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22 JAN 2020

“Knowledge is the only kind of wealth that multiplies when you give it away”.

Science quiz aims to inculcate in the minds of young students a spirit of scientific enquiry , analytical thinking and provides a platform to the budding scientists for exchanging thoughts, 22 January, 2020 heralded the Inter – House Science quiz competition at K.R.Mangalam World School, Vikaspuri. The event witnessed enthusiastic preparation and participation. The competition was conducted in two categories – Sub Junior category for classes’ I-III and Junior category that included classes IV & V.  The format of the quiz entailed four rounds for each house. Each round was further divided into two sub-rounds.

The students were at their literary best while answering the questions in the different rounds of the quiz. It provided an opportunity for the participants to explore the world of Science. It was a wonderful learning experience. The time allotted to give the correct answer was ten seconds, failing which the question was passed to the next team. In case, none of the teams were able to answer correctly, the question was open for all the students.

Each house exuberated confidence as they answered the questions posed to them while being cheered upon by their house mates. The varied types of questions asked triggered the curious minds and made it a fun and learning event for all.

The results of the competition are as follows -

  I Position II Position
Sub-Junior Category (I-III) Ruby house Sapphire House
Junior Category (IV & V) Ruby House Emerald House

Day out CLASS-III to V
Camp Deva Farm, Alipur
Date: December 11, 2019

Adventures are the best way to learn.

Keeping in mind the overall development of the students and to break the monotony of the routine; a fun filled Eco Adventure Camp was organized by K. R. Mangalam World School, Vikaspuri at Camp Deva Farm, Alipur for the students of Classes 3 to 5 on December 11th, 2019. Students excitedly explored the beautiful rural setting of the camp and the activities planned for them. The trainers briefed the rules of the camping to the students and were given refreshments to energize them. The students enjoyed by doing activities like Burma Bridge, Zorb Roller, Rope ladder,  Zip line, Swinging Bridge, Plank Bridge, etc., which tested their courage and skills. Activities like tractor ride, Camel cart ride, spinning yarn on charkha, grinding the flour, etc. gave them a glimpse of rustic life. These activities helped to strengthen teamwork and personal accomplishments. The amount of energy and enthusiasm exhibited by students was enthralling. Overall, it was a joyful and enriching experience.

Camp_Deva_Farm (1) Camp_Deva_Farm (3) Camp_Deva_Farm (4) Camp_Deva_Farm (5) Camp_Deva_Farm (6) Camp_Deva_Farm (7) Camp_Deva_Farm (8)Camp_Deva_Farm (2)


K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikaspuri organized the first Citation Ceremony for students of Class XII, batch 2019-2020 on 27th December 2019. The day began with the Havan Ceremony to seek blessings of the goddess Saraswati for the students appearing for class X and XII board examinations.The Citation Ceremony was a medley of memories, tears and solemnness. Each student appearing for the class XII board exam was felicitated with a citation during the ceremony. The framed citation, highlighting their talents and achievements in the years gone by, was handed over to them in the presence of their parents by the Principal, Ms. Priya Arora. The Head Girl, Maher Sondhi walked down the memory lane and reminisced on her journey for the past fourteen years in the corridors and classrooms of the school. The role played by the alma mater was highlighted by the Head Boy, Manan Suri, in shaping each student.

It was a proud moment for the parents and teachers to see the young students get ready to embark on a new journey. The students of grade XII turned out smartly in their school uniform passed on the light to their grade XI counterparts, in the Candle Ceremony, symbolizing the continuity and transferring of responsibilities.Blessings were showered on the students by the choristers who belted out prayers and songs in their melodious voice. The entire school family, along with the parents, came together to bless and wish the outgoing batch of 2019-20. A few parents also shared their emotions on this milestone moment in the life of their wards on the stage.

The Principal addressed the children with her inspirational pearls of wisdom. In her address the Principal motivated the students with her mantra to be successful in life. She pressed on them the need to focus and streamline their efforts to come out as achievers in life. She urged them to strive for excellence in whatever they do and to remember that they are loved beyond words!The Ceremony culminated with the National Anthem.

The parents and students then moved towards the special lunch hosted for them.

Citation_Ceremony (1) Citation_Ceremony (2) Citation_Ceremony (3) Citation_Ceremony (4) Citation_Ceremony (5) Citation_Ceremony (6) Citation_Ceremony (7)



It was a day to remember, a time to feel sad along with a time to feel hopeful and thankful! Footprints 2019-’20 was organized at K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikaspuri to bid adieu to its 2019-20 batch of class XII on 28 Dec 2019.It was a heart-wrenching moment for each and every corner of KRM. The event was graced with the presence of the Principal, Ms. Priya Arora and the Senior coordinator, Ms. Preeti Chadha.

At around 9 a.m, students of class XII entered the amphitheatre, ready to lap up the last day of their school lives. The class XI welcomed them with tilak. Heart touching words came out from the anchors to welcome the seniors to the amphitheater. A cultural fiesta was specially organised by the students of class XI to mark the day and make it more entertaining and memorable for their seniors.The highlight of the event was the dance performances where the juniors gave outstanding performances on traditional and modern Hindi and English songs. The juniors created an ambiance of enjoyment and music for the seniors to enjoy their last memories in the school. Further, the event was made memorable with the flashback memories that were shared by some seniors in the speech that created an emotional moment.

Students of Class XI had also organized the contest to choose the most deserving candidates among their seniors to hold the titles of Master and Miss KRM. The Principal, Ms. Priya Arora, the Sr. Co Ordinator, Ms. Preeti Chadha and the   judges- Ms. Charu Kundra, Ms. Sangeeta Singh and Ms. Ramnik Kaur gave away the prizes to the winners.The Early Bird title was bagged by Velika Gupta,Master KRM Runner Up and Miss  KRM Runner Up titles were bagged by Bhavjot Singh and Maher Sondhi respectively. Sonakshi Bansal was crowned with the title of Miss KRM and Robin Ahuja was awarded the title of Master KRM. The Principal, the Sr. Co-ordinator and the judges were accompanied by Master and Miss K.R.M in cutting the ceremonial cake to mark the festivities.

The students of class XII thanked the school for all its contribution to their lives and expressed their gratitude towards their juniors for making the day a sweet and memorable one.

Footprints 2019-20 Footprints 2019-20_1


“Clap your hands,stomp your feet and sing your hearts out”

The cheer of Christmas was celebrated with vigour and zeal by the students of Class I. They  sang a variety of carols enthusiastically and melodiously spreading the message of faith,happiness and peace.Carol Singing is a wonderful way to spread the festive cheer and sense of togetherness.The melodious treat was indeed a spendid way to express their happiness.

Winter _Season_Christmas_Carol_Singing



 “Physical Education promotes positive self-image and good well-being.”

Keeping in mind the importance of physical education in a student’s life and under the“Fit India Movement” launched by the Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, on 29th August, 2019, K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikas Puri  conducted umpteen activities for middle wing studentsto integrate fitness as an essential part of school curriculum. Firmly believing in the all round development of the students and to promote ‘Fit India Movement’ amongst the learners , the school  took an initiative to aware the students about the importance of physical education in one’s life and it commenced with the hosting of an athletic meet for class VII students in the school ground. Further, the school hosted a marathon, ‘Run for Life’ for the students of class VI wherein the learners went outside the school premises under the supervision of physical education teachers and informed the local residents about the importance of fitness in one’s life. The school organised Mass PT in the school ground and ensured that this should be continued throughout the session as this controlled drill not only helps in inculcating self discipline, but also helps in creating a healthier future generation. Discerning the importance of yoga as a path for self realisation and positivity, the school conducted a yoga session for the students to ensure that they apprehend the significance of yoga in their lives.  Despite these activites, the institute also ensures that the learners engage in physical activity (in any form, dance, sports, yoga, SUPW  etc.) every day for one period to foster fitness amongst them.

Fit_india_certificate-fINALFit_India (1) Fit_India (2) Fit_India (3) Fit_India (4) Fit_India (5) Fit_India (6) Fit_India (7) Fit_India (8) Fit_India (9) Fit_India (10) Fit_India (11) Fit_India (12)


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Art truly helps to change the perspective of the observers and keeping in mind the said words, K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikas Puri organized ‘Folklore Fun’, a puppet making event as a part of ISA project for the middle wing students on 13th December, 2019. Students from all the four houses, namely, Ruby, Topaz , Sapphire and Emerald enthusiastically participated in this event. They displayed their reading knack in an artistic flow by  showcasing their creative skills in puppet making. It was exhilarating to see the fervor of the learners engrossed in reviving the age old art of puppet making. They showcased their favorite characters from the the different folklore in the form of the puppets. The middle wing coordinator, Ms Himani Bhatia and the head of the Art Department, Ms Deboshikha were the judges for the event. The judgment criteria included creativity, relevance to the theme, organization and confidence. They appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of all the four houses and announced the winners. The first and the second position was bagged by Sapphire and Ruby house respectively. 

Folklore_Fun (1) Folklore_Fun (3) Folklore_Fun (4) Folklore_Fun (5) Folklore_Fun (6)Folklore_Fun (2)


“Coins know no races or geographic boundaries; for coins, the cultural world is one country.”

These words find resonance in the Inter house competition titled ‘Tricky Coins’ conducted by K.R. Mangalam World School, VikasPuri as a part of International School Award (ISA) project on 26th November,2019. With the aim of acquainting the learners with coins and currencies of different nations, this competition gave them an opportunity to unbridle their talent in a creative way. Each house was allotted a country, namely, India, UK, Australia and USA, and the learners presented their knowledge of the currencies in an artistic flow. They showcased the evolution of the currencies of different nations, changes in the value of currencies and also focussed on demonetisation in India.   It was exhilarating to see the enthusiasm of the students engrossed in making the board of their house, a winner. The principal, Ms PriyaArora appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of the students of all the four houses and announced the winners. The first and the second position was won by Topaz and Emerald House respectively.

ISA Activity_1 ISA Activity_2


“Football is an honest game. Its true to life. It is a game about sharing. Football is a team game and so is life”

The absolute love and respect for the game that is played the most, worldwide, once again united us all on the day 1 of Annual Inter KRM Soccer Tournament held at K.R. Mangalam, VikasPuri, on 18 December2019.

The pure enthusiasm and passion in the hearts of our young mangalites was unmissable today when the captain of our ship, our revered principal maam , MsPriya Arora , declared the tournament open by making the first kick of the opening match between KRM Faridabad and KRM Vaishali (boys)

The teams from all the KRM sister schools are fervently participating in the three daylong event which will reach its conclusion on 20 December 2019.

The winners of day 1 were:

KRM Faridabad (boys)

KRM Gurugram (boys)

KRM GK II (boys)

KRM Vaishali (girls)

KRM Vikaspuri (girls)

KRM Gurugram (girls)

Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (1) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (2) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (3) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (4) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (5) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (6) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (7) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (8) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (9) Inter_KRM_Soccer_Tournament_Day-1 (10)


“Fashion is a story that creates itself in clothes.”

Fashion itself is a story and when stories are exhibited through fashion, they leave an indelible imprint. Keeping this in mind, K.R. Mangalam World School, VikasPuri organized an inter house fashion show competition titled ‘Folk in Vogue’ as a part of ISA project,‘Traversing Through Timeless Tales’ for the students of middle wing on 29th November, 2019. Students of all the four houses displayed the folklores of the different countries, namely, India, France, UK and Australia in an innovative way. This event let the students showcase their creativity by infusing latest fashion with folklores.

This activity not only exhibited folk in fashion but also enlightened the learners about the upright social values. The judges of the event, Ms. Sangeeta and Ms. MehekChabbra appreciated the endless endeavors of all the four houses. After the glamorous event, the result was announced wherein Ruby House, Sapphire House and Topaz House bagged the first, second and third positions respectively.