Top 8 Creative Ideas for Kids to Stay Busy During the Holidays

Top 8 Creative Ideas for Kids to Stay Busy During the Holidays

The coronavirus pandemic has put the entire nation in a fix.And the only solution to help curb the situation is tostay indoors. That’s important because breaking the chain of the viral infection is important, and that can only be accomplished by staying home so that you don’t get in contact with any infected person. Having said that, we, at K.R. Mangalam World School, recognized as the CBSE schools in Delhi, understand that all these norms of staying indoors due to the nationwide lockdown are surely taking a toll on everyone, and even kids are no exception to it. However, you cannot blame your little ones for becoming all annoying and bothersome. After all, it is a challenging time for everyone.

But then, as they say, there is always a silver lining to the grey clouds. With little efforts, parents can actually turn these extended holidays for kids into fun-filled family time. You can skillfully utilize this time to explore your child’s psyche in a better way. This is the time to strengthen your bond with themand try honing their basic life-skills.In this article, you will find 8 highly interesting and feasible ways to keep your child engaged and yourself harmonious all through.

  1. Introduce them to online books or kindle

Books have always been and will be the best option for keeping kids busy. At the same time, books are a great way to help them learn new skills. You can pick e-books as per your child’s interest and let him/her explore the contents.

  1. Puzzles or Rubik’s cube

Puzzles or Rubik’s cube is one of the best ways to keep the young minds engrossed for even hours. Simple yet intriguing, puzzles can be the best time burners amid this lockdown.

  1. Give wings to their creativity

Every child has a creative side, which slowly gets lost in the pragmatic race of life. So during these holidays, encourage them to let their creative juices flow. Let them practice anything they cherish, be it music, arts, craft, or anything.

  1. Gardening

Though we understand that most kids these days are passing the time by staying glued to the screens, it is essential that they don’t overdo it. Try and involve your child in gardening activities and let him/her understand the process of growing plants. Spending time with sowing some new seeds, watering the plants, plucking flowers/fruits for use, and other such activities will rejuvenate the young minds to the core.

  1. Teach them to meditate

This is one of the bestpractices that you can inspire your kids to involve in. This practice can serve them gold in the long-run. To grab your child’s interest, you can try playing binaural beats and meditation-videos.

  1. Play detective games

You simply name something and ask them to spot it out. This can keep them packed, and, at the same time, enhance their curiosity and interests.

  1. The traditional storytelling evenings

Catch up on the Greek classics or Indian mythology and just read out what your kids like. They will highly appreciate you telling them a story with your own voice and expressions. It is a great way to enhance their listening skills, as well.

  1. Encourage them to help you

One of the best ways you can groom your kids to be efficient and also keep them busy during the holidays is to ask them to lend you a helping hand in your domestic tasks. Set them up with a task that they are able to handle.

We, at K.R. Mangalam World School, positioned among the Best, truly understand that it must being really tough for the parents to keep the kids busy at home. But until and unless we get over the coronavirus crisis, it would be only wise to stay home and take care of your and your family’s health. One wrong step outside your house can turn disastrous for you as well as your near and dear ones. Hence, stay indoors and stay busy in spending some quality family time.

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