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Report of Class Assembly
Class: XC and X D

Theme: International Labour Day

The students of class X-C and X-D along with their class teacher, Ms. Ambani Gupta and Ms. Neerja Sachar presented an assembly celebrating The International Labour Day on Wednesday 1st May 2019.

A good start to the morning was ensured by a beautiful thought and the news around the world followed by an informative article on The International Labour Day and child labour. A beautiful poem was recited by one of the students highlighting the unending support which we get from the support staff. The students presented an enthusiastic nukad natak to thank the ‘Didi’s and bhaiyas’ who help in the successful and easy functioning of the school and telling about the child labour. Principal ma’am and Students facilitated the support staff and acknowledged their support through citations. The assembly ended with the encouraging prize distribution. 

International Labour Day (1)International Labour Day (7) International Labour Day (5) International Labour Day (4) International Labour Day (2)labour_Day_1 labour_day_2 labour_day_3 labour_day_4

The students of KRM GKII celebrated Earth Day by putting up a value based and entertaining assembly. The assembly was put up by class 5 A and 5 B.

Students presented a skit depicting as to how even kids can make a difference in protecting our Mother Earth, they were successful in spreading awareness about the need for conserving the natural resources. They highlighted various methods for doing the same.

One of the students recited a beautiful poem on Earth Day. The assembly was concluded with the National Anthem.

Earth Day (1) Earth Day (2) Earth Day (3) Earth Day (4) Earth Day (5) Earth Day (6)


The 70th Republic Day of India was celebrated by the students of Classes VII on 25th January 2019. A special assembly was conducted  to commemorate the occasion. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity.

The_70th_Republic_Day_1 The_70th_Republic_Day_2The assembly commenced with the hoisting of flag by Principal Ma’am followed by National Anthem and release of tri colour balloons. Next students discussed about History of Republic day.

The_70th_Republic_Day_4The_70th_Republic_Day_3A skit on Fundamental Rights and Duties and freedom fighters was presented by the students. This was followed by melodious performance by class 3 student who played Sare Jahan de Acha on Casio. The rich culture and diversity of our country was showcased through a melodious patriotic song and Vande Mataram by class 7students which left the audience spellbound.

The Principal, Dr Sangeeta Arora, applauded the performance of the
students and urged them to do their best and always feel proud of being Indians.