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Eloquence_1 K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II observed its maiden English Literary Inter-School Event ‘ELOQUENCE’, on 29 July 2016.It acted as a platform  for the literary talents to delve into their curiosities, reach out to the literary genius’, polish their talents and paint a moment of their own imagination in the canvas of  life.

From reel to real, from books to stage, from knowledge to expression-the event had it all. The programme commenced with the ushering of the Guests of Honour and brightening the horizon with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. To enlighten the gathering, the Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi expressed her belief that greatness comes from actions as language transcends boundaries. .The feather in the cap was the dance performance which left the audience captivated and spellbound.  Magic was in the air as the vibrant juniors fascinated everyone with their power and style as they presented ‘Conjuring – A Magical Incantation’

‘Eloquence 2K16’ encompassed two literary events, ‘Tramedy’ and ‘Hot Pursuit’. In ‘Tramedy’, the literary enthusiasts mesmerized the gathering with their oratory skills as they delivered a tragic speech in a comic style. In ‘Hot Pursuit’, the zealous actors vociferously reinterpreted the title of a famous literary classic in a fiery and sensational manner.

The esteemed panel of judges included renowned Academicians and Authors .

The plethora of talent left one and all including the judges fly with the wings of the euphoria..The overall trophy was bagged by K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II and Eicher School, Faridabad..


KRMUN 2K16……The Saga continues!!!!!!


KRMUN 2K16 was a platform for the participants to step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current concerned issues. Delegates could be seen in draft resolutions and plot strategy to resolve conflicts in their committees.

Bidding farewell has and will always be a difficult task. However at KRMUN 2K16, the delegates left with cheerful smiles rather than teary eyes.

The valedictory function commenced with the felicitation ceremony by the Executive Boards of all the delegations present. The participants applauded the efforts put in by all the members of the delegation. The delegates were awarded accolades such as The Best Delegate, High Commendation, Special Mention, Verbal Mention and Best Delegation. Modern School Barakhamba Road bagged the Best Delegation Trophy. The Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi congratulated the participants for putting up a commendable show.




The fourth edition of the KRMUN summit 2016 is being organised from 8-10 July, 2016 at K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II.
Day 2 saw various committees at work. One could find the first timers as well as the most experienced ones in the committees. As you enter the rooms, one finds delegates arguing, working and drawing inferences for the attention of the Chairs.
Many delegates cleared their doubts by continuously shooting questions at the Executive Board which were answered to their content. The committees also broke into three breaks to join their work henceforth. The committees revolved around their agendas which were solved to some extent on Day 2.








The fourth edition of the KRMUN 2K16 is being organised from 8-10 July, 2016 at K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II. Ms Geetanjali Master, Communication Specialist, UNICEF India presided over as the Chief Guest for the inaugural ceremony. The ceremony began with the invocation of the Almighty and the lighting of the lamp followed by the speech of the Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi. The Principal, in her address to the audience emphasised on the need to have nations to willingly cooperate voluntarily to a system of governance that prevents warfare. A spellbinding fusion dance ‘Melange’ won applauds from all. The Chief Guest, Ms Geetanjali Master exhorted on issues of adolescent empowerment and participation in building the nation. Around 350 delegates from Delhi/ NCR/other states participated to make it an enriching experience.



Students from myriad schools conglomerated to role-play delegates to the United Nations and stimulate UN committees. It is an opportunity where students learn to be diplomatic and deal with phantom international crisis, offer suggestions and find amiable solutions. The design of this initiative is to sensitise students towards world apathy and fuel future leaders through discussions and arguments. Here also the students will take up innumerable issues such as, ISI, Challenges of Climate change, socio economic issues, drug enforcement etc. The following committees are being seen in action like the AIPPM, Formation of USSR, UNGA, UNHRC, WEF, ICAO, JCC and UNSC. The core Organising Committee Members Nikunj Jain- the Secretary General, Director General -Apoorv Manchanda, Deputy Secretary Generals- Tanmay Arora and Vivaan Madhok and Charge d’affaires- Shefali Gupta, USGIP- Madhav Taneja, USG Logistics- Anshika Rajput and USG Delegate Affairs- Riddhima took over to make the event a grand success.

banner new



English 97 Rahul Gupta, Kinnari Jain, Rushial Malhotra, Prithvi Dhingra, Ritika Gupta, Anika Hasija, Kanika Mahajan
Mathematics 97 Ekansh Gupta
Biology 96 Shreyas Singh, Sukhleen Kaur
Chemistry 98 Sukhleen Kaur
Computer Science 95 Nikunj Jain
Accountancy 96 Akshay Gupta
Business Studies 97 Nimisha Lal, Manvi Goyal
Economics 98 Ekansh Gupta, Nimisha Lal
Phy. Education 91 Sukhleen Kaur, Harveen Kaur
History 95 Vedriti Yadav, Shimrran Vohra, Riya Malhotra, Kanika Mahajan ,Ananya Verma, Anshul Roy, Debashish Kumar, Isha Rathee
Political Science 97 Kanika Mahajan
Psychology 98 Kanika Mahajan
Geography 87 Kirandeep Kaur
Home Science 96 Shimran Vohra
Sociology 97 Ananya Verma
Painting 100 Shimran Vohra
I.P 95 Punit Chawla
Physics 96 Nikunj Jain
Music 90 Mequl Sakalle


result_Kanika Mahajan result_Shimran Vohra result_Ananya Verma
Kanika Mahajan,
Shimran Vohra,
Ananya Verma,
result_Ekansh Gupta result_Akshay Gupta result_Nimisha Lal result_Rahul Gupta
Ekansh Gupta,
Akshay Gupta,
Nimisha Lal,
Rahul Gupta,
result_Sukhleen Kaur result_Nikunj Jain result_Anika Hasija
Sukhleen Kaur,

Nikunj Jain,
Anika Hasija,


result_Nikunj Jain
Nikunj Jain-96
result_Sukhleen Kaur
Sukhleen Kaur-98
result_Shreyas Singh result_Sukhleen Kaur
Shreyas Singh–96 Sukhleen Kaur-96
result_Vedriti Yadav result_Shimran Vohra result_Riya Malhotra result_Kanika Mahajan
Vedriti Yadav-95 Shimran Vohra-95 Riya Malhotra-95 Kanika Mahajan-95
result_Ananya Verma result_Debashish Kumar result_Isha Rathee result_Anshul Roy
Ananya Verma-95 Debashish Kumar-95 Isha Rathee-95 Anshul Roy-95
result_Kirandeep Kaur
Kirandeep Kaur-87
result_Ekansh Gupta
Ekansh Gupta-97
result_Rahul Gupta result_Kinnari Jain result_Prithvi Dhingra result_Kanika Mahajan
Rahul Gupta-97 Kinnari Jain-97 Prithvi Dhingra-97 Kanika Mahajan-97
result_Ritika Gupta result_Anika Hasija result_Rushial Malhotra  
Ritika Gupta-97 Anika Hasija-97 Rushial Malhotra-97  
result_Kanika Mahajan
Kanika Mahajan-97
result_Nikunj Jain
Nikunj Jain-95
result_Ananya Verma
Ananya Verma-95
result_Shimran Vohra
Shimran Vohra-100
result_Ekansh Gupta result_Nimisha Lal
Ekansh Gupta-98 Nimisha Lal-98
result_Sukhleen Kaur result_Harveen Kaur
Sukhleen Kaur-91 Harveen Kaur-91
result_Shimran Vohra
Shimran Vohra-96
result_Akshay Gupta
Akshay Gupta-96
result_Mequl Sakalle
Mequl Sakalle-90
result_Kanika Mahajan
Kanika Mahajan-98
result_Punit Chawla
Punit Chawla-95
result_Nimisha Lal result_Manvi Goyal
Nimisha Lal-97 Manvi Goyal-97


The INTER HOUSE BANNER MAKING competition for girls of classes VI-X  was held on 22 April, 2016. Each team consisted of six participants, with at least one girl from each class.

The competition took place on the day of THE EARTH DAY. The students were required to make banners inspiring the youth of today to save our Mother Nature.

The girls, surely, did a great job.

The houses were adjudged on the basis of Creativity, Presentation and the Content of the banner.

EMERALD House emerged as the winner of the competition, with their banner being the most inspiring.

ssw_25 banner


Scholar Badge Ceremony

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II observed its Scholar Badge Ceremony on 29 April, 2016 to felicitate the multitude of meritorious students of classes V, VII, IX and XI who achieved excellence in academics in the session 2015-16.

The occasion was graced by the benign presence of the Chief Guest Mr Kukreti, ACP(South) .

The solemn ceremony began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp accompanied by the chanting of the Saraswati Vandana. This was followed by a musical rendition ‘Chhune Chale Hai Aasman’ that left the audience enthralled. The Principal, Mr.Anand Swaroop formally welcomed the gathering and congratulated the students for their commendable performance in academics. He advocated that perseverance and dedication is the key to success and encouraged the young scholars to keep striving and keep the banner of K.R MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL G.K- II fly high.

This ceremony is one of the most awaited and time tested tradition of all schools, when gleaming enthusiasm and the triumphant spirit of the young scholars can be seen and felt.

This was followed by the felicitation of the meritorious students of classes V, VII, IX and XI for their well-deserved success that they have achieved through sheer perseverance, grit and intelligence in the session 2015-16. They were awarded with certificates and badges by the Chief Guest Mr Kukreti who then addressed the gathering with his motivating words and encouraged the students to keep working hard with sincerity. Parents and kin of the young scholars were also invited who proudly witnessed their wards receiving their honours. Students who were awarded scholar badges for six years were awarded the scholar tie as a hallmark of true academic genius.

The energetic, lissome dancers of KRM put up an riveting dance performance which was applauded  by one and all present. The program culminated with the Senior School Co-ordinator , Ms.Ritu Sachdeva ,  proposing the vote of thanks.




The Social Science week was observed in school from the 18 April to 22 April whereby a myriad of activities were carried out by the students which culminated with the Earth Day celebrations on the 22April. The aim was to not only create awareness amongst the students about their environment, but also to sensitise them to the grave problems of environmental pollution and its consequences.Class III (Activity): As part of Earth Day celebrations and to express our concern for motherearth, a mask making activity was organized on 18 April for class III on the topic – ‘Saveour mother Earth’ during the Social Science week. We can do little things to preserve ourEarth, from creating awareness by using waste materials. Keeping this in mind, the students were asked to make masks by materials provided by the school and they were also allowed to use their own waste materials like ice-cream sticks, matchbox etc. Masks add to the enjoyment of any game of make-believe for small children. Thus, the little ones had great fun making the masks and it activated their creative best and also created awareness for saving our Mother Earth.

ssw_1 ssw_2

Class IV (Activity): As part of Earth Day celebrations and to express our concern for Mother Earth, a poster making activity was organized on April 18  for class IV on the topic –‘Clean India Green India ‘ during the Social Science week. We can do little things to preserve our Earth, from creating awareness by using posters. Keeping this in mind, the students were asked to make posters by materials provided by the school and they were also allowed to use their own waste materials like paper, sketch pens, borders etc.

Thus, the little ones had great fun making posters and it made them aware about the need of keeping our country clean and contributing towards saving our Mother Earth.



Class V (Activity): Route en route activity was organized on April 18 for class V during Social Science week. The students were asked to map their way  from the entry gate of the school to their classroom  employing signs, symbols , use of scale, directions and different colours by materials provided by the school and they were also allowed to use their own  materials like ice-cream sticks, matchsticks  etc to represent the actual things. Thus, the little ones had great fun making their own way and presented their work in a creative and interesting manner.

ssw_4 ssw_5

Class IV & V (Visit): In lieu of the Social Studies Week students of class IV and V recently visited National Museum of Natural History on 22 April.

A Museum of Natural History is designed to depict India’s flora, fauna and mineral wealth to provide an out of school facility for education of children and to promote environmental awareness among the masses. The Museum also strives to share information with the Nation about the depleting resources of the vibrant environment of India and hence educating the masses as well as entertaining them through a display of wide Galleries and engaging students and youngsters in numerous environmental and theme based activities.

It was quite a learning experience for children to know about the depleting resources of the vibrant environment of India.

ssw_6 ssw_7Class VI (Activity):  Class VI students performed the activity on ‘Treasure from Trash: Best out of Waste’ on 18 April.  Little efforts made by us can save our Earth. By using their creativity, the young students of class VI turned ordinary items into toys, games and decorative items. This activity encouraged them to recycle waste material and convert them into useful items. They made lovely wall hangings, lampshades, flower vases etc.

ssw_8 ssw_9

Class VI (Visit): The students of Class VI had gone to visit the National Museum of Natural History on 19 April 2016.  There they had an interactive session with Mr. Kaifi, the resource person. The National Museum of Natural History organises many educational programmes throughout the year viz. interpretation, extension, in-reach, and out-reach programmes. Interpretation programmes are services provided in the Museum Galleries. Extension programmes includes services provided outside the Museum to the school children. They also visited the Art and Gallery Department, it was indeed an enriching visit for the students

Students had a great experience visiting the Art and Gallery Department. It was a great platform for learning. Students had an enriching experience.

ssw_10 ssw_11

CLASS VII (Activity):  During the Social Science week, a slogan making activity on the topic “Save our Environment-Go Green” on 18 April for class VII students, was organised.

All the students were divided into groups and each one of them presented their views through beautiful slogans and pictures. All the students participated enthusiastically and gave their ideas on saving the environment. They showcased the importance of going green today for our better tomorrow.


Class VII (Visit): During the Social Science week, an educational excursion was organised to Qutab Minar for class VII on 19 April. Students visited the monument, accompanied by their teachers and gathered information regarding its architecture and its history. The students had an enjoyable afternoon and a wonderful experience in learning more about their heritage.

ssw_13CLASS VIII (Activity):  Class VIII students of our school actively took part in a plantation drive under the group activity of ‘Van Mahotsav’ on 21 April. They were divided into groups of three, and planted saplings, provided by the horticulture department of our school. There was enthusiastic participation and the students enjoyed the connection with nature.

ssw_14Class VIII (Visit): Students of class VIII visited the National Craft Museum at Bhairon Marg, New Delhi on 19 April. The Museum displays the various crafts and art of our country in various galleries. With craftsmen working at their craft in the museum premises at the same time, children could see how craft can create so many useful things which are so beautiful as well. There was a live performance of an elderly artist on a ‘Dhaph’ who was accompanied by a set of musicians and the students appreciated his lively performance. There were displays of dwellings in villages from all parts of India and it was quite fascinating. Students also got the chance to buy articles from the artists’ kiosks at the museum and returned happy with the experience.

ssw_15Class IX (Activity):  A discussion on fundamental rights and duties was undertaken in the class followed by the  activity on writing an article on our Fundamental Rights and Duties on 18 April. The students enthusiastically participated in the same. At the end of the activity the students were sensitised about the importance of Earth Day.

ssw_16 ssw_17Class IX (Visit): The students of  and class IX  visited the Meteorological Department  on  18 April where they had an interactive session with Mr. Rakesh, the resource person, regarding  the use of various instruments  to measure various aspects of weather such as rain gauge, thermometer, hydro graph, wind vane and anemometer. Students were introduced to various observational and forecasting work of the office in Central Hydromet, Observatory (CHO), Weather Forecasting (NWFC), Satellite Meteorology and National Center for Seismology. They had a great experience visiting these units of the department. It was indeed a great platform for learning. The students had an enriching experience.

ssw_18 ssw_19Class X (Activity): The young students of Class X got the opportunity to set their minds on the startling fact that Mother Earth needs to be saved from the inevitable destruction. The way by which this can be achieved is by using alternative sources of energy that have a sustainable future. They involved themselves in the activity of making posters on 19 April, on the topic ‘Save the Earth- Plan for the Future, to get their message through. There were slogans of very strong messages seen on the posters.

ssw_20 ssw_21Class X (Visit): The students of Class X paid a respectful visit to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi at the Gandhi Smriti on 21 April. This educational visit took them back into the life of the father of the nation and led them to the place where he fell to the bullets of the assassin.

Gandhi Smriti, situated in the Old Birla House on 5, Tees January Marg, New Delhi, is the place where Mahatma Gandhi’s life ended on 30 January 1948. Mahatma Gandhi had lived in this house from 9 September 1947 to 30 January 1948. The preserves include the room where Mahatma Gandhi lived and the prayer ground where he held a mass congregation every evening and it was here where he lost his life.

ssw_22The last step of Mahatma Gandhi


Multimedia presentation on the life of Mahatma Gandhi

Class XII (Visit) : Geography: The students of  and class XII visited the Meteorological Department  on  18 April where they had an interactive session with Mr. Rakesh, the resource person, regarding  the use of various instruments  to measure various aspects of weather such as rain gauge, thermometer, hydro graph, wind vane and anemometer. Students were introduced to various observational and forecasting work of the office in Central Hydromet, Observatory (CHO), Weather Forecasting (NWFC), Satellite Meteorology and National Center for Seismology. They had a great experience visiting these units of the department. It was indeed a great platform for learning. The students had an enriching experience.

ssw_24 ssw_25

Psychology (Activity): An activity on drafting a questionnaire on Self Esteem was conducted for students of Psychology. Self-esteem is defined as a person’s evaluation or judgment about his/her own value or worth. It’s a topic under the chapter “Self and Personality” of class XII. Studies indicate that by the age of 6-7 years, children seem to have formed self-esteem at least in 4 areas i.e. academic competence, physical/athletic competence, social competence & physical appearance.

The activity required students to prepare 5 statements each related to self-esteem in four areas i.e. general self, social self/peers, home/parents and school. So, the total number of statements to be prepared was 20. The statements were formed in a way that the respondent has to pick from two options (Like Me/Unlike Me) i.e. how he/she usually feel and to put a tick (ü) in the column. If the statement does not describe how he/she usually feel, the respondent has to put a tick (ü) in the column ‘Unlike Me’. There was no right or wrong answers.

After brainstorming various statements for different areas of self-esteem, students came up with variety of statements such as “I am confident”, “I am a moral person” and so on. Statements prepared by the students were then modified and appropriate statements for all the areas of self-esteem were developed.


ssw_27History (Visit): Students of Class XII were taken on an educational visit to the National Museum as part of the Social Sciences week on 19 April. They were exposed to artefacts pertaining to their course of study. It gave them first-hand exposure to the aspects that they would go through on their textbooks. The periods that were covered were the Indus valley Civilisation, coins, scripts, armoury, and arts and crafts from the ancient and medieval history.

The National Museum in New Delhi is one of the largest museums in India which holds variety of articles ranging from pre-historic era to modern works of art. It functions under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The Museum has around 200,000 works of art, both of Indian and foreign origin, covering over 5,000 years.

ssw_28A Rock Edict of Ashoka


Display of Statues                                                                                                      A study of monuments.


Safety is better than cure, this has been wisely said. Keeping this in mind, a Disaster Management drill was conducted in the school on 25 April, 2016.  Students from all the classes were vacated their classrooms with the sounding of the alarm. The response was spontaneous and prompt; children and teachers not only followed the instructions but proactively helped others too. The children were asked to reach the ground. The drill was successful where the relevance of presence of mind and seriousness was imparted to kids.