India Turns 70

May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as opportunity to do what is right” as accurately said by Peter Marshall applies to the present day state of affairs in India. Freed by man with a vision and protected by the brave has transformed into a product of quality with world’s sixth largest economy overpassing even its former captivators. From its beatific topography to its linguistic and cultural harmony the country has never failed to amuse a single traveller in its seven decades of independence. We as a nation have come a long way to develop and progress and there are still miles to cover in fields of gender equality, anti-corruption, awareness etc. Standing united we shall vanquish all hurdles and walk side by side with other nations who once considered us incapable of any competition. We must all owe our pleasures to the armed forces, the men who gave liberty and all those who served politically and executively.

-Anusha Saraff
Class XI
K.R. Mangalam World School Gurgaon

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