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“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children”

A salute to our Roots’

Grandparents are the family’s greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers, and the keepers of tradition. Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation. Through their special love and care, grandparents keep a family close at heart. To honour them K.R. MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL, GK II celebrated Grandparents Day on Friday, 13 September, 2019.

The programme began with the auspicious ‘Lighting of the Lamp’. Many scintillating dance performances by students left the spectators spellbound and thoroughly mesmerized. Principal Dr. Sangeeta Arora addressed the gathering and encouraged the students for putting up wonderful performances for their grandparents. Grandparents relived their childhood with their grandchildren as they sang and danced for them. The students made Cards for their grandparents and gifted a token of love in the form of Tulsi sapling. The success of the event was evident through the joyful smiles and teary eyes of the grandparents as they were overwhelmed to see their grandchildren performing for them.

Grandparents_day_1 (1) Grandparents_day_1 (2) Grandparents_day_1 (3) Grandparents_day_1 (4)grandparent (1) grandparent (2) grandparent (3) grandparent (4) grandparent (5) grandparent (6) grandparent (7) grandparent (8) grandparent (9) grandparent (10) grandparent (11) grandparent (12) grandparent (13) grandparent (14) grandparent (15) grandparent (16)grandparent_1 (1) grandparent_1 (2) grandparent_1 (3)Grandparents_day_1

K. R. Mangalam World School, GK II conducted Fishing Alphabet Activity for class Nursery.
Play way learning is a fantastic way for the young ones to explore and build development skills including motor strength, eye/hand coordination and cognitive thinking.
Students practiced letter identification and letter sounds while having lots of fun.




KG- Report of English Recitation Competition
K. R Mangalam World School, G. K-2 believes in the overall development of their students which includes language development, cognitive development and emotional development. The students of kindergarten enjoyed taking part in the English Recitation Competition.They recited different poems on the topic ‘Teachers’. It was fun filled and the students were given an opportunity to exhibit their speaking skills and confidence.

english Recitation Competition

K.R. Mangalam world School, G. K-2 believes in educating its students with hands on learning experience keeping this in mind an activity of ? ?? ?????? was conducted on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, for all sections of KG classes to reinforce the concept of ????? ?. The students enjoyed making coin impressions of different coins such as Rs 10, Rs5, Rs 2 and Rs
1. It was a fun filled activity.

स से सिक्के (1)

स से सिक्के (2)

स से सिक्के (3)

स से सिक्के (4)

स से सिक्के (5)

Ganesh Chathurthi

K. R Mangalam World School,G.K.II believes in celebrating festivals with full devotion and joy. The students of kindergarten enjoyed a fun filled activity of making Lord Ganesha with peepal leaves and they came beautifully dressed up in colourful attires to celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi and seek the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Ganesh Chathurthi (1)

Ganesh Chathurthi (2)

Ganesh Chathurthi (3)

Ganesh Chathurthi (5)Ganesh Chathurthi (4)

Collage Making-Transport ( Nursery )

Art expression is a unique way of linking imagination and creativity. A Collage Making Activity was conducted by Nursery students where they learnt to identify and classify different modes of transport: land, air and water.
It was a rich learning experience for our young ones.







I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
K.R. Mangalam World School, GKII believes in learning by doing.
The students of class Nursery participated in an activity on recapitulation of numbers where they used the abacus kit to count and recognize the numbers.
This activity helped the children to recognize the numbers and quantify them.

Abacus activity in Nursery (1)

Abacus activity in Nursery (2)

Abacus activity in Nursery (4)

Abacus activity in Nursery (5)

Abacus activity in Nursery (6)

Abacus activity in Nursery (7)

Abacus activity in Nursery (3)

Another feather in the cap
Saanvi priya of class IX of K.R.Mangalam World School ,G.K.II has been Awarded
as the Best Cadet in the Inter Group Best Cadets Competition in NCC at Delhi Directorate level. We take pride to also announce that she will be participating in the Republic Day Parade, 2020.

download (1)


India – A land of rich culture and heritage

The students of KG -C and KG D presented their Class Assembly on the topic India- Unity in Diversity on August 22, 2019.
The famous phrase ‘Kashmir se Kanyakumari’ was portrayed magnificently as the students came dressed in colourful traditional costumes of Kashmir, Punjab, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They exhibited good oratory skills and confidence on stage.They showcased their dancing skills by performing the Roaff Dance ( Kashmir), Bhangra (Punjab), Bharatnatyam ( Tamil Nadu) and Mohiniattam (Kerala).
The pious chanting of ‘Om Shanti’ by our very own sages from the Himalayas created an atmosphere of serenity and calmness.
This splendid culmination of North and South by these budding artists was well appreciated by all.















Project Based Learning 

K.R. Mangalam World School, GK-II believes that teaching young children academics and social skills means giving them plenty of opportunities to play and experiment.
Students of class Nursery participated in ‘Roll the Dice’ Activity with great zeal and enthusiasm. They learnt about different kinds of farm animals and the products we get from them.

Roll The Dice Activity Nursery (1) Roll The Dice Activity Nursery (2) Roll The Dice Activity Nursery (3) Roll The Dice Activity Nursery (4) Roll The Dice Activity Nursery (5)