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The INTER HOUSE BANNER MAKING competition for girls of classes VI-X  was held on 22 April, 2016. Each team consisted of six participants, with at least one girl from each class.

The competition took place on the day of THE EARTH DAY. The students were required to make banners inspiring the youth of today to save our Mother Nature.

The girls, surely, did a great job.

The houses were adjudged on the basis of Creativity, Presentation and the Content of the banner.

EMERALD House emerged as the winner of the competition, with their banner being the most inspiring.

ssw_25 banner


Scholar Badge Ceremony

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II observed its Scholar Badge Ceremony on 29 April, 2016 to felicitate the multitude of meritorious students of classes V, VII, IX and XI who achieved excellence in academics in the session 2015-16.

The occasion was graced by the benign presence of the Chief Guest Mr Kukreti, ACP(South) .

The solemn ceremony began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp accompanied by the chanting of the Saraswati Vandana. This was followed by a musical rendition ‘Chhune Chale Hai Aasman’ that left the audience enthralled. The Principal, Mr.Anand Swaroop formally welcomed the gathering and congratulated the students for their commendable performance in academics. He advocated that perseverance and dedication is the key to success and encouraged the young scholars to keep striving and keep the banner of K.R MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL G.K- II fly high.

This ceremony is one of the most awaited and time tested tradition of all schools, when gleaming enthusiasm and the triumphant spirit of the young scholars can be seen and felt.

This was followed by the felicitation of the meritorious students of classes V, VII, IX and XI for their well-deserved success that they have achieved through sheer perseverance, grit and intelligence in the session 2015-16. They were awarded with certificates and badges by the Chief Guest Mr Kukreti who then addressed the gathering with his motivating words and encouraged the students to keep working hard with sincerity. Parents and kin of the young scholars were also invited who proudly witnessed their wards receiving their honours. Students who were awarded scholar badges for six years were awarded the scholar tie as a hallmark of true academic genius.

The energetic, lissome dancers of KRM put up an riveting dance performance which was applauded  by one and all present. The program culminated with the Senior School Co-ordinator , Ms.Ritu Sachdeva ,  proposing the vote of thanks.




The Social Science week was observed in school from the 18 April to 22 April whereby a myriad of activities were carried out by the students which culminated with the Earth Day celebrations on the 22April. The aim was to not only create awareness amongst the students about their environment, but also to sensitise them to the grave problems of environmental pollution and its consequences.Class III (Activity): As part of Earth Day celebrations and to express our concern for motherearth, a mask making activity was organized on 18 April for class III on the topic – ‘Saveour mother Earth’ during the Social Science week. We can do little things to preserve ourEarth, from creating awareness by using waste materials. Keeping this in mind, the students were asked to make masks by materials provided by the school and they were also allowed to use their own waste materials like ice-cream sticks, matchbox etc. Masks add to the enjoyment of any game of make-believe for small children. Thus, the little ones had great fun making the masks and it activated their creative best and also created awareness for saving our Mother Earth.

ssw_1 ssw_2

Class IV (Activity): As part of Earth Day celebrations and to express our concern for Mother Earth, a poster making activity was organized on April 18  for class IV on the topic –‘Clean India Green India ‘ during the Social Science week. We can do little things to preserve our Earth, from creating awareness by using posters. Keeping this in mind, the students were asked to make posters by materials provided by the school and they were also allowed to use their own waste materials like paper, sketch pens, borders etc.

Thus, the little ones had great fun making posters and it made them aware about the need of keeping our country clean and contributing towards saving our Mother Earth.



Class V (Activity): Route en route activity was organized on April 18 for class V during Social Science week. The students were asked to map their way  from the entry gate of the school to their classroom  employing signs, symbols , use of scale, directions and different colours by materials provided by the school and they were also allowed to use their own  materials like ice-cream sticks, matchsticks  etc to represent the actual things. Thus, the little ones had great fun making their own way and presented their work in a creative and interesting manner.

ssw_4 ssw_5

Class IV & V (Visit): In lieu of the Social Studies Week students of class IV and V recently visited National Museum of Natural History on 22 April.

A Museum of Natural History is designed to depict India’s flora, fauna and mineral wealth to provide an out of school facility for education of children and to promote environmental awareness among the masses. The Museum also strives to share information with the Nation about the depleting resources of the vibrant environment of India and hence educating the masses as well as entertaining them through a display of wide Galleries and engaging students and youngsters in numerous environmental and theme based activities.

It was quite a learning experience for children to know about the depleting resources of the vibrant environment of India.

ssw_6 ssw_7Class VI (Activity):  Class VI students performed the activity on ‘Treasure from Trash: Best out of Waste’ on 18 April.  Little efforts made by us can save our Earth. By using their creativity, the young students of class VI turned ordinary items into toys, games and decorative items. This activity encouraged them to recycle waste material and convert them into useful items. They made lovely wall hangings, lampshades, flower vases etc.

ssw_8 ssw_9

Class VI (Visit): The students of Class VI had gone to visit the National Museum of Natural History on 19 April 2016.  There they had an interactive session with Mr. Kaifi, the resource person. The National Museum of Natural History organises many educational programmes throughout the year viz. interpretation, extension, in-reach, and out-reach programmes. Interpretation programmes are services provided in the Museum Galleries. Extension programmes includes services provided outside the Museum to the school children. They also visited the Art and Gallery Department, it was indeed an enriching visit for the students

Students had a great experience visiting the Art and Gallery Department. It was a great platform for learning. Students had an enriching experience.

ssw_10 ssw_11

CLASS VII (Activity):  During the Social Science week, a slogan making activity on the topic “Save our Environment-Go Green” on 18 April for class VII students, was organised.

All the students were divided into groups and each one of them presented their views through beautiful slogans and pictures. All the students participated enthusiastically and gave their ideas on saving the environment. They showcased the importance of going green today for our better tomorrow.


Class VII (Visit): During the Social Science week, an educational excursion was organised to Qutab Minar for class VII on 19 April. Students visited the monument, accompanied by their teachers and gathered information regarding its architecture and its history. The students had an enjoyable afternoon and a wonderful experience in learning more about their heritage.

ssw_13CLASS VIII (Activity):  Class VIII students of our school actively took part in a plantation drive under the group activity of ‘Van Mahotsav’ on 21 April. They were divided into groups of three, and planted saplings, provided by the horticulture department of our school. There was enthusiastic participation and the students enjoyed the connection with nature.

ssw_14Class VIII (Visit): Students of class VIII visited the National Craft Museum at Bhairon Marg, New Delhi on 19 April. The Museum displays the various crafts and art of our country in various galleries. With craftsmen working at their craft in the museum premises at the same time, children could see how craft can create so many useful things which are so beautiful as well. There was a live performance of an elderly artist on a ‘Dhaph’ who was accompanied by a set of musicians and the students appreciated his lively performance. There were displays of dwellings in villages from all parts of India and it was quite fascinating. Students also got the chance to buy articles from the artists’ kiosks at the museum and returned happy with the experience.

ssw_15Class IX (Activity):  A discussion on fundamental rights and duties was undertaken in the class followed by the  activity on writing an article on our Fundamental Rights and Duties on 18 April. The students enthusiastically participated in the same. At the end of the activity the students were sensitised about the importance of Earth Day.

ssw_16 ssw_17Class IX (Visit): The students of  and class IX  visited the Meteorological Department  on  18 April where they had an interactive session with Mr. Rakesh, the resource person, regarding  the use of various instruments  to measure various aspects of weather such as rain gauge, thermometer, hydro graph, wind vane and anemometer. Students were introduced to various observational and forecasting work of the office in Central Hydromet, Observatory (CHO), Weather Forecasting (NWFC), Satellite Meteorology and National Center for Seismology. They had a great experience visiting these units of the department. It was indeed a great platform for learning. The students had an enriching experience.

ssw_18 ssw_19Class X (Activity): The young students of Class X got the opportunity to set their minds on the startling fact that Mother Earth needs to be saved from the inevitable destruction. The way by which this can be achieved is by using alternative sources of energy that have a sustainable future. They involved themselves in the activity of making posters on 19 April, on the topic ‘Save the Earth- Plan for the Future, to get their message through. There were slogans of very strong messages seen on the posters.

ssw_20 ssw_21Class X (Visit): The students of Class X paid a respectful visit to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi at the Gandhi Smriti on 21 April. This educational visit took them back into the life of the father of the nation and led them to the place where he fell to the bullets of the assassin.

Gandhi Smriti, situated in the Old Birla House on 5, Tees January Marg, New Delhi, is the place where Mahatma Gandhi’s life ended on 30 January 1948. Mahatma Gandhi had lived in this house from 9 September 1947 to 30 January 1948. The preserves include the room where Mahatma Gandhi lived and the prayer ground where he held a mass congregation every evening and it was here where he lost his life.

ssw_22The last step of Mahatma Gandhi


Multimedia presentation on the life of Mahatma Gandhi

Class XII (Visit) : Geography: The students of  and class XII visited the Meteorological Department  on  18 April where they had an interactive session with Mr. Rakesh, the resource person, regarding  the use of various instruments  to measure various aspects of weather such as rain gauge, thermometer, hydro graph, wind vane and anemometer. Students were introduced to various observational and forecasting work of the office in Central Hydromet, Observatory (CHO), Weather Forecasting (NWFC), Satellite Meteorology and National Center for Seismology. They had a great experience visiting these units of the department. It was indeed a great platform for learning. The students had an enriching experience.

ssw_24 ssw_25

Psychology (Activity): An activity on drafting a questionnaire on Self Esteem was conducted for students of Psychology. Self-esteem is defined as a person’s evaluation or judgment about his/her own value or worth. It’s a topic under the chapter “Self and Personality” of class XII. Studies indicate that by the age of 6-7 years, children seem to have formed self-esteem at least in 4 areas i.e. academic competence, physical/athletic competence, social competence & physical appearance.

The activity required students to prepare 5 statements each related to self-esteem in four areas i.e. general self, social self/peers, home/parents and school. So, the total number of statements to be prepared was 20. The statements were formed in a way that the respondent has to pick from two options (Like Me/Unlike Me) i.e. how he/she usually feel and to put a tick (ü) in the column. If the statement does not describe how he/she usually feel, the respondent has to put a tick (ü) in the column ‘Unlike Me’. There was no right or wrong answers.

After brainstorming various statements for different areas of self-esteem, students came up with variety of statements such as “I am confident”, “I am a moral person” and so on. Statements prepared by the students were then modified and appropriate statements for all the areas of self-esteem were developed.


ssw_27History (Visit): Students of Class XII were taken on an educational visit to the National Museum as part of the Social Sciences week on 19 April. They were exposed to artefacts pertaining to their course of study. It gave them first-hand exposure to the aspects that they would go through on their textbooks. The periods that were covered were the Indus valley Civilisation, coins, scripts, armoury, and arts and crafts from the ancient and medieval history.

The National Museum in New Delhi is one of the largest museums in India which holds variety of articles ranging from pre-historic era to modern works of art. It functions under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The Museum has around 200,000 works of art, both of Indian and foreign origin, covering over 5,000 years.

ssw_28A Rock Edict of Ashoka


Display of Statues                                                                                                      A study of monuments.


Safety is better than cure, this has been wisely said. Keeping this in mind, a Disaster Management drill was conducted in the school on 25 April, 2016.  Students from all the classes were vacated their classrooms with the sounding of the alarm. The response was spontaneous and prompt; children and teachers not only followed the instructions but proactively helped others too. The children were asked to reach the ground. The drill was successful where the relevance of presence of mind and seriousness was imparted to kids.

K.R. Mangalam World School Pledges to save Earth

Earth Day ReportOn the beautiful morning of 22nd April, 2016 classes XII C and XII D jointly hosted an assembly in honour of Earth Day. The gathering formally commenced by invoking the blessings of the Goddess Saraswati. Students of grade XII then proceeded to inform about the various happenings around the globe, especially in our nation, community and school. There was a heart rending and mellifluous rendition by the choir group of our school pleading with us to stop our atrocities against that small blue planet we call home. Deciding to speak up against the agitations, we undertake against the Mother Earth, students of grade X presented a special Nukkad Natak which emphasised on protecting and nurturing our natural wealth. To provide a backdrop of awe, the dance troupe of the school presented a touching rendition of dance moves getting the audience grooving. To conclude the assembly, Our Academic Advisor, Mr Ashok Arora  encouraged and motivated the students with his pearls of wisdom, highlighting the variety of ways we can save our nation from global warming. The students pledged to responsibly showcase their duty to the planet, thus concluding a truly wonderful presentation.



“As a caterpillar comes out of its cocoon to explore the world around it and to be a beautiful butterfly… In the same way, young, innocent and adorable play schoolers leave the comfort zone of their homes to take a step forward in life and enter the world of formal education”
At K.R. Mangalam World School an Adaptation Program was organised to help out little ones to get familiarised with the new environment, peer group, teachers and the school environment.
Each day was meticulously planned with fun filled and exciting activities like art and craft, poems, storytelling, magic show, dance etc.

April report for adaptation_1 April report for adaptation_2


PreSchool Orientation
Date:28th March, 2016
Venue: Multi Purpose Hall

PreSchool Orientation report_1

One of the most important challenges of the school is to orient and enlighten the new set of parents of Pre School who came to the school with aspirations and dreams for their child.

  • A well structured programme was conceived for the session 2016-17.
  • The orientation program for the parent’s encapsulated mesmerizing performances ranging from Show n Tell and Role Play by Pre Primary which encouraged a prolonged appreciation from the audiences.
  • The show reflected the enthusiasm and confidence of our tiny wonders.
  • A power point presentation enlightens parents about the objectives and philosophy of the school.
  • It emphasized that provision of an optimal atmosphere and giving individual attention to each child ensures that every child grows and progresses to the best of his/her potential.
  • The presentation elucidated the activities that are undertaken to develop the motor skills and eye hand coordination. The curriculum emphasized on Motor Skills, Reading Skills, Language Skills and Numbers, Shapes and Pattern Work.

PreSchool Orientation report_2

The Principal Mr. Anand Swaroop shared his vision with the new members of our KRM family. At K.R. Mangalam World School efforts are made by the teachers and opportunities are given to children to excel in every field. Mrs. Baljit Kaur, the academic coordinator, spoke eloquently about the school and faculty that assuaged the doubts of the new parents.

The programme ended with a rousing rendition of National Anthem.

PreSchool Orientation report_3 PreSchool Orientation report_4

PreSchool Orientation report_5 PreSchool Orientation report_6 PreSchool Orientation report_7 PreSchool Orientation report_8

Jungle Book-Pre-School Annual Presentation

The students of Pre School successfully staged their Annual Presentation “The Jungle Book” in the school Amphitheatre. The beautifully scripted story provided a platform for our young preschoolers to showcase their talent.

The event began with the lighting of the auspicious diya by the eminent chief guest Dr.Stella Kujur (Deputy Director Education, South East) and Mr. Kunal Gupta and Mr. Sachin Gupta (Members of the Management). The show was presided over by Mrs. Jaidev Gupta. Our young performers enchanted everyone with their welcome dance. The stage came alive with the electric presence of the Fashion Show as the enthusiastic fashionistas presented their ramp walk.

Everybody was taken to the world of Mowgli as the enthralling students presented the story of “The Jungle Book” with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Foot tapping animal dances and beautifully presented enactment filled the air with enthusiasm. The grandparents and the parents were mesmerized watching the dances and the performances of our little ones.

Ms. Baljit Kaur (Academic Coordinator) proposed the vote of thanks.

Annual Presentation_1 Annual Presentation_2 Annual Presentation_3



With the rising of the sun, we welcome a new day, new day which has many things in store for us- NEW HOPES, NEW PROMISES and NEW ACHIEVEMENTS.

The wheel of time has yet again carried us to the last lap of our academic session. The old academic year is thus about to end to give way to a new, exciting and fun filled year.

The academic session 2015-2016 was an eventful and a fruitful year. For this we thank you parents! Your constant co-operation and support has only made this possible.

Assemblies are the cornerstone of our curriculum. Classes I and II regularly hold assemblies every Monday which are informative, interactive and fun loving.

Literary Week was organized from 1st February 2016 to 5th February 2016. This provided a platform to our students to showcase their literary talent, be it their oratory skills or written skills.

To begin with an Intra Class English Recitation Competition was held wherein the students participated with great enthusiasm. Through deeply inspiring poems students tried to inculcate values among their fellow friends – like honesty, courtesy, keeping our surroundings clean and pollution free and saving girl child.


On 2nd February,2016 Intra Class English handwriting competition was organized. The children were encouraged to write neatly in a good handwriting to the best of their ability.

 Results of Inter Class English Recitation Competition
Winners of Class I

Name                             Class           Position

ARUNIMA SATI           I-B              FIRST

AYAAN ZAIDI              I-F               FIRST

AARYAN ARORA        I-A              SECOND

SIYA KOCHHAR         I-D              SECOND

ARNAV MAHAJAN      I-C             THIRD

NAVYA ARORA           I-E              THIRD


Winners of Class II

Name                                      Class  Position

GURMEHAR KAUR              II-B             FIRST


GAURIKA SHARMA             II-A             SECOND

ALVINA SIDDIQUI                II-F             SECOND


 Intra Class English Handwriting Competition
Winners of Class I

Name                                                Class          

GEET                                                 I-A

ISHIKA CHANDHOK                       I-B


SAANVI TIWARI                               I-D

PRACHI HEENA                               I-E

TANUSHA VERMA                          I-F


Winners of Class II

Name                                            Class             


KHUSHI                                        II-B

AQDAS RAHI                               II-C

AKSHAT KUMAR ROY               II-D

 SHREYANSHI                              II-E




A special assembly on the topic “National Festivals of India” was presented by classes I E and II E on 29th January,2016. The students spoke about national festivals that bind us together in a thread of unity and brotherhood. There are three national festivals of India – Republic day – 26th January, Independence Day – 15th August and Gandhi Jayanti – 2nd October. They also spoke about the importance of each national festival and how they are celebrated.


On 1st Feb,2016 students of class I A presented an assembly on the topic. “Safety Rules for Children”.Participants spoke about the safety rules to be followed at home, on the road and in school to avoid accidents. They emphasised on the need of following safety rules in school like always walking on the left side while using staircase and not running or pushing each other. For road safety, children were made aware about significance of traffic lights, zebra crossing and the various traffic symbols.


An assembly on the topic “Strange Animal Facts” was presented by class I B on 8th Feb,2016. Children shared a few amazing & interesting facts about animals. The assembly was interactive, where the participants posed questions to the audience and made them repeat the facts with them.


On 15th Feb,2016 class I C presented an assembly on “Sharing &Caring”. A story was narrated and enacted through which the importance of sharing was highlighted. The children recited a poem on sharing and caring and showed through placards how we can share things with the less privileged ones.


 On 24th Feb,2016 class I E presented an assembly on “Useful Plants and Animals”. The students made the audience aware of the various useful things which we get from plants like jute, cotton, rubber, tea, coffee etc. They also recited a poem ‘How to make a garden’.


On 29th Feb,2016 class I D presented an assembly on “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness”. As the name suggests, the assembly conveyed that cleanliness is important to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Congratulations to all the participants and to the teachers who guided them through these assemblies.
On 29th Feb,2016 a fun filled trip to Nehru Park and Lodhi Garden was organised for the students of class I and II respectively. The children enjoyed a lot and also learnt about different types of plants as they were taken for a nature walk.


The teachers have worked throughout the year with the little ones to make them thorough with their curriculum.To further prepare the students for the next class, a regular recap of all the topics will be carried out throughout the month of March.

The last working day for the students of class I is 17th March,2016 and class II is 18th March,2016.
Result Declaration-

                    Class I – 18th March,2016 (Friday)

                   Class II – 19th March,2016 (Saturday)

New academic session will begin on 4thApril, 2016 and all the students are expected to come to school in their summer uniform.
Wishing you all the best for the next session.

Principal                                                                                                                                                                         Primary Incharge