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The Best Books to Gift Your Teen These Summer Vacations

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The Best Books to Gift Your Teen These Summer Vacations

Books are regarded as the best companion for humans. Especially for young teens, books are the best source for knowledge and information that can kindle the light of curiosity in the tender minds. Teenage is a time that is sensitive yet critical. This is the phase when the body and the mind of a kid enter adolescence, and the sudden changes affect the entire set of the thought process of the child. As such, it becomes important that the books that you select for your teen are chosen wisely and deliver the child with positivity, knowledge, thrill, and values. Here is a brief list of books that will be a great gift for your teen these summers. Gift your teenager with these ultimate reads and rest assured of your child spending the holidays productively.

The Alchemist

As the childhood transcends into young adulthood or teenage, the requirements of a young mind shift from fairytales to mysteries. Though fantasies and folklores remain as the core of our dreamy being, teenagers prefer reading books that take them to a new world of adventure and excitement, and this is definitely one of such books that your teenage child will just love diving into. The voyage of a young Sheppard in the quest of a treasure following his dream is what The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho illustrates to its readers through the magnificent language and excellent ideas. The story reveals the power of being strong, positive, and motivated even when the going gets tough. Apart from being an extraordinary read, this book also encourages the readers to pursue their dreams without fearing failure.


Teenage is the time when a child is entering into a phase where he/she will be expected to learn values and moralities, and exercise them in real life as well, and Gitanjali is one such book which does so very efficiently. When it comes to literature, hardly anything can surpass the creations of Rabindranath Tagore and his Noble winning book Gitanjali. Every verse of this book has been shown to have a significant impact on the young minds in molding them towards the sense of purity and benevolence that helps them build their character.

Time Machine

  1. G Wales, the name behind the book, Time Machine, and the author is a famous entity in the world of science fiction. With the idea of submarines to his credit, Time Machine would be an excellent read for every teenager with a passion for science. The best part of this book is that it entangles the two domains of approaches namely, the science and the fiction together that attracts the young minds with no effort.

The Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

There is hardly anyone who would not love to have Mr. Holmes in the bookshelf. Your teen kid would be more than just excited to receive the mystery series of Arthur Conan Doyle with Sherlock Holmes and Watson cracking the cases of great disputes. The humane approach of treating crime is what a child can perceive from this adventure mystery book. The summer vacations of your kid are surely going to be more exciting with a Sherlock Holmes in the bag.

Discovery of India

A book that can enroot a child with his/her belongings on a large scale is this. Authored by our former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, this book illustrates and emphasizes on the values, ethics, and morals of the Indian society that have existed since ages. It also demonstrates the Vedic era and its rituals and has very well defined the evolution of the modern societies that we currently inhabit. An excellent read for all the young minds to understand the roots and realize the importance of heritage and culture, this book can be a valuable gift to be treasured all life.

My Life: An Illustrated Autobiography

A P J Abdul Kalam, one of the most influential presidents of India and a scientist himself has written this autobiography that connects almost every kid of India with his journey. A motivational read for the young minds and a great book to enrich the set of belongings, My Life is surely an excellent choice for your kid this summer vacations.

Reading is indeed one habit that always bears good results. Books promote imagination, and that, in turn,can help children to grow into confident, influential, practical, and well-learned individuals. We, at K.R. Mangalam School, recognized among the Top Ten Schools in Delhi NCR, firmly believe in the power of reading and always encourage our students to spend some quality time in reading each day. The extensive library at KRMS has a wide range of books for children of every age, and the gamut includes classic literature, science, fiction, motivational stories, adventures, information, general knowledge books, and much more to illuminate to minds of our budding geniuses with the light of knowledge.

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