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Nothing can deter the determination of teachers and staff of K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-II to impart learning to its students. In the midst of Corona Virus outbreak, the school has introduced Online classes for primary school students and Classes X and XII to minimize the disruption to Children’s learning.
The school has used e-learning ways to deliver lessons to students where teachers and students participate daily in classes via Virtual learning. A schedule has been chalked out from 10 am to 12:30 pm on all working days in order to help students make use of lost time.








“The more that you read the more things you will know, the more things you learn the more creative you are.”

K.R. Mangalam World School, GK II believes in inculcating reading habits in children and to reinforce the same reading of CVC words was done with Nursery children wherein they learnt to read new words using two consonants and a vowel in the middle. It was a great way of learning new words with fun quotient.

learning-new-words (1)

learning-new-words (2)

learning-new-words (3)

learning-new-words (4)

learning-new-words (5)


DAY & Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

“Adventure aims at increasing productivity, encourages students to work in different working environment, it builds team spirit, friendship and trust amongst each other.”

A fun day was organised for the students of Class I and II in the school premises. Excitement could be seen since morning amongst the young ones, as they arrived in school and were eagerly waiting for the Fun day activities to start. A wide range of physical activities like Obstacle race, Crazy cone, Jump with a ball, Aerobics among others were organised. The students energetically participated in all the activities and games. They were divided section wise into small groups by the teachers and were taken to various activity corners in a disciplined and methodical manner.
The students were full of enthusiasm and zeal throughout the day and wished the day didn’t end. They enjoyed eating their tiffin happily under the bright sun in the school playground.

The fun day encouraged our young enthusiasts to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence. It was a day filled with fun and the students returned with memories to be cherished forever.

Class I & II KRM Fun Day

Class I & II KRM Fun Day-2

Class I & II KRM Fun Day-3

Class I & II KRM Fun Day-4

Class I & II KRM Fun Day-5

Making A Solar System


The students of Class II participated enthusiastically in Solar System Making Activity. The objective of the activity was to create awareness about our Solar System. The activity helped to build scientific temperament and disposition in the young learners. The students demonstrated their knowledge and expressed their creativity beautifully. They enjoyed sticking the planets in their orbits, stars and the Sun. It was a fun and engaging activity.



DAY & DATE: Thursday, 20 February, 2020

K.R. Mangalam World School, GKII, is synonymous with the freedom of education and giving children a platform for showcasing their talent and creativity. The students of class –II participated in English Story Telling Activity.
Theme : Enactment of story from the English Text book using props /hand puppets. The objective of the activity was to enhance the young learner’s English speaking and listening skills.
The students narrated the storywith confidence and ease and carried colourful props to enhance their performance.They learnt the proper ways of telling a story using a voice modulation and correct intonation. It was indeed heartwarming to see our young ones performing with exuberance and enthusiasm. It was a good learning experience.


“If you want a child’s mind to grow you must first plant a seed.”
Believing in the same K.R. Mangalam World School, GK II planned a day full of learning and exploring for the Nursery students on Friday, 14 February,2020. Students were taken to the field to pluck spinach leaves from the spinach plant sown by the students themselves. They washed and dried the leaves and stirred the besan (flour) batter for the preparation of pakoras.
Throughout the activity students were seen completely engrossed as they learnt how to prepare soil and grow their own plants. It was an enriching experience for the students as it was learning by doing.

1. Sowing of seeds
2. Watering the plant
3. Watching them grow
4. Plucking of leaves
5. Washing them
6. Letting them dry
7. Stirring of gram flour with water
8. Making of Pakora’s
9. Relished by the students

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (1)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (2)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (3)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (4)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (5)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (6)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (7)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (8)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (9)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (10)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (11)

Making Of Spinach(Palak) Pakora (1)

“Imagination has no limit,flowing thoughts are all that you need”

We at K.R. Mangalm World School, GK-ll believe that providing a platform to grow and nurture is the best way to teach and to reinforce the same, students of Nursery were taken for Nature Walk wherein they explored different plants, flowers and trees. The curiosity of touching the plants and flowers and feeling them was a sight to treasure.Our students collected dry leaves, twigs, leaves etc to preserve as momentous. It was indeed an exciting learning day for our little ones wherein learning through nature was emphasized.

nature-walk (1)

nature-walk (2)

nature-walk (3)

nature-walk (4)

nature-walk (5)

K.R. Mangalam World School, G.K-2 believes in educating its students with hands on learning experience. Keeping this in mind, an activity of decorating camels with the help of tearing and pasting, mirrors and pom poms was conducted on Thursday, February 6,2020 for all sections of KG classes. It is a part of Project Based Learning on the topic “States of India”. Under this the state of Rajasthan was highlighted. It was a fun filled activity for the students.

camel-craft (1)

camel-craft (2)

camel-craft (3)

camel-craft (4)

camel-craft (5)

“The World is but a canvas to the imagination.”

Students of Class Nursery participated in “Flower Making ” activity with clay modelling on Monday, 10 February, 2020.It was a new and fun filled experience for our students.
The happiness of moulding the clay to make different flowers was a sight to behold. Our students loved this activity thoroughly and were seen feeling proud of their own handmade flowers.

flower-making (1)

flower-making (2)

flower-making (3)

flower-making (4)

flower-making (5)

flower-making (6)

CLASS – 2nd


Children of class II participated in Palate Fest- Non Fire Cooking competition with great passion and excitement. Our young KRM chefs wore culinary paraphernalia like chef’s cap, aprons, gloves etc.while putting their creative and culinary talent to utmost use. They rustled up delicious gourmet delights and stirred up refreshing mocktails. The students showcased their artistic ability and aptitude by preparing their dishes with paramount concentration and attention. Food items such as pasta salad, chocolate balls, golgappa chaat, rainbow sandwiches etc. were beautifully decorated and presented. They enjoyed devouring their friend’s tasty food creation faster than the speed of lighting!
The experience of creating a delicious dish all by themselves gave the little KRM ites a sense of accomplishment, achievement and build self-confidence.

The culinary adventure was a good learning experience for our young ones. The activity helped to lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.