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To every dark cloud is a silver lining!!!

The students of class VIII- Bseized the opportunity in these trying times to make this virtual moment a memorable day as they conducted their first ever online Class Assembly.

Class VIII-B assembly was conducted on 20th July, 2020 at 8.30 AM.
The assembly was attended by Bharti Ma’am- Middle School Incharge ,Shruti Ma’am Class Rep, Teachers and students of all sections of class 8.
The day began on an auspicious note withthe prayer song was played by Ruhaan.
The assembly was compered by Akshita.
After the prayer, the students were updated about the latest happenings as Nationalnews was read by Ruhaan followed by the International news read byRajveer and sports news by Akshita. The weather report was read byAariv
.In order to improve our vocabulary the word of the week (Hindi) was read by Kavyanshi and word of the week (English) was read by Asees. Shubh read the Thought of the day with good expression.
The KRM news read by Kabir T highlighted the results of the Inter House Virtual Competitions held on Saturday 18 July 2020 along with the beginning of the online Periodic Exams for classes 9, 10 and 12. Class 11 too have started with their new session.
To enlighten the students about the Importance of Internet Safety,Kaira expressed her views immaculately and clearly supported by posters on the same.The assembly was culminated by a melodious song playedby Kabir G on his flute.
The assembly culminated with the words of motivation and encouragement by Bharti Ma’am- Middle School Incharge, for the sincere efforts made by the students of class 8 and also apprised the students about the need and importance of Internet Safety and its’ rules.

Importance Of Internet Safety (1)

Importance Of Internet Safety (2)

Importance Of Internet Safety (3)

Importance Of Internet Safety (4)

Importance Of Internet Safety (5)

Importance Of Internet Safety (6)

Importance Of Internet Safety (7)

Importance Of Internet Safety (8)

As the Covid-19 outbreak swirls, K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II has taken some contingent measures to keep students engaged through online education and examination. In this time of crisis, a well-rounded and effective educational practice is needed for the capacity-building of the young minds as learningshould not get impaired due to any reason. We are exploring the most effective e-learning applications to make learning accessible to students in the comfort and safety of their homes. The school is following a timetable which ensures that students are able to allocate adequate time to each academic subject and even to co-curricular activities.

Online learning should not be limited to video lectures and written assignments. With a little out-of-the box thinking, teachers are constructing activities for the students which helps in stimulating their minds and keeping them engaged. Teachersare constantly encouraging their students to be active members of the class by allowing them to think and perform on their own. They are also devoting some time to unearth their talents and interests.

Various activities like ‘Poster making’ on conservation of plants and animals, growing of new plants etc were conducted in Science and Social Science during the Van Mahotsav week.Sieve methods of Eratosthenes were also learnt during classes.

The parents’ feedback on these classes, activities and assessment has been very encouraging.

‘ Each Virtual classroom is like a living organism-it needs constant care in order to grow.’ In order to provide the best possible experience for online students, the teachers at K.R Mangalam GK-II carefully select the activities that can be conducted in the virtual classroom with leftover or household material. Art Integration was included in the science classroom as a way of helping students learn.
Students of class III designed an animal with unusual mouth part and spoke few lines about its eating habits. They also presented and described – Diet plans for their grandparents and themselves keeping in mind the important food-groups that both the age groups need and which food to be consumed in which form. Students enthusiastically presented self made land and aquatic food chains in the class.

Students of class IV used a hardboiled egg to demonstrate the structure of an egg, identified the parts of an egg mainly- shell, albumen and yolk and explained function of each part. An Activity on Lifecycle of Butterfly, Cockroach and Frog was conducted using craft papers, cotton and leftover material at home.

Students of class V discussed about the adaptation found in different groups of animals like Terrestrial, Aquatic, Aerial and Arboreal Animals.

Students of class III, IV and V performed activity on the theme ‘SAVE TREES’ as a part of Van Mahotsav week, wherein they drew a tree and spoke about the gifts that we get from plants and how trees are essential for survival. They brought personal plants to the class and highlighted the importance of trees through a talk show. They wrote Inspirational and catchy slogans. They also pledged to conserve and save environment by planting more and more trees.

The enthusiasm and care exhibited by the students was commendable and worthy of appreciation.

science-activity (1)

science-activity (2)

science-activity (3)

science-activity (4)

An Interactive Session with St. Emmeram(Germany)

As the world becomes increasingly connected, so should our schools. Global learning helps students make sense of the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world in which they live. A holistic approach to global learning equips young people with the essential knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions that will enable them to realise their potential and make a positive contribution to our world.
With the view to collaborate on a Sustainable Development Goal based ISA Project, ‘Plastic- An Unnecessary Evil’, K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II organized a video conferencing session with a renowned school in Germany, St. Emmeram Realschuleon July 10, 2020. This interactive session brought together the Heads of the Institutions, Dr. Sangeeta Arora and Ms. Gabriele Frohbergand their respective team of teachers together for kick-starting a richly collaborative educational experience. Our Principal, Dr.Sangeeta Arora commenced the session by welcoming our counterparts in Germany and introducing the team of teachers. She also briefed them on the project to describe the possible requirements and to ensure a concept design based on mutual agreement. This led to a constructive discussion amongst all,ascertaining that the expectations would be reasonable and goals will be attainable for the students of both the countries. The session came to a close with the intent to conduct many more such conferences with the students of both countries to further the execution of the project.

Interactive Session with St. Emmeram (1)

Interactive Session with St. Emmeram (2)

Interactive Session with St. Emmeram (3)

Interactive Session with St. Emmeram (4)

Interactive Session with St. Emmeram (5)

Interactive Session with St. Emmeram (6)

Each sunrise gives one more chance to live better and grab the possible opportunities that comes one’s way. The students of class X C of K.R Mangalam World School, G.K-II seized the moment tomake it memorable as they conducted their first ever online Class Assembly on Friday,10 July 2020, on the topic ‘Lend Hands to Save Trees’.
The day began on an auspicious note, as the assembly commenced with the prayer by the Principal followed by the Saraswati Vandana. Next in turn was to know the latest happenings in and round the world which was updated by Kabir, Manasvi, Divjyot, Vanshika and Kunwar Raj. “If a man wants to live in peace, killing trees he should cease”- Keeping up with the theme ‘Lend Hand to Save Trees’, Aishwarya recited a thoughtful poem of George Pope Morris titled ‘Woodman Spare That Tree!’. This was then followed by Roshika and Pranay presenting the English and Hindi Word of the Week. The Thought of the day was presented by Arushi. As the world would observe World Population Day on 11 July 2020, the concern and initiative to increase awareness about problems andissues due to the ever-increasing population, was very well-expressed by Kaynaat through her article. With the thought of doing our little bit to build and treasure a beautiful world for the future generations to come, the Principal administered the Pledge.

The assembly culminated with the words of motivation and encouragement by the Principal and Ms. Ritu Sachdeva, Senior School Incharge, for thesincere efforts made by the students at these challenging times.





“The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.” – Mary Davis
Gratitude is one of many positive emotions. It’s about focusing on what’s good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have. Gratitude is pausing to notice and appreciate the things that we often take for granted, like having a place to live, food, clean water, friends, family, even computer access.

Gratitude helps people refocus on what they have instead of what they lack. And, although it may feel contrived at first, this mental state grows stronger with use and practice. One often hear the statement that before one can love another one first need to love ourselves. Gratitude helps one to recognize more of their own inner beauty, skills, talents, achievements, and how one is able to use these to give to others and the world. The facilitators at KR Mangalam world school, GK II conducted sessions for the students of classes VI-VIII. These were specially designed focusing on celebrating and appreciating oneself, ones’ accomplishment, whether huge or small, and accepting themselves the way they are. Facilitator made the students understand the importance of self- gratitude as it improves intrapersonal relationship of an individual and increases levels of self-awareness.
Learning was enhanced by working together and performing skill based activities. Students of class VIII were given worksheets and were asked to complete sentences based on the topic Body Gratitude. They were also told that most of the time, we people easily criticize our body mainly due to socially constructed norms, so today they need to only focus on praising their body. The main idea of this activity was to become more grateful to the body parts one has been blessed with.
Students participated with full enthusiasm and were asked to write a letter stating the use of self gratitude. Gratitude letter writing was very helpful for students as they shared their experience and realized that they have always focused on the negatives and the flaws instead of focusing on the great things their body has been doing for them.
Students of class VI actively participated in group discussion based on how life would be without the essential things and people. Based on the same, facilitator reinforced the students to make a thanksgiving card using an A4 sheet and some decorative material. They were asked to choose one person either a family member or a friend who they think they are very thankful to and dedicate that card to them. The activity ended on a happy note and everyone enjoyed showing their creativity at their best.

Life Skills Report (1)

Life Skills Report (1)

Life Skills Report (2)

K.R. Mangalam World School G.K-II has been nurturing individuals who are competent to acquire leadership roles in the fast changing 21st century World. We have time and again taken initiatives to help build the agility and acumen of our budding learners and with great pride, K .R. Mangalam World School G.K-11 organized a virtual NCC Orientation Program for new Enrollment of NCC Cadets on July 11, 2020 from 11.30 am to 12 noon. The major objective of the program was to make Parents and students aware of the NCC Course, the rules and regulations of admission and the benefits of ‘A’ Certificate Course.
Ms. Anju Sen and Mr. Sandeep Chaprana, the Associate NCC Officers of K .R. Mangalam World School, GK-II briefed the students about the Rules &Regulations of NCC “A” Certificate Course and Requested the Students and Parents to understand and abide the NCC organization Rules and Norms .
Ex Cadet Saanvi Priya of Class X also came forward to motivate the students in the orientation. In her speech, she said that NCC helps in boosting confidence, courage, and discipline, individual brimming along with strength of character and leadership qualities. The Program concluded with Clarification of student’s doubts.