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Saturday, January 23, 2021

“Creativity and Innovations are the centre stones of learning”

The students of class IV and V of K. R. Mangalam World School, GK-2 enthusiastically presented the very first virtual “ IDS Culmination Presentation ”- Think Blue, Bust Life Blues. The solemn presentation began with the seeking of the invincible Almighty and also with the auspicious Diya Lighting ceremony. The students performed a melodious rendition and an exuberant dance performance. This was followed with the Welcome address by the Principal, Dr. Sangeeta Arora and was further followed by the “Journey of school” which encompassed and highlighted all memorable memories and hard work done by the students and teachers. Dr. Jyoti Gupta, The Director encouraged us with her words of wisdom. The function was presided over by the chief guest Dr. Bharati Dave, Associate Professor in Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi. Chairman, Mr. Yash Dev Gupta and Vice Chairman, Dr. Jai Dev Gupta, member of management, K.R.M Group of Schools.

The students presented their marvellous work describing about groundwater depletion, topography, natural beauty and cultural diversity of India, South Africa, and China. It started with a brief introduction about Yamuna water and other significant facts of the three countries, followed by an elaborate explanation of pollution in river Yamuna and Teesta and the steps taken by the government to curb the same. Further, the students talked and spotlighted few facts about the groundwater levels in different states of India and the reason of its depletion. Clean water scarcity is the prime and the utmost issue that the world is facing today, keeping that in mind the students showcased how we can make a simple water filter at home. They also apprised us with Bamboo bottles being used in Sikkim in order to reduce the usage of plastic bottles, that pose a serious hazard.

Furthermore, the risks of increasing pollution levels in River Oliphant (South Africa) and River Yangtze (China) were well researched upon and very well presented by our young minds. They talked about a plethora of water conservation methods used in these countries, especially in South Africa, where the Capital of Cape Town faced the fate of “Day Zero”.At last, the students gave a detailed comparative analysis of all the three countries of study on the basis of indicators such as, groundwater levels, surface water levels, rainfall and population.It ended with the Vote of Thanks by Ms. Bharti Mathur, Middle School In-charge.

The entire programme stimulated the curiosity of students about the natural habitat and their concern for water and its resources. It was a feast to eyes to watch our beloved kids expressing their concerns and information. It was indeed an enthralling culmination which not only ignited their mind, but also helped in acquiring proficiency about water concern of various countries and left an everlasting memory in the minds of audience with their astounding display of work and powerful execution.

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