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Commerce Week (9 October – 13 October 2017)

Commerce Week

The students of classes XI and XII participated in many thought-provoking activities during this week. For class XII, a very fun-filled activity was planned-‘ADVERTWISTING’. The ‘Twist’ was that at first, they had to promote their product and then they had to present a depraved picture of it. Students were very excited to perform this activity. Class XI were given brands for which they had to design a logo demonstrating the unique selling points of the product, which is the mainstay of brands when it comes to their survival in the Global markets.

The students showed a lot of zeal and enthusiasm as they were asked to do something quite out of the box.  Students of class XII presented entertaining advertisements and class XI came up with brilliant ideas with respect to the logos designed by them.

 The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were mesmerized by the wonderful experiences. Through such activities, the students garnered a lot of skills and it was a learning experience for all of them.

Mathematics Week at K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II, successfully organized a rich array of Mathematics and logical assessment for the students stressing on educational context for learning experiential mathematics.

math_week_1The Math week was observed from 23rd October 2017 to 27th October 2017 which incorporated activities focussing on learning Mathematics in a fun way. Students were involved in various activities focusing on “hands on learning’’. Subject specialists Mr.Kshtij Dhyani from School of Planning and Architecture and Dr Ashok Arora , Academic Advisor, K.R Mangalam Group of Schools were invited to share their experiences related to the subject matter with students and to make the learning and usage of Mathematics more interesting.

math_week_2Math can be fun when it comes together to play around with shapes, patterns, colors, enactment and quizzing. A real life application while learning  in the form of tiles , block etc. with a dash of creativity got children engrossed in the activities which took place across classes III to X.







english-week_1 K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II observed its maiden English Literary Inter-School Event ‘ELOQUENCE’, on 29 July 2016.It acted as a platform  for the literary talents to delve into their curiosities, reach out to the literary genius’, polish their talents and paint a moment of their own imagination in the canvas of  life.

From reel to real, from books to stage, from knowledge to expression-the event had it all. The programme commenced with the ushering of the Guests of Honour and brightening the horizon with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. To enlighten the gathering, the Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi expressed her belief that greatness comes from actions as language transcends boundaries. .The feather in the cap was the dance performance which left the audience captivated and spellbound.  Magic was in the air as the vibrant juniors fascinated everyone with their power and style as they presented ‘Conjuring – A Magical Incantation’

‘Eloquence 2K16’ encompassed two literary events, ‘Tramedy’ and ‘Hot Pursuit’. In ‘Tramedy’, the literary enthusiasts mesmerized the gathering with their oratory skills as they delivered a tragic speech in a comic style. In ‘Hot Pursuit’, the zealous actors vociferously reinterpreted the title of a famous literary classic in a fiery and sensational manner.

The esteemed panel of judges included Ms. Loena Srivastava, Ms. Jina Bhattacharya, Ms. Anukta Ghosh, Ms. Vandana Tandon, Lucky Puchhrat and  Meigha Rawat , renowned Academicians and Authors .

The plethora of talent left one and all including the judges fly with the wings of the euphoria..The overall trophy was bagged by Eicher School, Faridabad..



K.R. Mangalam World School observed its Commerce Week from the 22 to 26 August, 2016. The students indulged in many different activities during this week.  The week was organized to promote business interests among commerce students by giving them opportunities to indulge in various activities. A visit was undertaken to Mother Diary to learn the methods and procedures used in a production unit. Activities on banking procedures were organized for classes IX and X to give students an insight into banking methods. The week culminated with a logo making competition.