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Inter House Dance competition

Inter House Dance competition was conducted in K.R.MANGALAM WORLD SCHOOL Paschim vihar on 18 May 2012. More than 130 students from classes nursery to class 1 participated in this competition. Each House represented a particular State such as:

Topaz house : HARYANA
Sapphire house: HIMACHAL
Emerald house: PUNJAB

The students danced on the various rhythms from different States of our country with specific costumes and extensive jewellery etc.
The Principal Ms. Menu Kanwar along with Shalini kaul In charge of paschim vihar branch were invited to judge the competition. Both our eminent judges gave valuable suggestions to the students and congratulated everyone for making this vibrant event successful.
The colourful State of Punjab stood First and was applauded by all.

Annual Sports Day -2013

“Talent wins games, but team-work and intelligence wins championships“. Sports day is a platform to show case the talent and efforts put in by the little children to make it a successful event . Sports at pre-primary level is not about competition. It is about having fun , being physically active , learning the basics of sports and building co-ordination and motor-skills and so to give the little angels an opportunity to display their self – confidence , patience , zeal and sportsman ship .
K. R. Mangalam World School, Paschimvihar had organized a sports day on 29 Aug 2013 for the pre-school, pre-primary and class I students. Though it was weeklong schedule i.e.; from 21 Aug 13 till 27 Aug 2013 during which preliminary of different races were conducted and shortlisted for the final round to be conducted on the Sports Day. Finally a long awaited day arrived . K.R.M family joined together to commence this day with epitome of energy , colour and style.
Advisory board member Mr. V. C. Pachauri and Principal of the school Ms. Meenu Kanwar was the guest of honour along with our school Incharge Ms. Shalini Kaul graced the occasion .
The programme began with a welcome speech followed by saraswati vandana and the melodious song presented by our little mangalites . Afterwards all the four houses Ruby, Sapphire , Topaz and emerald presented their drills and won the heart of the audience as they swayed and drilled to the beats of music on the theme, ‘India – my country’ and waited for the result.
The guest of honour Mr. V. C. Pachauri congratulated these little shining stars and the
K. R. Mangalam family for the meticulous planning and execution of the events .
Further the budding sports stars (finalist) participated in their respective races with full verve and vigor.
It was a delight to see the excitement with which children challenged themselves to attempt variety of races such as simple race , zig zag race, obstacle race , collecting / touching the cones , lemon and spoon race etc.
The young achievers were awarded with the medals Gold, Silver and Bronze by the chief guest , who highly appreciated each sports star and applauded the visionary element of the school which nurture and develops their potential in the sports field .
Along with this the result of the drill competition was announced by our incharge Ms. Shalini Kaul Topaz house stood first , Sapphire second and emerald got third position . Emerald house got the maximum achievers and so a ‘Trophy ‘ was lifted up high by the house warden Ms. Raina Arora and the team. To sum up , the collective energy of the children and the facilitators added up to an energetic and fun filled day celebration.


Mango Day -2013

K.R. Mangalam world school PaschimVihar celebrated a mango day on 19th July 2013 with full enthusiasm and joy. The students of pre-school, pre primary and class I actively participated in various creative – activities throughout the day, such as – art and craft, recitation, creative writing , dramatization and most awaited ‘Kitchenette Activity’. Each class celebrated this day in their own peculiar way. The students of pre-school depicted different stages of a mango plant through an enactment i.e. by displaying themselves as seed, soil, sapling , plant , tree and mango  fruit with its crown. The pre-primary kids attributed this day through their vigorous activity of ‘Tearing and Pasting ‘ , while class-I students enjoyed expressing their views on the topic – ‘Mango – the king of fruits’ through creative writing to add on , a PPT was shown on the variety of  mangoes , emphasizing its contribution in our healthy living . Towards the end each class students thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Kitchenette Activity ‘ as  they prepared their kind of mango drinks / mango smoothie under the supervision and
guidance of their respective teachers. To make this day a memorable for our tiny-tots, a mango head band was made for them  to adorn them and to let them feel as little Princess or Princesses.

It was indeed a ‘HAPPY MANGO DAY ‘ ,full of fun , knowledge and enjoyment for all the little Mangalites.


Inter School Competition -2013

K.R. Mangalities once again proved their metal at various interschool competitions. Our confident and outshining students brought laurels to our school by bagging third prize at Cambridge Foundation School (Rajouri Garden) at the Ramp Walk with the theme ‘An era comes alive’. Our proud students were Mehar Singh , Priyanka Sahni, Bhavya Bansal , Yash Aggarwal , Poorv Mahendru , Meher Arora , Shreyl Madan and Milit Nagpal . Our tiny tot Aryan Puri shared his valuable piece of knowledge about nutritious food by portraying himself as a basket of vegetable and Aditya Minocha brought glory by winning II prize by showcasing himself as nutritious fruit at Cambridge Foundation School (Rajouri Garden). Our School sought for more applaud by another outstanding students performance Anya Grover at St.Anthony’s Sr. Sec. School (Hauz Khas) by showcasing her talent as the charming Cindrella’s act.

Date : 28 June 2013
Venue : K. R. Mangalam World School – Vikaspuri
Conducted By: Dr. Shyam Nagpal

It is rightly said that the secret of success lies in learning. K. R. Mangalam World school had organized a workshop for the teachers to understand the effects of stars in their day today life. This science is known as ‘Awareness of universal creation’. The workshop which was held on 28th June 2013 was taken by an eminent personality in the world of medical science, astrology , past lives , meditation and austerity.
It was a fruitful workshop as it widened our perceptions towards the importance of life and helped us to gai

n more knowledge in this field.

















Mother’s Day Celebration 2013

Mother is undoubtedly the most precious gift of God. Her ambivalent presence in our life can’t be substituted by anyone.
K.R. Mangalam World School Paschimvihar celebrated the mothers’ day on 3 May 2013 in order to honour all mothers and express gratitude for the hardship they bear in bringing up their child. The mothers of KRM family were given a platform to explore their hidden talents and so the participant mothers came forward to join in fun loving competitions like – fancy dress, basket making , flower decoration and the most prominent the ‘kitchen queen ‘ .

Mothers participated with great zeal and enthusiasm along with their kids who proved to be following their mothers’ footsteps. They were even asked to share their thoughts and loving memories. A beautiful PowerPoint presentation on motherhood was presented before the mothers by our computer department. Many mums spoke and seemed very touched by the special occasion of bonding. Principal Ms. Meenu Kanwar said that each mother in her own capacity was unparallel and a winner as she carries a divine bonding of motherhood.

Thus the day ended with gracious moments of love, joy and happiness shared amongst us over a special refreshment hosted in their honour.

Earth Day – 2013
It’s Earth Day 2013! Let’s come together to make a difference!

” Earth thou great footstool of our God, who reign on high, thou fruitful source of all our raiment, life and food; our house, our parent and our nurse”.
To sensitize and inspire the general masses about the dire need to preserve our mother Earth. The very first Green Earth Day was created and celebrated on 22nd April 1970 by American Senator, Gaylord Nelson who made the people aware of keeping our planet healthy and clean. Since then more than 500 million people in over 180 countries have participated in Earth Day activities.

K.R. Mangalam World School, Paschim Vihar celebrated Earth Day
The aim to celebrate this day was to create environmental awareness among the students.

The Main Features of Earth Day:
Throughout the day children were indulged in various activities which clearly conveyed the message of saving our unique planet from further harm.

They are as follows:
All the children were briefed with some valuable instructions to be followed by them. For eg. Throw garbage in the bin, save water and keep it clean , turn off the lights to save electricity /energy and grow more trees to get fresh air & many other useful things.

Students of Class I took an active part in ‘Shramdaan’. They cleaned the school campus and where as the pre-primary students went to a nearby park where they volunteered in cleaning up the surrounding area by picking up the garbage and dumped it in the composed pit which they themselves made under the guidance of their class teachers.

Further English recitation competition was planned for the class I students on 22,23 & 25 April 2013 respectively. The topic was to ‘Save the Environment’. Children were quiet confident and thus spreaded the message of keeping a healthy environment. Parents were cordially invited to do the honour of judging them. They applauded and appreciated their sincere efforts. Last but not the least the pre-school students brought the various kinds of plants to do the Plantation Activity. A gardener was also called to help the kids in this processed activity. Children enjoyed and were learnt about its importance and were told to take care of the same by watering regularly.

With all the above mentioned activities children were highly motivated to continue putting in consistent determined endeavours of the cause.