resplendent pageant of dance, drama and music. The musical element infused symphony and melody into the show and brought the entire amphitheatre to life.
The vote of thanks was proposed by the Incharge.
The event closed with Grand Finale celebrations by all the participants. It was indeed a spectacular display of talent and fervor.







“Originality is the essence of true scholarship. Creativity is the soul of the true scholar”, said Nnamdi Azikiwe. K.R. Managalam World School , Greater Kailash-II observed its Scholar Badge Ceremony on 30 November 2019, in the Amphitheatre for the students of classes IV, V, VI, VII and X of the 2018 batch, to celebrate and commend the consummate performances of the students. This not only instills a pride in the students for what they have already accomplished, but also ignites the desire to achieve more laudable feats.

At K.R. Mangalam World School, it is a convention to award Scholar badges to students of classes VI to X who secure 84% and above in their examinations. Scholar Badge and Ties are given to students who receive scholar badges for 7 consecutive years, in order to push their reserves and propel them to strive for more.

The ceremony began on an auspicious note by lighting the ceremonial lamp by the distinguished guests and dignitaries. The function was presided over by Ms. Chhaya Sharma, IPS, AGMUT cadre and recipient of the Asia Game Changer Award 2019, for her indomitable courage and aplomb in solving extremely sensitive criminal cases. The Vice Chairman, Examination Controller and Academic Advisors, were also present on the occasion. The principal Dr. Sangeeta Arora addressed the gathering to motivate the students and congratulate the proud parents on the auspicious event. This was followed by the scholar badge ceremony where the eager students were handed over their badges by the illustrious guests. The chief guest addressed the excited students with her stirring speech and real life anecdotes. She stressed upon the fact that with recognition comes responsibility and that each individual should be prepared to shoulder the mantle of excellence that he/she has chosen. The ceremony concluded on a patriotic note with a soulful rendition of the National Anthem.





















K. R Mangalam World School, G. K-2 believes in depicting diversity, colour and spontaneity of Indian culture. Keeping this in mind, the students of kindergarten enjoyed making a beautiful Madhubani Painting with different geometrical designs using colourful sketch pens. It helped in enhancing their creative skills and it was a fun filled activity for them.

madhubani painting

madhubani painting2

madhubani painting3

madhubani painting4

madhubani painting5

madhubani painting6