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Europe Exchange Programme

The School has initiated an Exchange with Southfield Technology, Cumbria, U.K with the aim of facilitating an exchange of ideas and concern . Excellence as envisioned by the school is a continuous journey to reach for the skies. Projects on Castles in England and Forts in India and Global Warming have been undertaken through E- mails, Skype and Research.

The students of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II paid a visit to several places in Europe including Rome, Pisa, Geneva, Paris and Brussels from 7th-17th June 2015 .The trip was an educational tour centered at the Euro Space Center in Brussels. On their first day in Rome, the students were delighted to see the historic monuments of the city. They were then taken to Pisa where they got a chance to see the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. The next day saw the visit to the beautiful city of Geneva where everyone was elated to capture the scenic beauty of the Geneva Lake. The students also visited the United Nations Center where they learnt several interesting facts about the UN and it various organs. This was followed by their transfer to Paris where they were left gaping at the magnificent structures and buildings. The metallic wonder of the world, the Eiffel Tower, left everyone awestruck. The students went on to see the Louvre Museum and the famous Mona Lisa. They also visited the UNESCO Headquarters, the Japanese Garden and the Meditation Center. On their last day in Paris, the students were taken on a full day trip to Disneyland where everyone was joyous and excited to meet their favorite childhood characters. The next day, the students were taken to the Euro Space Center near Brussels where they took part in a two-day astronaut camp. The children performed various activities like Rocket Making, Spacecraft Simulation and Moonwalk etc. with a lot of enthusiasm. On the last day, they were taken to Paris to catch their flight back to New Delhi. During the course of the whole trip, the students enjoyed themselves a lot and learnt about several new things.

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