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Aitiqa dovaao BavaÁ

K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikas Puri, organized pre-primary assembly of class Pre-Primary Jupiter on

26 July 2017. The topic of the assembly was “Aitiqa dovaao BavaÁ”. The assembly was based on the guests coming to our country are esteemed guest of honour and how the guides serve them with utmost respect and dignity.

The guides showed them the three states of India: Punjab, Rajasthan and Goa. Punjab, which is one of the most important agricultural state, Rajasthan, which is a tourist hub and Goa which is the most happening destination of India.

The assembly commenced in a rhythmic way, where the singing stars of K.R. Mangalam World School sang a beautiful song to welcome the guests, “Swagatam swagatam”.

The song was followed by a skit in which the children showcased how when a few foreigners visit India they are served with respect and humility and all of them enjoyed their visit and want to come again and again. The whole show was portrayed confidently and with zeal.

It was a value based assembly which conveyed the message of treating guests as Gods in our country India.

Special Assembly







“Words fall short in praise to your glory,

Whole world is witness to your ancient story….
Land of great personalities where I am proud to be born,
Sacrifices of great heroes, will be remembered for long….
India, My motherland, I’m proud of you,
Blessed to be born here and it’s really true, really true…”

A special assembly on the topic Unity in Diversity was conducted by the kids of K.G Jupiter and K.G Uranus. It was held on 10 December, 2015. Parents of the children were cordially invited for the event. The programme began with a sweet welcome note by two children followed by a group song, “Hind Desh Ke Niwasi”, on the theme ‘Unity in Diversity’. India and its culture has always been an attraction and a mystery to foreigners. Such, was the topic of our skit related to diversities in culture in India, namely, ‘Unity In Diversity’. It showcased three foreigners coming to visit an Indian family and to see various places all over India. Flawless dramatization and perfect dialogue delivery made the skit a perfect hit. Dance performances in between the skit made it all the more enthralling. The assembly culminated with National Anthem, sung by children, parents and teachers altogether in glory to our country. All in all it was a show, praised and appreciated by all.


“My Planet Earth”

A special assembly was conducted by the classes I-A and I-D on the topic “My Planet Earth”. The assembly was a means to convey the message how to protect our planet/environment from various ill effects like land, air and water pollution. It was a small but a meaningful attempt to bring the children closer to our planet and also to bring forward to them, how we can keep the Earth safe and make it a better and a cleaner place. All the parents enjoyed the mesmerizing performances by the children. The dances and the song were the highlight of the event. All in all it was learning as well as entertaining experience for the participants as well as the parents.

My Planet

Special assembly by class 1 C
Topic – Monsoon

“Rainy Season “or “Monsoon” the beautiful season of the year is a gift of God for the mankind, as the showers of blessings revive our souls and fill the surroundings with the beauty of fresh greenery that’s monsoon’s cool air. To acknowledge this blessed gift of god children of class 1 C at K.R.Mangalam World School,Paschim Vihar conducted a special assembly on 30 July 2013.

Parents were cordially invited to attend it and be a source of encouragement to their wards. Ms. Ramneek & Ms. Clive were also invited to do the judgment. The assembly started with a welcoming note by the class teacher, then it was handed over to the students who performed the whole show with confidence and depicted the importance of this season in our lives. Besides this, different festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Teej , Savan Mela etc were also discussed with their significance and the reason of their celebrations.

All the students were very confident and played their roles beautifully in front of the parents. The skit was followed by a melodious song and an Indo‐ Western Dance prepared by Ms.Dola and Mr.Pawan. Parents highly appreciated the whole show and applauded the sincere efforts put up by the teachers and the staff of the institute. The programme ended with a vote of thanks to the judges, parents, co‐ teachers and the staff for their precious time, utmost support and throughout.