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ANNUAL DAY 2015-16

We celebrate not just our final achievement, But the journey made towards it… K.R. Mangalam World School , Paschim Vihar celebrated its Annual Day with profound enthusiasm and zeal. It was indeed another stroke of remarkable presentation on the school canvas as the students of Pre-school, Pre-primary and class–I unleashed their talents, by putting up a vibrant extravaganza ‘Magnum Opus’ at Air Force Auditorium (Subroto Park) on 17 October 2015.
The occasion was graced by the eminent presence of honourable chief guest Mr. M. N. Tiwari IPS, Deputy Commissioner of police. Dr. Aruna Broota was the guest of honour for the day, who blessed the little mangalites.The chairman of K.R. M school, Sh. Inder Dev Gupta along with Ms. Bindoni Devi, Ministry of HRD, who blessed the occasion through their gracious presence.

The controller of examination Dr. G. S. Adhikari, Principal Ms. Meenu Kanwar, the PTA members and all the dear parents gathered together to motivate and encourage the little champs.
The chief guest and other dignitaries were escorted to the tune of the school band.
After a royal and traditional welcome, the fragrance of spiritual essence was spread in the environment through lighting of the lamp and a soulful Vishnu vandana was performed through classical dance by the little dancers. It was followed by the Fusionem – a harmonious accord exhibited by the budding musicians of K.R. M family.The highlight of the day was a colourful theme based dance drama ‘Magnificent Mysteries’, a –spectacular extravaganza, followed by a fabulous grand finale presented by the little actors. The colourful props that were artistically made were a visual treat to the eyes. They added pomp and grandeur to the celebration.These little actors in true sense showcased their talents which made the audience truly amazed and the auditorium was filled with the loudest applauds. The prize award distribution ceremony recognized. The determined efforts of our blooming students.The Annual Report of the achievements for the session 2015-16 was presented by Krishav and Anshika students of class I. Lastly, a ‘vote of thanks’ was expressed by Abeer, a student of class I. The outstanding performance of these orators enthralled the audience.
Undoubtedly, the day spreaded rainbow colours of talents with all innovative thoughts, creative ideas and mesmerizing presentation and so, camaraderie and entertainment relax young minds who return with renewed vigour to their academic pursuits.

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Summer Carnival 2015​

K.R. Mangalam World School, Paschim Vihar had organized a 10 days long Summer Carnival from May 5, 2015 till May 15, 2015 in order to make the student aware of the importance and value of season along with the fun & enjoyment this seasons brings for them.

The school premises were adorned with various articles which highlighted the season. Even a beautiful beach scene was created which fascinated the little soul and with great delight, the student demonstrated the perfect use of summer time on the beach by playing in the sand and making castles, etc.

The In-charge of our branch Ms. Shalini Kaul inaugurated the summer carnival by cutting the water melon and students from preprimary and class 1 dressed up summer fruits, vegetable, ice cream, etc beautified the occasion and gave information on the season’s specialty very confidently.

From the very first day children were engaged in activities which kept them busy and enthusiastic. The first of and the foremost activity of the day was to make the student aware of various don’t of the summer seasons which will enable them to remain healthy and protect from illness. Children were also given an opportunity to share their views and experience. The students enjoyed this opportunity and made this conversation session fruitful.

The 10 days action based planner had been very meaningful. Each day brought its new excitement and was welcomed with sheer delight. All the students kept themselves engaged in various activities like coloring, thumb painting, tearing and pasting, paper folding, rhymes & songs, show and tell activity, etc.

To keep them entertained some fantastic days were also celebrated like hot day, Glares Day, Beverage Day, Ice Cream Day, Rain Dance, etc. Kitchenette activities were also organized in which these little chefs prepared fruit salad and cold drinks. The most awaited activity, ‘splash pool’ kept the little souls in high spirits. To add to their bliss an animated movie was organized for them which they enjoyed a lot.
The exuberance and joy was vivid on each child’s face in the end of the meaningful, fruitful and fun-filled Summer Carnival. The carnival will surely keep them cool, calm and refreshed throughout the season.

Mango Day Celebration July 3, 2015

It was a sweet juicy morning for the tiny tots of K.R. Mangalam World School Paschim Vihar, when the students of Pre-school, Pre-primary and class I delightfully entered the school premises in order to celebrate this day. Children had pinned up the mango-shaped badges to honour the cause and were excited to make it memorable for themselves.

The day started with a general conversation about the king of fruits- Mango, followed by rhymes and singing session which the kids enjoyed thoroughly.
Teachers briefed the students about its being the king of fruits, not only for its taste and fleshy yellow colour but also, for the nutrients it offers like- vitamin-C and vitamin-A. This fibrous fruit boosts our digestive system and prevents from getting heat- stroke. They were also told about the various forms of its consumption such as- mango shake, ice cream, jam, pickle, chutney etc.

The little CHEFS enjoyed the kitchenette activity and prepared the mango pudding which they relished after having their meal.

To commemorate this day a ‘Day out’ to Dilli Haat, Janak Puri was planned for them where Delhi Tourism Association with Government of Delhi organized 27th Mango Festival for three consecutive days. Over 500 varieties of mangoes were exhibited like Langra, Chausa, Amrapali, Keser, Ramkela etc. Kids were amazed to see different coloured and various sizes of mango, especially with varieties that are as small as a grape and some that are as large as a papaya. They even saw various stalls including mango-products.

At the end of the day the children left for their home with immense pleasure in their hearts and this event will be cherished in their little minds for a long time.

A day out organized to Eco –Adventure camp

K.R. Mangalam World school believes in providing opportunities to its students to become self relevant and more confident in their own abilities and so K.R. M Paschim Vihar organized day long adventure camp for the students of Pre-school to class I at the camping resort , Eco Adventure Camp , Najafgarh, New Delhi, on 19 March 2015.

The aim of this trip was to provide safe and meaningful adventurous experience that balances challenging adventure and exploration with fun.
On reaching the camp site, after a warm welcome , the students were divided into various groups and to each group a guide as their team leader was assigned. After sumptuous breakfast , the kids were taken for various adventurous and thrilling activities like river crossing , commando net , jumping jumbo etc .

The most rapturous activities were the tractor, bullock cart and camel rides. The last was the magic show where the magician awestruck them with his witty tricks. The healthy and nutritious meal was also served which they all relished.

The whole experience was enthralling for all the students as all these activities instilled in them a healthy spirit of competition and feeling of personal accomplishment and so the trip not only gave them a break from the regular studies but rejuvenated their experience with loads of adventure and excitement as well. Thus making it the most memorable day for all of them.

Visit To Mughal Garden 2015

Mughal Gardens are a group of gardens built by the Mughals in the Persian style of architecture. Some of the typical features include pools, fountains and canals inside the garden. It is located inside the Rashtrapati Bhawan compound and open for the public during the months of February and March only and so
K.R. Mangalam Paschim Vihar organized a ‘Day Out’ to Mughal Garden on 20 Feb 2015 for the Pre –School , Pre-Primary and class I students not only, to mark the onset of spring season but also, to enjoy the sight of luscious flower beds , array of trees and musical garden etc.

From the time they reached there, all they could see was a blend of colours. The fragrance in the air and its freshness was particularly uplifting.
Children even visited the spiritual garden , Herbal Garden , Bonsai Garden and
Bio-diversity Park within the Estate .

It was an enthralling experience for them walking amid the variety of blooming flowers which spreaded their fresh scent in the surroundings. The musical fountains presentation worked as icing on the top.

After this enthralling experience children were taken to India Gate where they enjoyed the free play and afterwards relished the lunch in an open air with their peers .

Thus, the journey back was full of remisience of the enjoyable excursion they had to one of the most famous gardens in the world.

Pre – School Orientation Programme 2015-16
From March 23, 2015 till March 26, 2015

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future and their journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

So to take their first step forward towards the academic world , K.R. Mangalam World School Paschim Vihar organized a four days long orientation programme for the pre-schoolers in order to provide a free stressed environment which will enable them to explore and learn. The four days planner was followed. Each day had its bliss and fun which carried it further for the next day as well and so on…

Every morning brightened up their joy when they were welcomed and received with a bounding love by the Incharge – Ms. Shalini Kaul herself along with the teachers and all the staff. Each morning was a blessing of God for which the little angels gave thanks to God and praised him for his blessings. It was followed by a few warm-up exercises which boosted up their excitement and kept them engaged throughout each day in pre-planned activities. The various activities like colouring , hand- printing , clay- modeling , music , dance and free play etc. not only enhanced their fine motor skills but also created a curiosity to explore and learn . There was also story narration and songs/rhymes session. Stories were narrated to them with the help of props, puppets and Interactive board.

They enjoyed songs and rhymes session the most and participated in the same enthusiastically.
They were made little chefs as they were encouraged to prepare snacks like sandwiches under teachers’ guidance and supervision during their Kitchenette activity. Healthy and nutritious snacks, fruits and fruit juices were served to them daily. At the same time they were instructed to eat healthy food and were encouraged to follow table manners.

Day-outs were also planned. They were taken to Dominos and Mc Donalds. Each little soul was filled with great delight. Not only this , the most thrilling event was children’s movie – ‘Chotta Bheem’ which extended their joy to its extreme.

Their sense of adaptability and belongingness in K.R. Mangalam family was acknowledged with smiles and specially, when they were sent home with a gift every day.

Thus the mission to instill in them the joy of learning in new environment was accomplished.

Inter-School Competition

K.R. Mangalam World School , Paschim Vihar participated in ” Frolic – Full of Fun “, an event organized by K.R. Mangalam World School South City 1 , Gurgaon on 28th January 2015. Six students from pre-primary and class I participated in the following Races like Dribble ‘N’ Run , Hurdle Run , Balance ‘N’ Run etc. on the track of 80 meters long . Lakshit Kapoor and Dhruv Baid brought laurels to the school by winning the Ist position in ‘Dribble ‘N’ Run’ and ‘Hurdle Run’ races respectively. It was appreciated by one and all. Afterwards a lemon race for the accompanied teachers was also organized and Miss Srishti (P.E.T) who represented our branch participated and won the Ist prize in this race.

Inter–House Gift Wrapping Competition

A gift is a gesture of love and appreciation that can make an enormous difference to a person that can rekindle memory for years on, so is the gift wrapping.

Gift wrapping isn’t just about covering the gift in decorative paper . It’s about going one step further like the icing on the cake. It adds another dimension and is the final flourish that completes a good gift and so to enhance this noble art in the little Mangalites, K. R. Mangalam World School organized an Inter-house gift wrapping competition on 6 Feb , 2015 .

All the four houses Ruby , Topaz , Sapphire and Emerald were given the same theme- ‘The Winter Season’. Each house formed a team of 15 students by selecting five students each from Pre-school, Pre-primary and class I .

Students from all the four houses participated enthusiastically and unveiled their talent by depicting different festivals which are celebrated in this season like Christmas , Lohri , Pongal and Republic Day. They even mentioned the significance of each festival . Thus created such beautiful scenes and proved their creativity in true sense. As is always the case, to choose a winner gets difficult for the judges. However one was chosen. So Emerald House with their beautiful depiction of winter festivals through Gift wrapping technique was awarded the First position. Sapphire house got the Second place.

The position ultimately did not matter as the whole school was treated to a beautiful display of children’s talents , creativity and artistry.

Annual Presentation 2015

“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul?”
K. R. Mangalam World School Paschim Vihar presented a vibrant extravaganza with lot of enthusiasm and fervor on the occasion of its Annual Presentation “SPECTACULUM OPUS” at Air Force Auditorium (Subroto Park) on 17 March, 2015 by the students of Pre-School , Pre-Primary and class I. The Pre-school students presented a fairy tale “Snow white and the seven dwarfs – A Splendid Melodrama”,Pre-primary’s presentation was on pollution–“The Seventh Sense – A Revelation” and class I showcased the “Ramayana – the ethics personified “.

The guests of honour for the day were Dr. Preeti Dhawan , Dr. Varsha Das and Dr. Rima Sehgal who showered their blessings on the tiny tots. The occasion was also graced by the presence of honourable chief guests school chairman Sh. Yash Dev Gupta Ji, Sh. Inder Dev Gupta Ji, Sh. Abhishek Gupta, Smt. Pooja Gupta and Sh. S. N. Bansal. They blessed the occasion by their eminent presence and inspiring words. The members of advisory board along with the Principal Ms.Meenu Kanwar were also present who encouraged the little mangalites through their constant support and motivation.

The chief guests for each slot were escorted to the tune of the school band. The program started with lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the illustrious dignitaries.

A colourful dance drama presented by the young artists of K. R. M which was followed by Grand Finale. The aerial acts and the soulful performances by the kids were the highlight of the day. After the wonderful performance the prize distribution ceremony worked as icing on the cake. Thus, in true sense it was a perfect venue for children to showcase their inherent abilities and talents through an array of enthralling performances.

Teacher’s Day Krm –Paschim Vihar

Children of pre-primary wing celebrated their teacher’s day by greeting their teachers and enthusiastically willing to understand prime ministers session.
Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the students from all over India. The following were the key points :

  • 1. He emphasized on the role of teacher in building the society.
  • 2. He stressed on arousing the ambition of becoming a teacher.
  • 3. He revealed his dream of exporting good teachers, to cater the need of teachers all over the world
  • 4. He asserted the contribution of teachers and mothers behind every great successful person.
  • 5. He expressed his wish to revive the time when the teachers were revered.
  • 6. He re-asserted his speech on Independence Day for washrooms especially for girls in schools.
  • 7. In this regard he asked for the support from all the schools and parents together, ensure hygiene and to raise the level of education (like asking parents to take one period in a week )
  • 8. He insisted on building National character.
  • 9. He also want the parents not to deprive their children from technology , and consider it as a social crime.
  • 10. He expressed his concern over lack of physical activities in the students’ lives.

jaIvana mao KolakUd nahI hao tao

jaIvana iKlata nahI hO.

  • He advocated to inculcate the reading habits amongst the students.
  • He also emphasized on the importance of knowledge over mere information.