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Maths Weeks

Report – Maths Week (Pre-Primary)
(23.7.18 – 27.7.18)

“Maths gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution” 

In an effort to lay a strong foundation of Mathematics among the Preschoolers, the school organized Maths Week for the students of the Pre-Primary Wing from 23rd – 27th July, 2018. Each day was earmarked by activities for students.

The week started with Pre-Nursery students participating in Number Octopus Activity, Nursery students had a sorting activity and KG and Grade 1 students participated in making of figures using tangram and Mental Maths Quiz.

On 24th July, the students enjoyed participating in Shape o’ Robot and Number Word Puzzle activities, which challenged their reasoning and creative thinking skills.

The next day brought another plethora of activities. The Pre-Nursery and Nursery students reveled in Shape Stamping activity and Quantification using Ice Cream sticks, whereas KG and Grade 1 students  participated and enjoyed learning about weight  balancing with the help of hangers and ‘All About Numbers’ Activity. They also had an interesting coin sorting activity in Nursery and Making 25 and 50 with coins activity in Grade 1. The Kiddies Kitchenette activity had the students engrossed in preparing sandwiches using different shapes like triangle, square, oval, etc. The last day of the Maths Week saw the students of Kindergarten and Grade 1, dressed up as Maths Teaching Aids and Famous Mathematicians, respectively. It was a pleasure to watch the students enact their roles with such elan.

The purpose of the Maths Week was to teach the students about basic mathematics in a simple and playful manner. All the activities were thoroughly enjoyed by the students.