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How Effective is the Play Way Concept of Learning?

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How Effective is the Play Way Concept of Learning?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” All of us have heard the famous proverb, and very well know what it tries to tell. But then why is it so that many people still stand on the other side and feel that playing is nothing but a wastage of time for children. Children need to play because it serves an important role in their overall well-being. However, despite the fact that play is beneficial to support creativity and happiness, many considerit as a hurdlein strengthening one’s academic regime. We, at K.R. Mangalam School, believe playing is just as much necessary for kids as eating nutritious food for them. In fact, the spirit of childhood lies in playing and having fun with mates, and if used aptly, playing can be indeed used as an effective medium for teaching as well. This is the reason why we have incorporateda play-way concept of learning into our curriculum.

The play way concept of learning is based on the natural instinct of children to play. It includes creating a vibrant learning environment with the right blend of playful activities thathelp to shape the growth of children. Play way of learning insists moreon child-centered education, advocating the need to educate children through creative and fun-filled activities so that they can put in their heart and soul into learning. Moreover, play way method of learning not only focuses on the subjective development of kids but their emotional development as well. Here, education revolves around activity-based learning and play acts as a driving force that stimulates the innate abilities and potential of each child. Generally, play way concept of learning focuses on educating children through mental and physical activities that induce self-expressive learning and skill development. Creating playful classroom activities allow children to participate and engage in learning without the burden of performance and evaluation, and thereby express themselves with freedom boostingtheir confidence and self-worth.

Play way concept of learning brings a great difference to the child’s mundane educational routine. For children, ‘play’ is part and parcel of their natural behavior. As such, when children are educated through enjoyable physical or mental activities, they are given the opportunity to learn without any inhibitions in a free space. Moreover, when learning takes place in a strict, systematic environment, children find it difficult to concentrate, which thereby increases their physical strain towards education. Play way concept is fun and conducive to learning as it fosters self-discipline in children and helps them organize themselves through activities. In addition to that, activity based learning methodology allows children to learn a spectrum of cognitive and perceptive skills making them more creative and imaginative.

One the reasons why play way concept of learning is beneficial is that it is flexible and can be tuned to the interests and aptitudes of each and every child. The flexibility of the play way approach in combining with other methodologies makes it appropriate to meet children’s unique requirements. This method understands the capacity of each and every child and rules out grading or marking of children based on specific parameters, say, for example, tests and assignments. Instead, the teachers incorporating this method of learning assess the skills and aptitude of each child individually and communicate their valuable assessments to the parents.

The concept includes taking part in various activities such as games, extra-curricular activities like music, arts and crafts, and more. It indulges children into communicating with their peers and teachers, as well as guides them towards learning and inculcatingvarious soft skills. At this stage of the learning process, multiple aspects of a child’s development including their physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, and motor skills are enhanced,and this is why play way concept of learning matters a lot as it reinvigorates children while enhancing their learning abilities and skills on the whole.

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, recognized among the Top 10 Convent Schools in Delhi, have always educated and inspiredour students towards their holistic achievement for future rather than merely focusing on the academic attainments. We abide by a broad universal perspective, encompassing a wide spectrum of physical and mental activities that shape the child’s development for better. At KRMS, we have strivedto break the monotonous educational regime and embrace an ardent approach that is child-centered and is focused on play way concept of learning aiming to bring in a comprehensive all-round development in children.

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