Vacancy For Gurgaon Branch




10/03/2018 IB PYP Teacher 
IB PYP Teacher 
14/02/2018 PGT-Computers PGT-Computers
14/02/2018 PRT-English
08/02/2018 PRT Mother Teachers(3)
PRT Mother Teachers
08/02/2018 PRT Science PRT Science
08/02/2018 PRT Hindi PRT Hindi
08/02/2018 PRT Social Studies PRT Social Studies
08/02/2018 PRT Computer Science
PRT Computer Science
08/02/2018 TGT Hindi
TGT Hindi
08/02/2018 PGT Sociology
PGT Sociology
08/02/2018 PGT C++ / IP
PGT C++ / IP
21/11/2017 PGT Psychology PGT Psychology
21/11/2017 PGT-Physics PGT-Physics
21/11/2017 TGT-Science- TGT-Science-
21/11/2017 Chess Caoch Chess Caoch
21/11/2017 Tabla Teacher  Tabla Teacher
21/11/2017 Yoga Teacher Yoga Teacher
21/11/2017 PRT- Maths PRT- Maths
26/10/2017 Football Coach Football Coach
16/10/2017 TGT- Science TGT- Science
16/10/2017 PGT-Psychology PGT-Psychology
16/10/2017 Tabla Teacher Tabla Teacher
16/10/2017 PRT- Dance PRT- Dance
16/10/2017 Chess Coach Chess Coach
16/10/2017 Physical Education Teacher Physical Education Teacher
16/10/2017 PGT-Sociology PGT-Sociology
22/09/2017 PRT-Computer PRT-Computer
22/09/2017 PRT-English PRT-English
22/09/2017 TGT-Hindi TGT-Hindi
22/09/2017 PGT-Chemistry PGT-Chemistry
22/09/2017 PGT-Sociology PGT-Sociology
09/09/2017 PRT-English PRT-English
09/09/2017 PRT-Computers PRT-Computers
09/09/2017 TGT-Computers TGT-Computers
09/09/2017 Sociology Sociology
09/09/2017 PGT-Chemistry PGT-Chemistry
29/08/2017 PGT-Sociology PGT-Sociology
28/07/2017 TGT-German (Full Time) TGT-German (Full Time)
29/06/2017 PRT- Hindi PRT- Hindi
29/06/2017 PRT- Maths PRT- Maths(Two Teacher)
29/06/2017 PRT- English PRT- English
29/06/2017 Dance Teacher Dance Teacher
29/06/2017 Music Teacher Music Teacher
29/06/2017 PRT(All Subject) PRT(All Subject)
17/05/2017 PRT-S.ST PRT-S.ST

Eligibility: Trained and experienced candidates with teaching experience, good academic record, computer proficiency, excellent communication skills and knowledge of co-curricular activities will be preferred.

Qualifications: Candidate must have a brilliant academic record with a Master degree + B.Ed. for PGT/ TGT Posts and Bachelor’s degree + B.Ed for PRT & B.P.Ed for PET. For School Facilitator / Coordinator : Graduate with basic knowledge of computer, Hardware Technician: Senior Secondary/ Graduate preferably in computers with Diploma/Certificate in networking/ hardware, Front Office Executive : Graduate with basic knowledge of computer, Transport Incharge: Ex-Serviceman with rank J.C.O./ Hawaldar.

Desirable: Minimum 3 years experience for PRT/TGT posts & 5 years experience for PGT posts. Application forms may be obtained from the School premises between 9am to 2pm on all working days or can be downloaded from the school website of the concerned Institution. Completed applications should reach the concerned school by POST latest within 7 days of advertisement or be mailed at,For Gurgaon Vacancy please send your cv at;​ Candidate may also submit the filled up forms at the school gate.

Note: Computer literacy is essential for all positions.

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