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Rainbow Skittles Experiment

We at K.R. Mangalam World School, GK II believe that creating a platform for the students to experiment and learn is the best way to equip them with knowledge.
To give hands on experience to our little minds “Rainbow Skittles” experiment was conducted in December 18, 2019 wherein the students learnt how by just pouring hot water on to skittles can create a mesmerizing rainbow effect. This experiment was a new and exciting experience for our students.

K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-2 believes in educating students with hands on learning experience. Keeping this in mind an activity of ? ?? ???? was conducted on Monday ,August 26,2019 for all sections of KG classes to reinforce the concept of ????? ? . The students enjoyed making different lines like sleeping line (???? ??? ???? ) , standing line (???? ????) and slanting line (????? ???? ) with the help of ice cream sticks. It was a fun filled activity.

र से रेखा (1)

र से रेखा (2)

र से रेखा (3)

र से रेखा (4)

र से रेखा (5)

With immense pride, K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II announces that Vansh Walia of Class XII has won the Gold Medal in Delhi State Shooting Championship in 25m Pistol. The School congratulates Vansh for his victory!

State Championship (1)

State Championship (2)

State Championship (3)

State Championship (4)

Students of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K. II participated in the various competitions hosted by Directorate of Education. It gives us immense pleasure to share that we have secured 1st position in 10 competitions out of 13 held so far. This has naturally boosted the confidence of the students as well as given them the optium opportunity to showcase their talent in multifarious activities.

DOE competitions

Project Based Learning for Kindergarten Students 

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K. II believes in dynamic classroom approach in which students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.In pursuit of the same, the students of Kindergarten enjoyed a fun filled activity of making book marks using different sea shells. This activity is a part of Project Based Learning. The tiny tots were thrilled with the activity and participated enthusiastically.

Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (1)  Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (3) Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (4) Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (5) Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (6) Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (7) Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (8) Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (9)Project_Based_Learning_for_Kindergarten_Students (2)

 “Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision.”    

As it is said that charity begins at home, sanitation and hygiene starts with you and me. ‘Clean India’ campaign, an initiative of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, has motivated every Indian citizen to take a small step for a bigger cause of humanity, at large. To inculcate the purpose and importance of cleanliness in our daily lives, K.R. Mangalam World School organized a Cleanliness Drive on 3 October 2018 for the students of class IX as part of SEWA, a CBSE initiative.

The students enthusiastically participated in the campaign. They contributed by collecting waste in and around the school, in the new dustbins provided by the Municipal Corporation of South Delhi. The informative posters displayed a splash of sentiments of the young learners. Students and teachers set an example by cleaning the surroundings and proved that where there is a will, there is a way. The students also donated dustbins to RWA in order to keep the surroundings of the school’s neighbourhood clean and hygienic.

The residents of GK II applauded and appreciated the students for their hard work, enthusiasm and perseverance.g

Clean India_1 Clean India_2 Clean India_3 Clean India_4 Clean India_5

Class: II
Subject: English
Activity: Educational / Creative Expression

Theme : If I were a SuperHero or If I were invisible for the day

Day & Date:  TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2018

The students of class II participated with utmost dedication and zest in an English Educational Activity.  Theme : If I were a SuperHero or If I were invisible for the day . The children spoke with appropriate actions, expressions and voice modulation on the above topics. The objective of the activity was to encourage the students to think out of the box and use their imagination creatively. The activity helped in building confidence and public speaking skills. The students participated in the activity enthusiastically and whole heartedly.

class_english_II_1 Subject: Maths

Activity: Fun with Shapes

Day & Date: Friday, 10 August, 2018

Shapes are fun for children of all ages. The children learnt the concept in an interesting way.  Different types of shapes( square, circle, triangle  etc.)  were  used to make creative  picture composition  or simple objects. The students used their imagination artistically  by rotating and flipping the shapes either horizontally or vertically to create a beautiful scene .The students made the activity a great success by actively participating in it.class_english_II_2




Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication. Grammar skills are useful in every aspect of life from education to social life.  The students of class II participated in an activity on Singular / Plural Nouns.  The students brought pictures of one and many objects / things which was discussed in the class and then pasted on A4 coloured sheets. It was a fun activity and the students enjoyed learning about the concept .


Friday activity- 12 February 2016

Western dance
The students of western dance club started with their usual warming up session, followed by the continuation of their regular routine. Some students volunteered to help other students under the guidance of the teachers by showing warm up exercises. This made their dance session all the more interesting.

wastendanceAstronomy club
Phases of Moon
Students were asked to make different phases of moon with paper using cutting and pasting method. They took part with great enthusiasm and expressed it wonderfully.

astromanyArt club
Students of classes VI and VII did spiral painting. The students enjoyed the activity to the core of their interest in it.

art_1Western music
The students were taught vocal exercise. They also did listening exercise by singing a song “Concert of BB King Blues Club”. The students sang the song and played various instruments (guitar, keyboard, drums and Congo) on the song. They were explained about ‘minor scale’.

art_3Environment club
Students were asked to complete logo designing of the environment club. At the end of the class, the students were given instructions for the next activity. The students also took initiative to clean up the class.art_4Heritage club
The members of the Heritage Club were given an introduction on the preservation of natural heritage which is abundantly present in the form of landforms, plants and animals, water bodies etc., and is rapidly depleting from the surface of the Earth. They were then asked to write ten sentences in their diaries on how they can save these valuable natural heritages.

art_5English oratory
Knowing new words is always very interesting. It is like your mind at the same time, battling with your confidence, adrenaline rush and your thoughts for the particular topic, but spelling them right is a challenge sometimes. Keeping in mind the aim of the oratory development which targets at making kids a confident individual, a Spell Bee Competition was organised for the students. They were given interesting words for the dictation but were also asked to make corrections. They not just articulated wonderfully on the topic but also used gestures for better connection with the audience.

englishScience club
Two experiments were conducted in the science club. One was Electrolysis of water and the Effect of electric current when passed through a cut piece of potato. The students remained curious throughout the time and took keen interest in the activity.

Change is not merely necessary in life, it is life itself.

Environment degradation is one of the biggest challenges that the world faces today. What we are doing to environment today is but a reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to others. Biological Hazards also known as biohazards, refer to biological substances that pose a threat to the health of living organisms, primarily that of humans.

The students of the Interact Club met to discuss about the Biological Hazards that is causing so much harm to the environment and the living beings on Earth. The students were asked to explain what they understood from the topic. Then, they were divided into groups of two and asked to design posters on the same. The students used their imagination and creativity, and very well expressed their thoughts on paper.