The concept of ‘Our World’ forms the basis of K.R. Mangalam. Learning, irrespective of the source, is learning we would derive from the world over, to educate and inspire children towards achievement.

K.R. Mangalam acknowledges the evolution of the third millennium children and the third millennium parents. Education should depend upon, and be defined by the quality of the children being educated. The third millennium children are by far better exposed to knowledge and educational technology than all the previous generations. They are equipped with better facilities and blessed with educated, technology-savvy parents. Acceptance of the fact, paves way for further measures in the educational interests of children. It is hence that K. R. Mangalam commences its journey of education with the firm belief that education for children today should begin on a higher plane than before, it is therefore :

  • a journey driven by aims and aspirations.
  • a journey which is a continuous process.
  • a journey that would be forever
  •  a journey not to culminate in one destination.
  • a journey that would open the doors for many more.

We believe that:

  •  every child is as important to the society and the world as to his/her parents and family.
  • apart from academic excellence, every child needs to be self confident, self reliant with high self esteem.
  • every child has the ability to excel in his own way, given the proper environment to unleash his potential.
  • children are by nature competitive, interactive and have communicative qualities that need to be promoted and encouraged.
  • every child has his own cognitive, emotional and spiritual requirements that need to be taken care of.
  • today’s children have the potential of making the world a better place for tomorrow. It is our responsibility to nurture and encourage such potential.