Primary-Children in Pre School learn an approach to learning itself; in other words, they learn how to learn. Three- and four-year-olds are naturally very curious about the world around them and the curriculum has been designed to give them plenty of hands-on opportunities to explore their world. Letters are introduced through air writing, sponge writing and black board writing. Show and Tell Activity based on the letter of the week enhances the confidence of the little ones and leads to better understanding of the letter. Circle Time has been introduced during which there is story telling through finger puppets and general conversation with the kids. Visits are planned according to the EVS projects on transport, sense organs, plants and animals. Kids in the Kitchen Activity makes our budding learners independent and also enhances their fine motor skills. Curriculum in Pre Primary has been designed keeping in mind the Learning objectives of developing Cognitive skills, Emotional skills, Social skills and Motor skills. Children learn to sort, compare, assimilate, observe and infer.

Story telling, picture reading, picture-story composition, rhymes, learning of CVC words are some of the activities designed to develop the abovementioned skills. Learning languages, Mathematics and number work primarily focus on development of cognitive skills. Drawing and colouring, cutting and craft activities focus on the development of fine motor skills. Activities like tennis, PT, Taekwondo, skating predominantly focus on the development of gross motor skills.Curriculum in Class I is activity based and the use of Education kit enhances the comprehension and thinking skills of the students. Assignment Booklets have also been prepared to supplement the students’ learning and broaden their horizons. Visits to places are planned according to EVS topics. Evaluation is general but continuous process.

Primary Curriculum

The academic year is divided into two semesters. A system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation through assignments and observational activities is followed. Besides this, two unit tests of 20 marks for each subject are conducted in both the semesters. In order to provide a rich academic experience, Assignment Booklets have been prepared. The booklets provide students with valuable insights into the subjects, which in turn allows concrete understanding of the same. Apart from academics, emphasis is laid on the overall development of the students, which is realized through various activities like Taekwondo, Chess, Yoga, Music, Art and Craft, Physical Education etc. These activities develop a positive self image in students by improving their skills and attitudes. CLASSES IV and V: The academic year is divided into two semesters. One unit test of 30 marks for each subject is conducted in both the terms. At the end of each term, an exam of 50 marks for each subject is conducted. Apart from striving for academic excellence, the school also aims to develop the latent talents in the students. Students are also taken for field trips and excursions, which gives them a lot of practical knowledge and also enhances their understanding of the world around them.

Secondary School Curriculum

Class VI to Class VIII

The main aim at this level is to provide in depth knowledge of the concepts. An extensive use of technology supplements classroom teaching thereby making it interactive and thus enhancing comprehension. Homework given to students is a stimulating revision exercise generally in the form of worksheets. A lot of stress is laid at this stage on spoken English with emphasis on good pronunciation and diction coupled with excellent reading and writing skills. Educational trips and excursions are organized on a regular basis to make learning fun and meaningful. The curriculum at middle school aims to allow students to think intensively and critically.

Senior School Curriculum

Class IX to Class XII
Senior Secondary Level (Class IX to Class XII)The main aim at this level is to prepare students according to the CBSE curriculum. Result oriented teaching is imparted by experienced teachers targeting an excellent result. Students have the option to study any one language – French, German, Sanskrit or Hindi in classes IX and X. Science and Commerce are the two academic streams offered in the school at +2 level. Students can choose subjects of their choice from a number of subjects offered. School is equipped with modern laboratories to impart practical knowledge.