Instant Connectivity

School E-magazine – Nirantar

The School has its monthly online magazine, Nirantar encapsulates school news and events besides providing the students with a platform to voice their thoughts and opinions. Each issue of Nirantar encapsulates a theme that holds importance in students’ life such as ‘The revamp in education’, Envisaging a green future’, ‘Integration of science and technology in education’ rtc. It is broadly divided into editorial section, primary school, senior events and workshops, competition news and students’ nook. Each of these section gets contributions of every department, in a unique way creating an amalgam which it its final form presents interesting vignettes of school life. Besides this, each issue comes packed with a variety of information, which includes articles on the theme of the month, issue of national and international importance, interviews with eminent personalities, recipe of the month and a lot more. On the interactive front, each issue has a special quiz and riddle section.

Wall Magazine

The Wall Magazine is an endeavour to enlighten our young learners with news artical that grabbed media and critic attention. Each month’s edition covers the major events of the previous month headlines along with debates on a particular event or news. All this is incorporated in a visually appealing format that the readers enjoy reading. The magazine is divided into three sections, namerly: national News, International News and Pick of the Month which debate an issue in national headlines for a long time.