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K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-2 believes in educating its students with hands on learning experience. Keeping this in mind, an activity of decorating camels with the help of tearing and pasting, mirrors and pom poms was conducted on Thursday, February 6,2020 for all sections of KG classes. It is a part of Project Based Learning on the topic “States of India”. Under this the state of Rajasthan was highlighted. It was a fun filled activity for the students.

camel-craft (1)

camel-craft (2)

camel-craft (3)

camel-craft (4)

camel-craft (5)

“The World is but a canvas to the imagination.”

Students of Class Nursery participated in “Flower Making ” activity with clay modelling on Monday, 10 February, 2020.It was a new and fun filled experience for our students.
The happiness of moulding the clay to make different flowers was a sight to behold. Our students loved this activity thoroughly and were seen feeling proud of their own handmade flowers.

flower-making (1)

flower-making (2)

flower-making (3)

flower-making (4)

flower-making (5)

flower-making (6)

CLASS – 2nd


Children of class II participated in Palate Fest- Non Fire Cooking competition with great passion and excitement. Our young KRM chefs wore culinary paraphernalia like chef’s cap, aprons, gloves etc.while putting their creative and culinary talent to utmost use. They rustled up delicious gourmet delights and stirred up refreshing mocktails. The students showcased their artistic ability and aptitude by preparing their dishes with paramount concentration and attention. Food items such as pasta salad, chocolate balls, golgappa chaat, rainbow sandwiches etc. were beautifully decorated and presented. They enjoyed devouring their friend’s tasty food creation faster than the speed of lighting!
The experience of creating a delicious dish all by themselves gave the little KRM ites a sense of accomplishment, achievement and build self-confidence.

The culinary adventure was a good learning experience for our young ones. The activity helped to lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.




K.R. Mangalam World School, GK II believes that involving the students in every activity is the best way to bring out the hidden talent of every child and to reinforce this “Number Lollipop activity” was conducted for class Nursery on January 30,2020 wherein the students made their own number lollipops using clay, ice cream sticks and rubber bands. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by our students and they recapitulated all the number in a fun manner.

Number-Lollipop (3)

Number-Lollipop (4)

Number-Lollipop (1)

Number-Lollipop (2)

Freedom in Mind
Faith in Words
Pride in our Hearts
Memories in our Souls
Let’s Salute the Nation on Republic Day!

On 24th January 2020, Republic Day was celebrated by the Nursery children of K.R. Mangalam World School, Gk- Il with great patriotism. The day began with a prayer followed by the National Anthem. Students wore tricolour badges which were coloured by them . Flag hoisting ceremony was a proud moment for our little ones .The joy of watching tricolour balloons in the sky was a treat to everyone’s eyes. The day went off well and students went home happy .

Republic-day (1)

Republic-day (1)

Republic-day (2)

The students of class Nursery were introduced to the topic “Seasons” with a Picture Talk. The students got pictures and objects related to different seasons and spoke a few lines on them. This activity was a good learning experience for our students as they learnt about the various requirements for each season.



Students of Class Nursery of K.R. Mangalam World School, GK-II participated in “Fun with Play Dough” activity wherein they made their favourite animals using clay .From rolling up the clay to make a desired shape, everything was done minutely by our little students.
It was a treat to watch our little students mould the clay into different animals using their imagination.

fun-with-playdough (1)

fun-with-playdough (2)

fun-with-playdough (3)

fun-with-playdough (4)

fun-with-playdough (5)

fun-with-playdough (6)

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-2 believes in celebrating Republic Day with lots of enthusiasm and patriotism. Keeping this in mind, the students of kindergarten celebrated Republic Day the national festival of India on January 24, 2020 by colouring a head band and National flag in tricolour. They also witnessed hoisting of the National flag which was followed by the National anthem. This instilled the feeling of nationalism in them.

republicday (7)

republicday (1)

republicday (2)

republicday (3)

republicday (4)

republicday (5)

republicday (6)<

K.R. Mangalam World School, GK II aims at the holistic development of students and to give hands on experience, Thick and Thin activity was conducted for Nursery students wherein students explored different items related to thick and thin. It was a learning experience for them where they were involved in comparing common items in a fun filled manner.





K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-2 believes in celebrating festivals with joy, happiness and togetherness. Keeping this in mind, the students of kindergarten enjoyed a fun filled activity of ‘cookie decoration ‘ on Monday, December 23nd, 2019. The Tiny tots beautifully decorated their cookies with chocolate sauce and colourful gems. They relished the cookies and looked forward to more such fun activities.