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Grandparents are the precious gem in the centre of the household. There is no one quite as special and no one quite as wise.”

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They shower us with unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour, comfort and through their experience teach us important lessons in life.

To celebrate their importance and cherish their love, K.R. Mangalam World School, GK- II organised -Grandparents Dayon Saturday, 12 September 2020.

The virtual Grandparents Day was thoroughly enjoyed by the grandparents, parents and the students. Kids danced to the tune of ‘Itni Si Hasi’ and handcrafted beautiful bouquets for their grandparents. They also gifted saplings and gratitude jars which had handwritten notes from the children, to their most loved grandparents. The grandparents relived their childhood with their grandchildren.

The parents and grandparents were delighted and appreciated the efforts that were put in by the school & the teachers. The grandparents were overwhelmed to see their grandchildren dedicate a day for them in the sweetest possible manner- singing, dancing and celebrating with joy.

Take this day as an opportunity to delight

The Students of class III of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II undertook the nest building challenge as part of the experiential learning. The students made nests after observing a few real nests in their surroundings and watching a power point on nests of various types , as shown by the science teacher. They took particular care to follow the challenge rules – using only found, natural materials, no usage of fevicol, cello tapes etc. and following more or less the same pattern ,as birds do , in building their nests .

Creative and engineering skills in building a bird home were honed to their best !!

nest observ



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REPORT on Hands-on Activity-Class IV-Work, Force & Energy, 2020-2021

Students of class IV of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II studied and understood the chapter on Work, Force & Energy and performed a simple and informative activity, online as part of experiential learning.

The students kept ready in their online science class – materials like dough, rubber band and a cut lemon. They were already taught by the teacher , that forces can not only stop or move objects , but also change the shape of certain objects , when applied properly.

They applied the force of their muscles , by pressing the dough , stretcching the rubber band and squeezing the cut lemon. The changed shape of the dough and the rubber band and the extracted juice , was visible to all, hence proving that force can change
the shape of any object.

Assembly by IX-D on Quit India Movement

The students of class IX-D of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II conducted the class assembly on August 5, 2020 on the topic ‘Gnadhiji’s Quit India Movement’. The assembly was graced by the presence of the Principal Dr. Sangeeta Arora. The morning assembly began on a pious note with the prayer. Students commenced the assembly by updating the audience with current news, the weather report and the thought for the day. The students enhanced the knowledge of vocabulary both in Hindi and English.

The Students also talked about the significance of ‘Quit India Movement’. Prajual Sonic presented an article reminding everyone the sacrifices made by the great freedom fighters and made everyone take a pledge that we would serve our motherland, India with heart, body, and soul to bring it glory and laurels with our dignified deeds. Harshil Ahuja touched everyone’s heart with a patriotic piece of instrumental music which indeed left a soothing impact on everyone’s mind and heart.

The assembly culminated with the motivational words by the principal, Dr. Sangeeta Arora.


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The Ministry of Ayush has started a campaign called ‘Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family’, to encourage the practice of Yoga with family members to counter the effects of the viral infection, while practicing all precautionary measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19. To observe the International day of Yoga on 21st June 2020, the Ministry will be organizing a trainer led Yoga session which will be broadcast on television at 7 AM on 21st June 2020 for people to follow and practice in solidarity. In pursuit of the same, the students of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II have also been attending online sessions being taken by Yoga teachers to commemorate the day.

International yoga day (1)

International yoga day (2)

International yoga day (3)

International yoga day (4)

International yoga day (5)

International yoga day (6)

Inter- School Online Literary Event

“Literature opens the doors of imagination and understanding and allows us to see the way others see, to think the way others think and above all to feel”

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global response to it have severely limited public celebrations this year but life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey. In order to promote the power of Literature and bring the students from all across the globe closer to its universal appeal, K.R. Mangalam World School organized its first ever Inter-School Online Literary Event (English, Hindi, French, German and Sanskrit) – Eloquence on Friday, 15th May, 2020. The theme for this year’s literary competition was ‘Humour’ and the event witnessed cheerful and activeparticipation from more than 34 leading schools across Delhi and NCR.

The event opened with the traditional lighting of the lamp, followed by the Welcome song. The Principal Dr. Sangeeta Arora addressed the audience and brought to the fore the school’s consistent efforts at broadening the students horizons and moulding them as students of a global world. The audience was then shown ‘The Saga of Eloquence – a presentation of Dream Come true’. CBSE Director, Dr Joseph Emmanuel was the Chief Guest on the occasion and gave a video message to the students encouraging them to dream big and soar high. He then declared the event open.

A kaleidoscope of varied online activities focusing on creative and oratory skills of the students was conducted to nurture the linguistic skills of students and celebrate language as a learner’s privilege. It was a day of flurry and excitement, with the students being fruitfully engaged in honing their skills, expressions and fostering the fluent speaking habits in them.The event gave young children and learners the chance to bring out their talent, expression and creativity to full swing. The performances of young learners were laudable and commendable.

Ms. Marie Doublier, Attache for Cooperation in Education at the Embassy of France in India was the Special Guest. Besides her, fourteen eminent, experienced and erudite personalities from the field of Literature were a part of the panel of jury. The members of the Judges’ Panel were full of praise for the theme, the efficient organization and commended the plethora of talent that they got to see on one platform. They were extremely effusive about the originality, confidence and creativity on display. They also appreciated the KRM Faculty for their efforts in providing an enriching experience to the participants as well as the audience. The Principal Dr. Sangeeta Arora and the staff were complimented for the success of the event.

This Literary Event, indeed, brought the students closer to the magic of language and literature.













In the fight to flatten the curve of Corona Virus, K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II is conducting online Classes where the students have an interface with their teachers. The students are taking these classes seriously and attendance is being taken in every class to give them a virtual normal school life.

online_class (1)

online_class (2)

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Stephen Covey said “Every human has four endowments, self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give the ultimate freedom-The power to choose, to respond and to change”. This is exactly what assemblies at K.R.Mangalam World School aim to achieve.

Assemblies form an integral part of the school proceedings and help raise awareness and sensitivity among the students through the multiferous topics on which these assemblies are conducted.

Ruby house conducted the morning assembly on 12.2.2020 on the topic “ HOW TO OVERCOME EXAM FEAR”. The assemblage commenced on a pious note by a prayer led by the Principal followed by the hymn ‘Hum ko mann ki Shakti denana’. The news reporters updated the gathering with the latest national, international, sports news of the world. They also presented the K.R.M news, thought of the day and the word of the week in English and Hindi. This was followed by an awe-inspiring self-composed poem by student of ruby house. This was followed by an article outlining the significance of how to overcome from exam fear. The assembly culminated with the prize distribution where in the meritorious and illustrious winners were bestowed with certificates and trophies for various Inter-School competitions.

Saanvi Priya of class IX F of K.R.Mangalam World School,G.K.II has been appointed as the main speaker in the flag area briefing to the CM under Delhi Directorate on the occasion of NCC Republic day 2020.She has been awarded as the First Best Cadet in the Inter Group Best Cadets Competition in NCC at Delhi Directorate level. Her efforts were appreciated by all the KRM Mangalamities.

The Principal appreciated and congratulated all the prize winners and awarded trophies for the best class assemblies as well in 6 to 8 class category 8E and F won the best assembly trophy on the topic “Values and their relivance” and in 9 to 12 class category 9E and F won the trophy for the best assembly on the topic “Janmashtami”.