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Peer Moderators Orientation Program

“Teaching peers is one of the best ways to develop mastery”

Someone has rightly said that “peer-to-peer teaching is fast, free and fun”. The role of peers as facilitators has always been a significant one but in today’s challenging scenario, it has become all the more crucial.
Eight students from K.R.Mangalam world school, Vaishali along with the Counselor, got the opportunity to attend the ‘Two Days Peer Educators Orientation Program’ on 14th& 15th May 2019. The session was organised by Billabong High International School, in collaboration with the organization, Expressions India.
The theme of the program was ‘Establishing & managing positive and responsible relationships’. The workshop started with an address by Ms. Tenzing, a clinical Psychologist associated with Expressions India. Studentswere then divided into groups and were instructed to prepare presentations through different mediums such as Role play, Nukkadnatak, Mime, Newsletter, Advertisement, Choreography etc. Each group was provided with a peer facilitator and a teacher to guide them.
The second day was dedicated to presentations from all the groups. The students from 12 different schools participated with great enthusiasm and showed wonderful performances. The efforts were highly appreciated by the host school’s Principal and the guest of honour, Ms. RimaSehgal, a renowned clinical Psychologist from Yashoda group of Hospitals.
The two day event ended with a vote of thanks from their principal.