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Thursday, May 16, 2019

The last week of club activities were conducted before wrapping up for summer holidays. Students were excited to indulge and explore the various activities organized by their club in charges for them. Here’s a quick glance at some of the club activities conducted today:

Eco Club
The students first returned our oxygen friends back to the nursery before the summer holidays as they have to be looked after during this period.
Later, they continued with their composting exercise to ensure more pits under composting. The objective is to develop a fertile bed for the Herbal nursery to be made. The green ambassadors and the classes have made good efforts to become friends to our green friends. Most of the pots had new leaves appearing in them and looked healthy.


Mixed Media Art
Children learnt to make vases using cement.


Computer Club


English Creative Writing Club
Students learnt to build an imaginary character for a story. They were given images of different characters, then they were instructed to give a name and construct a personality for their character. Finally, students wrote a story using their character.

Nursery Orientation
Date: wednesday,20 March, 2019
Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall


One of the most important challenges of the school is to orient and enlighten the new set of parents of Nursery who come to the school with aspirations and dreams for their child.

  • A well structured programme was conceived for the session 2019-20 to welcome and familiarize parents with the ethos of the school and the spirit behind our methodology.
  • The orientation programme for the parents encapsulated mesmerizing performances ranging from Welcome Dance, Poem by K.G. students which encouraged a prolonged appreciation from the audience.
  • The show reflected the enthusiasm and confidence of our tiny wonders.
  • A power point presentation enlightened the parents about the objectives and philosophy of the school.
  • parent_orientation_1

  • It emphasized that provision of an optimal atmosphere and giving individual attention to each child ensures that every child grows and progresses to the best of his/her potential.
  • The presentation elucidated the activities that are undertaken to develop the motor skills and eye hand coordination. The curriculum emphasized on Motor Skills, Reading Skills, Language Skills and Numbers, Shapes and Pattern Work.

The Principal, Dr. Sangeeta Arora shared her vision with the new members of the KRM family. She laid stress on the holistic development of the child which is the main aim and objective of the school. At K.R. Mangalam World School GK II, efforts are made by the teachers and opportunities are given to children to excel in every field. Ms. Sanya Gupta, shed light on the Nursery curriculum, that it is designed to help children discover themselves and the environment through exploration and ‘hands on’ creative experiences. The programme ended with a briefing by Dr. Raheja, a well known counselor, who highlighted the role of parents in child development and in developing a positive interaction between teachers and parents.

The programme ended with the National Anthem.Nursery Parent Orientation 2019-20_1Nursery Parent Orientation 2019-20_2Nursery Parent Orientation 2019-20_3Nursery Parent Orientation 2019-20_4Nursery Parent Orientation 2019-20_5Nursery Parent Orientation 2019-20_6 Nursery Parent Orientation 2019-20_7


“As a caterpillar comes out of its cocoon to explore the world around it and be a beautiful butterfly… In the same way, young, innocent and adorable tiny tots leave the comfort zone of their homes to take a step forward in life and enter the world of formal education”
At K.R. Mangalam World School GK II, an Adaptation Programme was organized in order to make the children comfortable in the new environment, this was the first step towards their journey of knowledge and excellence. This helped our little ones to get familiarized with their teachers, peer group and the new school environment.
Each day was meticulously planned with fun filled and exciting activities like Buggy Ride, Pottery, Tattoo-Making, Art and Craft, Poems, Storytelling, Magic Show, Ice-Cream party, E-Rickshaw Ride, etc. Children were most receptive as they enjoyed the KRM PLAYZANIA that brought fun and learning together through timeless and universal form of role playing.





Theme: STORIES FROM Panchatantra
Day & Date: Friday, September 7, 2018

The students of class II participated with great enthusiasm and fervour in the English Story Telling Competition. Theme: Stories from Panchatantra. Storytelling is a unique way for students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation of traditions, ethics and strong values. The students spoke with confidence and poise on different stories of Panchatantra. The objective of the competition was to bring out their talent, expression and creativity to full swing. The performance of the students was admirable and praiseworthy.

story_telling_1 SUBJECT: E.V.S


In continuation of  EVS chapter ‘Air and its properties’ reiteration and understanding,simple experiments were conducted by the class teacher in front of the children. The experiments helped to establish air is always around us, it has weight, occupies space and exerts pressure. The students  were thus able to comprehend the importance of Air and its properties easily. The objective of the experiment was to motivate them to think out-of-box and spark their interest in the subject. It was an interesting hands- on learning experience for the children. story_telling_2


DAY & DATE : Monday, September 15, 2018

To develop interest in Numbers and the concept Subtraction a hands-on and interactive activity was conducted in Class II. The children carried stickers of smilies and stars. The numbers were replaced by stickers in a given sum. The objective of the activity was successfully met as it helped to promote number recognition, counting and the value of ‘how many’ each number is.  The activity was a big success!story_telling_3

Home Science Students of class 11 prepared lip smacking food for their practical , under the guidance of their teacher, Ms.Baljit Kaur on 18 September 2018. Our principal ma’am, Ms Sangeeta Arora loved and appreciated all the dishes made by them.

Home Science_2 Home Science_1


Class: Pre Primary

Day and Date: Monday, 13 August 2018

Teej festival is a yearly celebration that marks the advent of monsoons or sawan. It is also called the festival of swings. Teej festival is associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The festival of Teej is synonymous with mehndi adorned palms, flowers, bangles, bandhani dupattas and mouth watering ghevar. Young girls and married women wear traditional attire and get together in the evening to sing and dance.

Students of Pre- Primary celebrated the festival of Teej with great enthusiasm. The children came dressed in traditional clothes. A Teej Mela was set up in the school courtyard with different stalls . Children displayed sweets, bangles, jewellery, handicrafts and flowers. They were very excited and keen to apply heena on their hands and play on the swings. The event was a grand success and a learning experience for our students.




With great joy and pride, we welcome you to our K.R. Mangalam family. K.R.M provides state of the art learning by offering academic excellence with equal emphasis on hands on activities thereby providing children, a platform to grow into global citizens of tomorrow. 

We partner with parents by giving individual attention to every child to learn and grow at his/ her own pace.

A four-day orientation programme is organised to acclimatize our tiny-tots to the new environment before commencing their new journey with us.

We understand that selecting the right school for your child is crucial and we assure you that your faith in us is one step towards making the right choice.

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”


Pre Primary Annual Presentation_1K.R.Mangalam World School, G.K.- II staged an Annual Presentation “Values- Treasures Forever” by the students of Pre-Primary on Friday,  December 15, 2017.

The presentation began on an auspicious note by invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati with the lighting of the lamp followed by a classical dance performance.

The function was presided over by the benign presence of Ms. Sukriti Chaturvedi, RJ with Radio Mirchi, Ms Pooja Gupta, member of the Management Committee and Academic Advisors of K.R. Mangalam Group of Schools.

The audience was given a rousing welcome with a scintillating fairy dance followed by the welcome address of the Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi.  In her speech, the Principal emphasized on the need to imbibe moral values in young children to empower them to become global citizens of tomorrow.

The show was a resplendent pageant of dance, drama and music. The musical element infused symphony and melody into the show and brought the entire amphitheatre to life.

To usher in the festivities of Christmas, a nativity scene was staged with the rendition of famous carols “Joy to the World” &“Jingle Bells” with great pomp and fair.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Bhavana Bhatia.

Pre Primary Annual Presentation_2

DATE: 26AUGUST, 2017

The students of Class II of K. R. Mangalam World School, GK II successfully staged an Annual Presentation- “Values – The Core of Life.”
The presentation began on an auspicious note with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the eminent Chief Guest Ms. Surajmani Stella Kujur, Deputy Director Education, South East, Mr.Abhishek Gupta, Mrs. Pooja Gupta, members of the Managing Committee and other distinguished guests. Ms.Alka Awasthi, Principal, K.R.Mangalam World School, GK-II, inspired and motivated the children to stand for the right values and ethics.

                                                  ASSEMBLY REPORT


Class: Pre Primary B

Day and Date: Thursday, 4th August, 2016

Time: 8:00 am

Venue: Multipurpose Hall


The students of class Pre Primary B conducted their morning assembly on the topic “How India got its name.” The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer followed by a beautiful welcome dance. The assembly revolved around King Dushyant, his queen and the holy saint who ultimately renamed the kingdom after their son Bharat. The children were very expressive and confident. It was delightful to watch the students perform in colourful and vibrant costumes with different hairstyles and beautiful props.

Our Academic Coordinator, Ms. Sanya Gupta praised the assembly and the little actors. It concluded with the National Anthem.


Class: Pre Primary D

Day and Date: Thursday, 11th August, 2016

Time: 8:00 am

Venue: Multipurpose Hall


The students of Pre Primary D conducted their morning assembly on a story based on Tenali Rama. It was very well enacted by the children who were dressed in colourful costumes as per their characters. Students exhibited good oratory skills and were confident on stage. The assembly ended with little ones showcasing their dancing skills on a foot tapping number. Our Academic Coordinator, Ms. Sanya Gupta praised the young ones and the audience cheered for them loudly. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.