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Experience Education Beyond Books at K.R. Mangalam World School

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Experience Education Beyond Books at K.R. Mangalam World School

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school _ Albert Einstein

With the rolling of time, the entire notion and approach to education have witnessed a radical evolution. The modern academic world is gradually moving out of the rigid shell of only textbooks and examinations. Both educators and learners are now realizing the pluses of activity-based learning, which indeed has proven learning benefits. Leading educational institutions are openly embracing the new pedagogies and teaching methodologies to help the students align themselves as per the demands of the 21st-century world. One of the names that deserve a mention here is the K.R.Mangalam World School.

KRM School is one of the top-ranked educational institutions in the nation, situated in Delhi, that aims to make the process of education impartation for children far beyond books or any traditional academic boundaries. Here is how the education beyond books concept at K.R. Mangalam School, has been aiding the young minds in their journey to success.

Shaping young minds with a holistic educational approach

The K.R Mangalam School, a best preschool in Delhi, believes in emphasizing on grooming and shaping the innate skills and potential of the young minds rather than just goading them with mainstream academic pressure. Yes, of course, theoretical lessons are an inevitable facet of the K.R Mangalam School syllabus; however, to cope with the contemporary trends and paradigms set out by the higher educational and career platforms, students today need to have a much more robust foundation, which can be only made possible when focus is laid on the holistic development of the young minds and not just their academic growth.

Equal emphasis on theoretical and practical learning

The pedagogies and teaching-learning approaches at K.R. Mangalam  School, equivalently emphasize theoretical and practical nurturing of the curriculum so that students always remain ahead of the curve. The school has experimented with a varied amalgamation of pedagogies and has adopted the best ones to enable the students to reach their maximum levels of potential with the least hurdles and difficulty.

Developing analytical thinking and curiosity

With field tours, exciting educational excursions, outdoor learning sessions, open classroom discussions, class presentations, and much more, the K.R. Mangalam School, Delhi, aims to stimulate the innate curiosity and creativity of the young intellects. The school has roped in a specially trained pool of faculty to reaching out to children on their individual levels, comprehend their styles of learning, recognize their potentials, and groom them accordingly, right from the roots.

Building social skills, knowledge, and values

Social development is as imperative as personal development. And contrary to the belief that social development is a part of adult life, we, at K.R. Mangalam School, Delhi, believe that it is indeed a crucial area to focus on during childhood itself. The social development during childhood significantly impacts the future activities, academic performance, personal excellence, and personality of an individual. Hence, the K.R. Mangalam School, Delhi, has created a platform where students learn to express themselves in the right way, interact and collaborate effectively with peers and educators, participate in social events, and accomplish their tasks independently. The school management believes that this establishes a deep sense of responsibility, delegation, negotiation and co-operation in children, which are vital for their future journey.

The K.R.Mangalam School, one among the schools in Delhi ncr, firmly believes that the true meaning of education can only be fulfilled when efforts are laid to take education impartation beyond the boundaries of textbooks, school bags, and classrooms. Thus besides providing the children with the best of academic know-how, the school also presents its pupils with a broad spectrum of activities that aid in the development the life skills, cultural knowledge, athletic skills, artistic interests, and social and emotional intelligence in children and promote positive self-concept and sense of achievement among the young minds. There are monthly workshops, theme parties, MUN Club activities, class presentations, sports week, and a lot more than keep children interested and excited about spending each day at school. After all, this is what a school should ideally be able to do, i.e. to keep children glued to learning something new each day, and we, at the top ten schools in Delhi need feel proud of being able to do that successfully.

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